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A Book By RSS Founder Claims Jesus Was A Tamil Brahmin!

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70 years ago, Ganesh Sarvarkar (one of the five founders of RSS) wrote the book named 'Christ Parichay' where he made claims that Jesus Christ was born a Brahmin from Tamil Nadu. 

Set to release today, the Marathi book claims that Christianity is a cult of Hinduism and Jesus was a devotee of Lord Shiva whom he worshiped in the Himalayas. The book is being reprinted by the Sarvarkar National Memorial which is run of the author's grandson.

There is no mala fide intention in reprinting this particular book after 70 years. It is one of the books that my grandfather (Ganesh Savarkar) authored. His books are not available and hence, we have decided to publish them again for the benefit of readers," said Ranjit Sarvarkar.

The book claims that the present day Palestinian and Arab territories were Hindu land and that Christ traveled to India where he learnt yoga. It says Christ's real name was Keshao Krishna, Tamil was his mother tongue, and his complexion was dark.

While The National Congress Of Indian Christians have called for a ban on the book, the internet had this to crack up about.

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