The First Book of the Chronicles

Major Themes —The hope of the coming Messiah, and the continuation of the Davidic covenant. “I will establish him in My house and in My kingdom forever; his throne shall be established forever” (17:14). The Chronicles show us God’s view of history, they encourage obedience in God’s people, and they warn against disobedience.

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1 Chronicles 1 to 5

Youth Corner, Confess your true state, sinners become saints, hope does not disappoint 

6th January 2020


1 Chronicles 6 to 9

Blessed gate keepers, Your hairs are numbered, Genealogy, Some important facts about chronicles  

7th January 2020


1 Chronicles 10 to 15

Lord of the Breaks and Breakthroughs, Human Expectations vs Reality, Know your Kairos times, Oxen Stumbled, Hands Steadied, Struck Dead

8th January 2020


1 Chronicles 16 to 20

Ark of God - from Samuel to 1 Chronicles, Covenant Last Forever, Called to bless family, Agree and act on what God says to you

9th January 2020


1 Chronicles 21 to 25

✝Can Satan tempt the Righteous?, Wisdom and Lamp to Guide, Araunah costly Gift, No Name, No Fame, God's Plans the Best, Selection criteria of God, Age no bar in God service 

10th January 2020


1 Chronicles 26 to 29

Make your calling and Election sure, Credentials of David & Solomon, Giving Willingly, Reward comes from the Lord, Guardian of the Ark of the Covenant and Gatekeeper of the Temple of God 

11th January 2020

The First Book of the Chronicles
Author —Traditionally, Ezra is believed to be the author.

Date —About 450 BC

Background —The LXX [translation first divided Chronicles into two books and named them “the things omitted,” meaning that the Greek translators understood these books to be a supplement to the four Books of Kingdoms. Much of the text of this book is taken from portions of other books and sacred writings. The genealogies recorded here from Adam to David serve as a preamble to the genealogies of Christ in the New Testament (Mt 1), beginning with the tribe of the Levites, since the Messiah will descend from Judah.

Bindu Saji


It is amazing to see the 21 chapters of 1 Chronicles contain genealogies. Genealogies function in 3 general areas:

Domestic Sphere
Individual's social status, privileges and obligations may be reflected in his placement in the lineage. The rights of the first born son and secondary status of children of concubines.

Political Sphere
Heredity office or settlement when office is contested. Division of land among 12 tribes. Military levies proceeded genealogical lines.

Religious Sphere
Genealogies function by establishing membership among priests and levites.

Chapter: 1 
The first chapter contains the genealogy from Adam and his entire family. The genealogy begins without an introduction. From Adam to Ham only list of names is given. Then from Japheth kinship terms are used.

Chapter 2 
There are numerous lists of the 12 tribes in the OT. The Chronicler moves to his major concern with the house of David and the tribe of Judah. Even though Judah is fourth in the genealogy, the Chronicler maintains the number 12 but in the following order: Judah, Simeon, Reuben, Gad, Half of Manasseh, Levi, Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Ephraim, Manasseh, Asher. Zebulun and Dan are omitted.

Chapter 3 
David's children: The references to Absalom, Tamar, Adonijah, Amnon, Bathsheba all recall unhappy incidents in the life of David.The Chronicler has omitted these incidents from his later narrative.

Chapter 5 
The genealogical order of the trans Jordan tribes: Reuben, Gad and Manasseh are mentioned. Reuben was the first born, but when he defiled his father's bed he lost his rights as firstborn and it was given to the sons of Joseph.

The Chronicler has put Judah's genealogy first. As a ruler his genealogy may have functioned in military organisation.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa, Chennai

The Importance of Genealogy in Israel

The Jews tenaciously valued their pedigrees. They were used for the purposes of :

1) Tribal Location
After the conquest of Canaan the land was divided into tribal boundaries. Numbers 26 explain how one had to know his tribe , his family line and his father's house so that he could be identified in the right location in the land .

2) Transaction of Land
According to Ruth 3 and 4 , transfer of property required accurate knowledge of the family tree , so that they could keep tribal land within the tribe .

3) Testing of Lineage
After 70 years of Babylonian Captivity, many of the Jews started coming back to Israel. Many of them were claiming to be priests from the tribe of Levi . Their claims had to be proven on the basis of their genealogy ( Ezra 2:62) . It is because God was very serious about having only Levites serving as priests( Num 1:50-53 ; 1Sam 13:8-14)

4) Taxation Laws
Later , in the time of Christ , the Romans used the Jewish genealogies for taxation. So the people were to register their names according to their parental ancestry ( Luke 2:1-4)
The Jews highly valued their pedigree. Paul, identified himself with Israel by claiming himself to be the seed of Abraham from the tribe of Benjamin (Rom 11-1)

Even in my state of Arunachal Pradesh, such genealogy chanting / records are most important aspect in our culture and society as a whole. There are some elders who can easily count back their ancestors to Abo Tani ( the first person according to our belief/myth ) . Even I can trace out my lineage back to the 30th generations?

The purpose of the genealogies is one of the important theme in the Book of Chronicles. It is plain that the Davidic line and the descendants of Levi are the chief interest .

In NT the genealogy of Jesus Christ is recorded in Matthew and Luke but the counting of genealogy is reverse : Matthew's genealogy is coming down ( from Abraham to Jesus ) through Joseph where as Luke traces Jesus ( back to Adam) through Mary .
One begins with Jesus , the other ends with Jesus ✝
He is the Beginning and the End ; the First and the Last ; the Alpha and the omega ✝
But regardless of their purposed variations, it seems that the Spirit of God says , "Any way you cut it folks , this is the ONE who should be the KING " 

Beloved, Genealogy is needed to establish one's identity. But our IDENTITY is in CHRIST.
"Yet to all who RECEIVED HIM , to those who BELIEVED in HIS NAME , he gave the right to become CHILDREN OF GOD " ✒ John 1:12

"Now if we are children , then we are HEIRS--- HEIRS OF GOD and co-heirs with Christ.." ✒ Rom 8:17 and "by Him we cry Abba Father".

Glory to God 
Mark Boje, ArP 

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