Dear Friends,

Christian greetings,

I thank God for each one of you, who is part of this programme. Special thanks to all those who are sincerely playing an active role in adding more people to read and study God's word.

Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector who was greedy ,who used to exploit the poor to amass wealth. An encounter with Jesus transformed his whole life in all areas. This kind of a transformation can happen in the life of each person who comes closer to Jesus. Study of God's word could transform us to be a better person. May God open our eyes to see the hidden treasures in God's word and to sincerely apply that in our life.

13 days more to start our programme. Already around 5500 WhatsApp groups registered. Let us pray for many more thousands of groups. Many groups are already full with 257 members.

I request all the admins to repost the self joining link and the introduction of the programme in the group again. I request all the members to forward that to all your dear ones and encourage them to join. Interested people can join by themselves. Please don't add any person without their consent.

Please post the purpose and guidelines in the group again. Every member should know the guidelines and follow it. You may post the other relevent messages which I posted in If a group is full, the testimonies of people, who wrote after the 210 Bible reading could be forwarded. Those will encourage or challenge us to take the study of God's word seriously.

It is good to buy a good Study Bible in your language or in English. It should be available in any good Christian bookstall. We can use any Bible in any language. Please buy a notebook to write down all the important points.

How about you join as an admin in a new group so that you can add more people by yourself with the help of others? Even students can join as an admin. An admin can add few active members as fellow admins in the group. If guided, you can even join as a group coordinator to start 50 or 25 groups. Just get 50 /25 volunteers from anywhere who are willing to serve as admins in new groups. We will provide you groups accordingly which you can give to each person. Then they all can start adding people. An admin can add upto 257 people in a group and a group coordinator can be instrumental in adding many thousands.God will give the needed grace and wisdom to each person. We will be assisting you further. Not our ability but our availability.

We are not going to loose anything. We could be instrumental in God's Hands to transform individuals, families and the world. What a wonderful opportunity?

The Lord who used ordinary fisherman to turn the world upside down can do that even today by using those who are available to Him. Please let me know your desire with the language of your choice for your group/groups.

This programme belongs to The LORD. This is interdenominational. People from different countries of the world, from different churches, languages and cultures are part of it.

Let us spend as much time as possible in prayer and in the study of God's word.

240 Days Bible Reading


"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path".Psalm.119:105.

George Muller read Bible more than 200 times in his life time.

In March 2017, many of us took reading Bible in 30 days as a challenge and around 25 people completed the task. Later many read it again in 60 days and in 90 days. 

Afterwards around 1200 people were reading in 120 days.That was followed by around 6000 people reading Bible in 150 days. Later more than 20,000 people from different parts of the world, reading and studying Bible in 180 days. There were WhatsApp groups in more than 15 languages.

On 20th February 2019, we started a 210 days Bible reading programme. Around 1 lakh people from different parts of the world in nearly 700 WhatsApp groups and in around 20 languages read Bible through this programme.

God willing, on 20th October 2019, we will be starting a 240 days Bible reading and study programme. All those who are interested to add more people by themselves can join as an admin in a new WhatsApp group for the same. You can add more people as fellow admins in your group. You can add upto 257 people in a group with their consent.You can even circulate the self joining link of the group which we provide, to all your friends, relatives, church members and contacts and encourage them to join. Interested people can join by themselves.

We will provide the reading schedule, guidelines of the programme and all the needed assistance.
In this programme, all the members will be reading and studying the Bible as per the schedule according to their convenience in any time of the day. Afterwards members can share their insights in the group. This will help us to learn from one another in the group.

God's Word can transform individuals, families, groups and revive churches. Let us make the best use of social media and take this as a ministry to bring all our dear ones closer to the LORD.

Usually groups are in English. We can have groups in any language in the world with English.(Bilingual groups. Members can use that regional language /English )Please pray for the success of this programme. Praying for around 1 lakh WhatsApp groups.

All those who are interested to join this programme can do so by clicking the self joining link of a group in this programme.

Registration of all those who are interested to serve as an admin in this programme already started. All those who are interested to serve as a group admin are requested to write to me personally with your name, place, WhatsApp number with the language of your interest in my WhatsApp number.

Purpose and guidelines

The purpose of this programme is to read and study Bible in 240 days starting from 20th October 2019. GOD HIMSELF is the teacher and we all read and study by ourselves PRAYERFULLY. Each person can read according to their convenience, it could be in one sitting or different time slots in a day. We might need to avoid some non essential programmes from our daily schedule. It would be very good if we use a Study Bible for reading and study. Use of study materials like Bible Dictionary, Bible Commentary, Bible Atlas etc is helpful. Please try to note down important points. Daily, trying to write down atleast one important verse with reference and memorising that is good.

After reading, we can share short insights in the group. We can learn from one another.

Please avoid posting -done / finished / read.... Likewise please avoid posting, thank you 's, you are welcome, ... after each person, as this is a big group!

Some guidelines about postings.

1. Please don't post ANYTHING which is not related to this Bible reading programme including prayer items, praise items and any general messages.

2. Please avoid forwarding photos/ audios / videos. Admins can do it if really essential.

3. People from different churches, places, cultures,
languages and countries are part of this group . Please respect each other

4. Please avoid hurting people. Avoid any kind of arguments / personal rivalry. Try to do corrections personally if essential and not in groups.

5. Please avoid personal communication in the group. Please do it personally if essential.

6. Please avoid any sort of fund raising. We should not misuse the contact information in any way.

7. Please use only English in the group which everybody can understand. If any group is declared by the Admin for regional language ,then that language /+ English could be used.

8. Please don't post any politically sensitive messages.

Any new norms as applicable will be brought to the notice of the members as and when required. Admins should hold the right to add /delete the members. Any of the Admins will inform the person who overrules personally and not in the group.

(On behalf of the Admins team.)

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The purpose of this programme is to read and study Bible in 240 days from 20th Oct. 2019 to 15th June 2020. Please share us if you found any unrelated information. Inviting you to join our 240 Days Bible Reading WhatsApp Group 3947 Pray for the group members 💒

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