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Nambon.com: The website is dedicated for the beauty of God creation, to the splendid moment of human life. Welcome all categories, privilege, un- privilege come together in one Platform. Sharing and learning around the Globe. There’s no ending of anything, come excel when you have time.   

We have different stages, different view, different life style & living. Our unpredictable life span on Earth varies. There are people who pass away many years ago but their presence still alive, many gone unnoticed. Generation to come, many living without even knowing who they are! Orphan, not knowing relatives or clans, barren, people who doesn't have children, all fade away so soon and you cannot be retrieved other than to move on except knowing yourself! This is not the end of Nambon.com all about, but the starting of “is all I know”, recommend you to read Term Of Service before you join us. You can reach us anytime for feedback/ comment/ any query.


NIRDT is a registered body under Registration of Societies Act 1989 (Act No. 1 of 1990). Not Profit making Organization for the Development of Rural Technology which was established and registered on 23rd April 1997 with registration No. 363/SR/TD/97 NIRDT Main Features in Rural Development and Rural Technology

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