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Anita Moorjani's, My Journey From Cancer - To True Healing

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Anita Moorjani's near-death experience 02:00 Anita Moorjani's near-death experience 02:00

On February 2, 2006, Anita Moorjani was in a coma. With her body riddled with cancer, doctors told her husband that her organs were shutting down and she likely would not make it beyond the next 36 hours. "I was just so tired of fighting to try to stay alive," she said.

Moorjani knew what cancer could do to the body. She had seen it ravage her best friend, Soni, eventually killing her.

So when she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2002, she was afraid.

In a way, Moorjani had always been afraid -- of living and of dying.

Growing up in Hong Kong, she said she was bullied because of her Indian heritage. She went so far as to lighten her hair and bleach her skin to fit in at the British school she attended.

"I felt I had to apologize for being me," she said.

Then she was diagnosed with cancer, one of her biggest fears after seeing it take the life of Soni.

Slowly the cancer took its toll on Moorjani.

By February 1, 2006, sick and weak, she thought to herself: "Even death can't be worse than this."

So she said she let go.

The next morning, she didn't wake up. Her husband rushed her to the hospital, where the family was told the bad news: Moorjani was in a coma and not expected to wake again.

Moorjani can't put her finger on the exact minute that she says she left her body.

She saw her husband standing next to her hospital bed.

"He was very distraught. He was there by my bedside. I could feel he was willing me to come back," she said.

Moorjani could also hear conversations that took place between her husband and her doctors, far from her hospital room.

She heard them, she said, discuss her pending death. "Your wife's heart might be beating, but she's not really in there," a doctor told her husband -- a conversation, she said, he would later confirm to her after she asked.

Hovering between life and death, she said she was surrounded by people who loved her.

Her best friend, Soni, was there. So was her father, who had died years earlier from heart failure.

There were others there, too. She didn't recognize most of them. But she knew they loved her and cared for her.

It was a feeling unlike anything she says she had ever felt.

"At first, I did not want to come back. Why would I want to come back into this sick body?" she said.

Then, hovering between life and death, she had a moment of clarity -- a true understanding.

"All the years of beating myself up, of feeling flawed, had manifested itself and turned into cancer," she said.

About 30 hours after being hospitalized, Moorjani awoke.

Within days, she said, her organs began to function again. Within weeks, doctors could find no evidence of cancer in her body, she said.

"I'm not scared of death. Whenever that day comes, I'll feel I will have accomplished what I came here to do," Moorjani said. "I believe that all of us have only come here to realize who we are, and to be true to who we are."

She recounted her experience in her book, "Dying to Be Me: My Journey From Cancer, To Near Death, To True Healing."

Today, she remains cancer free.

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