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Blessed gate keepers

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1 chronicles 6 and 9 detail the various jobs the Levites had to do. They were priests (6:49), singers (6:31) and gatekeepers (9:17).

A gatekeeper were given a position of trust (9:22). They were the Davidic version of our modern day security guards. They guarded the 4 temple entrances, so nothing, or no one, unholy entered. They guarded the temple at night too as they had the keys for opening the temple gates every morning (9:27). So if the temple guard with the keys, decided to snooze a little longer on a cold, foggy morning, you can imagine the pandemonium it would create!! They were on duty day and night.

These gatekeepers had other duties too. They were in charge of the temple treasuries and rooms (9:26, 28) keeping an account of all articles used in the temple service - the modern day auditors. Some mixed the spices needed for the altars, baking the show bread and arranging/removing them according to the rules (9:30-32), the committee members and supporting staff.

If the gatekeepers had gone on strike, the temple life would have ground to a halt. In fact, recognizing the importance of a gatekeeper, a singer composed psalm 84:10 - I would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.

A gatekeeper works/worked behind the scenes and is/was often overlooked. Isn't it beautiful that God knows what we do in secret, behind the scenes and rewards us?

Today, let's take time to pray for and appreciate all the gatekeepers in our churches who work tirelessly behind the scenes to have the premises open, clean and functional whenever a church event takes place.

Let us pray for the gatekeepers of this 240 day Bible reading programme, led by Rev C V Abraham as they work day and night to keep us fed with the Bread of life.

Stay blessed, Adeline Albert

Your hairs are numbered

Reading from 1 Chronicles 1 to 9
Family trees!
Tongue twisting names!
Long chapters of 80 verses! (6th chp)

By reading the yesterday's and today's Bible portion you might be thinking:
What stuff did I get from it!
What does it mean to me!
How does it edify me!

Right from 1st chapter of 1st Chronicles till 9th chapter 98% of it is covered with only names starting from Adam till the children  of God are exiled to Babylon.

By this we can understand the love of God towards His people. The mind of God is always revolving around His children

The people of God were in their worst situation ever since the beginning of the creation because of their innumerable sins. They were  under captivity of Babylonians. God allowed them to be afflicted.
David says:  Thy judgements are right and that thou in faithfulness has afflicted me (Ps119:75)

God might have forsaken them for time being (In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment..... Is54:8) but He remembered their names at this moment.

Dear child of God if God loved the old testament children of Israel that much do you know how much more He loves us! Remember we are spiritual Israelites,  the provisions he made for us in heaven are far better than the ones which He made for them. He just remembered their names

But in our case:
The very hairs of your head are all numbered.(Mat 10: 30)
Because God loved them He mentioned their names in the Bible.
Imagine if God wants to mention about you and me, He will not merely mention your name, He will number your hairs and gives a name for each one and will mention your name! That's how He cares and loves you!

Man might have reached the moon with his knowledge but he cannot invent any instrument to count his hair. Ya! That's impossible!

Its only God who can count our hairs- its only God who can know our hearts- its only God who can care for us. His love towards us is wonderful, unconditional and everlasting

Stay blessed, Ravi Bharat


Chapter 6 This chapter has a series of lists pertaining to the tribe of Levi.
1.Line of high priests down to the exile.
2.The sons of Levi.
3.Temple musicians.
4.The genealogies between Aaron and Ahimaaz, mentioning special duties of priests and Levites.
5.Listing of Levitical possessions among the tribes. The Levites who were not given any block of territory of their own were distributed throughout Israel.

Chapter 7 The genealogy of Issachar.
List ofsons come from military mustar--from time of David. Sons of Benjamin - The list appears to function from military sphere. Sons of Naphtali, descendants of Manasseh - There were 13 different clans. The prominence of women in this genealogy is unusual. It might have functioned in the domestic sphere. May be as a social status of the various clans of Manasseh.

Chapter 8 The genealogy of Saul the Benjamite
Extensive genealogy of Benjamin reflects the importance of the tribe and the Chronicler's interest in Saul. The genealogy of Benjamin is more extensive than that of other tribes except Judah and Levi. Saul's genealogy also originated from the military sphere.

Chapter 9 The people of Jerusalem
The Chronicler's concern with all Israel is one key why he included the genealogies. The people of Judah were taken captive to Babylon because of their unfaithfulness. Now the first to resettle on their own property in their own towns were Israelites, priests, Levites and temple servants, gatekeepers, musicians those who were in charge of articles used in temple service.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa, Chennai


1 Chronicles:9: 20-34 Although today's reading chapters contain mainly the genealogies, the verses noted above give us an insight of the record of the delegation of responsibilities given to the Levitical families. It is actually a continuity of the system institued by Samuel and David.

⚡ The types of office mentioned here include, Priests, gatekeepers both to the King and the house of God, Supervisors of the treasury, furniture, sacramental elements, etc. These responsibilities may look ordinary but when we read that passage, we discover that these are recognized by God.

⚡ Management of the worship and administration of the day to day activities were shared and there was no monopoly of one person or group of families dominating. Each family of the Levite tribe had a role to play. These systematic aspects are often overlooked in our faith groups. The responsibilities of being stewards of the treasury and the gate of the temple also reflect the important aspect of accountability.

How do we handle God's treasury? We are stewards of God's greatest treasure -the Gospel- God is looking, how we handle it. Paul says, "Moreover it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy" ( 1 Corithians: 4: 2 ). Are you trading your treasure or hiding it like the man who held the one talent. But remember, there comes a day when we need to settle our accounts with the master.

Will you hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant" or "You wicked and slothful servant." It depends on how you have handled your treasure.

Dr. Thomas David

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