Situation Update

Kadipiri [nkiusanbo +2,30,370 ]
Global Number Data as of July 12, 2020
Maramibo: 1,25,52,765
Saimibo: 5,61,617

India [nkiusanbo +28,701 ]
As of 9:00am, July 13, 2020
Mara bambo: 3,01,609
Wipad mibo:  5,53,470
Saimibo: 23,174

North East [nkiusanbo 778 ]
As of 9:00am, July 13, 2020
Local Maramibo: 21,557
Mara bambo: 8,011
Wipad mibo: 13,505
Saimibo:  41  

Nkiusanbo naikhat ga marasanbo riak, Maramibo confirmed, Mara bambo active case, Wipad mibo cured/ discharged

The website is designed for local community, internet beginners and who unable/ difficult to understand English.
Naram/ nakiluang gu tacham kasan maihi natu sikhai nibo, sikhai maksabo bam sai haiga lang khai lubui ye.

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Last updated: 9:30 am
25 June 2020
Maraamibo: 970
Marabambo: 642
Wipad mibo: 328
Daanaih Screening kambo: 865
Total: 278,780
Chapiki gabambo

RIMS : 49
JNIMS : 173
DH Bishnupur : 1
UNACCO : 346
TK Woodland Resort : 29

Naimachang tadkiu bambo Kinsanra

Last updated: 9:30 am
25 June 2020
Maraamibo: 355
Marabambo: 207
Wipad mibo: 148
Danaih Screening kambo: -
Test result

Danaih langkhaibo: -
Khonbambo: -

Naimachang tadkiu bambo Kinsanra

Pawan Racham


Pawan Racham

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Tungjoy Quarantine Centre

The website is designed for local community, the internet-beginners who unable/ difficult to understand English and who doesn't know how to retrieve information from other website online. News updates are of present situation in the local region and round the globe for local information via online & offline. The outside news & updates are of WHO, mohfw and other publishing news/ media house available online. All information, guidelines, updates are of their respective owners/ posters/ organization which we assume accordance with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI, World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Source of information is given in the bottom of each page in italic SD/ concern authority. Send us update, feedback/ correction or write us at

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