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Reaching the World with God's word

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Ordinary things could be done by any ordinary person. Any hardworking person can do/ achieve difficult tasks. Anyone who study God's word will be able to know Him better. Our systematic Bible reading and study programme is very helpful to all those who are members of this programme. If we don't add them, how will people around us get an opportunity to join this programme?

Are we concerned about the spiritual life of our relatives, neighbors, church members and all those around us?
Anyone can join as an admin in a new Bible reading WhatsApp group, in the language of our choice. We can add more people by circulating the self joining link of our group with the introduction of our programme. All those who are interested can join by themselves to the group.

Those who are willing to serve the Lord as a group coordinator can add upto 50 WhatsApp groups. You just need to find volunteers from anywhere in the world who are willing to serve as admins in new groups. Thousands more could be added.

We are praying for few more hundreds of group coordinators and few more thousands of admins. Will you be an answer to our prayer?

Let us do something for the Lord when we are healthy and alive. Our small efforts could transform individuals, families and even the world.

Please take this as a challenge to reach the world with God's word. Do write to me now itself.



Dear Rev.Abraham,
When you encouragingly threw a challenge to me, as a Group Co-ordinator, to form 100 groups, I just requested Our Loving Heavenly Father to help me! Our Most Faithful God, exactly did so and by His Grace many volunteers offered themselves to be group admins and some of them felt encouraged when I reached out to them and thus Our Lord helped me to form 100 groups which are going on fine with a good number of members for the Glory of God , all awaiting eagerly for the 20th of October to take off into The Land Of Revelations Of God’s Word and inspiring insights from men and women of God!

It’s only by the sheer Grace of God that 100 groups have been formed and I give all glory to Our Heavenly Father Through Our Lord Jesus Christ! *

I hereby appeal to all my friends and co admins, not to shy away from doing great things for Our Lord because when He gives an opportunity to glow for Him, let’s offer ourselves and He will enable us though we feel unworthy or incapable of the task given to us! Our Heavenly Father understands us and knows our capabilities and equips us in His own way for His service! Yea, even now most of you can come forward to form many more groups for the Glory of God! I hope my words will surely encourage many of my friends to offer themselves as Group co - ordinators and do great exploits for Our Great and Mighty God! Thank you dear Achen for your encouragement and prayers?

Princess Hudson, Coimbatore, TN.

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