Introducing you to ClixSense in TWO SIMPLE STEPS and the only way to start your earning with clicxsense.  You are just TWO steps away from one of the most trusted paid to click website with over 5.5 million members worldwide gather here to earn from their home! As per the website information, it has started since February 2007.  
Clixsense sign up
  1. FIRST SIMPLE STEP: Registering your New Account with  registration is simple which shown in the above picture.
  2. SECOND AND FINAL STEP: Your  second step is to activate your registration email. Clixsense will be sending you activation email to your register email with the activation link to confirm your Registration.
This is it, you can now login to your account and start your earning. You got to click around with their advertisements.  Apart from ads viewing, you can earn money from completing Surveys, Offers, Tasks and win up to 10$ playing ClixGrid game. It has  8 tier affiliate program that guarantees you an unlimited earning . 


Familiar with ClixSense 

It is good to start with your earning instead of spending your time around. But for every work you start with, it is always advisable to every one of us to get familiar with every work. To save your time and money, let's have a look your account settings, advertisement, payments, jobs that you’ll be earning from this website. How you can get better earning these are the few things you should get familiar with before investing your time with less earning or without success.  Here is your account setting in your clixsense account.From the picture above you can see that a new password can be created/ change your account password, choose an Avatar to your profile, and few things more including cash out bank information, website preferences, to show your name, email address to referrals and to your sponsor.accont 1 settings

What are the things you can do after registration?

Viewing ads: Beginners need to read this carefully so that you don't waste your time on this ads. Fellow the IMAGE for one complete ad view value $0.001 upto $0.01 which you will be repeating to complete all available ads. Remember that it is good to complete all available ads/ task every time you login to your account because every click will credit into your total amount earn. 


It will open into New Window when you click on this ads. You should see the ads load so that you CLICK ON THE CAT captcha as shown 

adsview click cat

  within 5 second this ads will get load and you will be credited with $0.001 in your account!

load complete

 Now you can close the window tab and reapear the same process. Remember that you should not open other window browser before completing one task because it may not continue when you re-open the loading browser. If it stop you got to start from the beginning again. 

PTC Silent features or what else with Paid To Click website? Just now you have seen how to start your earning viewing advertize which is the lowest earning available Clixsense can offer. You are yet to explore the real earning to start making money.clixsense assignmentNow you can start exploring with all the niches as shown in the picture. You can take up survey which come with good amount. One survey paid you ranging from $0.45 to $2, question length and time varies with the amount. With the value of survey, it can take up from 5 minutes up to 45 minutes.    


Tasks: A task is simply a set of instructions that you follow, and get paid for it. For example, there may be a task to categorize images or videos, make google searches and complete the given task that you earn money.

ClixAddon: This Add-on is a really good way to catch up with new Ads, Tasks, Surveys, and Offers. ClixAddon browser add-on will update every 15 seconds, so you do not need to refresh browser page so often.


ClixGrid: The more you play the better your chances of finding that winning spot. You can earn up to 10$.Each day ClixSense have a new prize pool and ClixSense show the list of current winners. If you do not win, keep trying as ClixSense will continue to give away prizes each day.

Affiliates: This is the most important part of this article. Affiliates program make your income unlimited. ClixSense offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online.

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Here I am going to share with you how I am able to earned €25.27 in a week. It was on 17th July, 2016, I registered as new member with three Pay To Click (PTC) website. 


I was credited with €3 as a bonus being first 90000 members from brainbux. I spent almost 30 minutes or less after activating my email as an active registered member and left with total €5 in my account. Remember to activate your account, the activation instruction will email to your registered email. Until you activate your account, you are considered as un-registered.


I have compared the entire three website earning with highest margin.  By this time, I realized I have wasted some of my time without dedicating into one particular website. This is important because all website have their own set of rules and term of service (TOS). The above is my account view for your reference.

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Paid To CLick

Start earning with a Simple Click that paid. Telling you the whole truth, there is nothing you got to do other than just a simple CLICK and every click counts your earning. In short Paid To Click (PTC/ Click To Paid) is the Practical Online Job to fulfill “A LITTLE DROP OF WATER MAKE A MIGHTY OCEAN” where you got to accumulate all your small amount of $0.001 to 0.01 per click to make $200 a month per website. 


Introduction to PTC

The name paid to click or click to paid is a simple words that exactly paid for clicking advertisement available on PTC website that directly credited into your account within 5 seconds to 1-minute. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW IT WORK the wait time frame will be mention clearly on the particular advertisement and type of click you got to work. If you are new to online money making, PTC will be the best to start with simple click that paid for your simple initial online earning.  


Different feature of PTC website

There are many PTC offering website available with different features. You’ll come across some with only Ads for PTC, some with Task, Points, Rewards, Games, Survey etc anything that you participated on their website will accumulate your earning into your account.


PTC website and Ads

PTC website also earning money online like you with advertisement on their website. When you click their ads they were paid by their sponsoring ads client for the number of visitors they received, purchase, registered etc where you are directly or indirectly involve growing their business when you earn from them so do not scare away with scam/ fraud website if you are looking for earning money through online. Legit genuine website needs you to grow with them and there’s nothing that they will hold back/ not pay for your work when you meet their Term of Service or User Agreement which is very important.


Alert Scam or Fraud PPT Website

Before you come here or after reading this you will come across many PTC website which never paid for your hard earn money. But do no scare away with this fraud website since there are many who pay according to your work.


Amount that you can Earn from simple click

After getting free account in one of the Genuine Paying PTC website. Try to Login everyday to view all the available ads in your account if you are looking for serious earning. For every ads viewing you will be paid between $0.001 to $0.01 and the ads length will be from 5 Sec to 1 min. depending on the length of the ads your pay will be vary.

 Money on your Bank Account

Now you already earn money on your PTC account but not on your bank account. But no worry, all your earning can be withdraw directly from your bank. Cash out into my local Bank Account.


How paid to click works: Click here or picture below, we'll be receiving $0.0004 for every click and the ads length is 5 Sec which will re-direct you main example page.

click to paid


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