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Some important facts about chronicles

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The Chronicles were written to the returned remnants who were rebuilding Jerusalem following their 70 years captivity. These genealogies were of great benefit to the Jews who returned from captivity from Babylon.

During this time of confusion the Israelites were in danger of losing their family and tribal identities.

The genealogies demonstrate the divine purpose being worked out until Christ 's coming.

They helped complete the Bible story of our Savior who was the son of David, son of Judah, son of Abraham, son of Adam. He took the forms of a man, yet without sin.

The Chronicles record primarily of Judah.
It emphasizes the Temple, priestly ministry and the spiritual conditions.

It has priestly authorship.
Bible scholars say that
it was written by Ezra.

Two basic principles of Chronicles

Obedience brings blessing.
Disobedience brings judgment.

Three basic failures of kings mentioned here which led to their downfall.

Personal sin
Trust in man rather than in God.

Dear friends, Let us be warned by these incidents.
Let's be careful not to disobey God and bring down His wrath upon ourselves.

Manjula Premraj, Chennai

1 chronicles :9:1 “So all Israel was recorded by genealogies, and indeed, they were inscribed in the book of the kings of Israel……….. But Judah was carried away captive to Babylon because of their unfaithfulness.

The first eight chapters of 1 Chronicles list these genealogical records.

Here we can see, in between verses 1 and 2, the author completely skips over the 70 years of captivity.

In verse 2, the Israelites were back in their ancestral land.

When reading Chronicles, the first mention of UNFAITHFULNESS comes in 1 Chronicles 9:1

Faithfulness means keeping the word of the Lord in our hearts, on our minds, and saturating our spirits.

Faithfulness is a state of being, of living, and of becoming.

Synonyms for Faithfulness is *dedicated, steadfast, devoted, dependable, accurate, true, conscientious, dutiful, careful etc..

Faithless means "not keeping faith; dishonest; disloyal; unreliable; undependable; unbelieving." Its synonyms include doubting, treacherous and unscrupulous.
Faithfulness is a possessed quality in the life of the believer.
We should be strict with ourselves to be faithful in the smallest matters.

Many Christians become very impatient when we talk about faithfulness to God..
Our Lord is dethroned more deliberately by Christian workers than by the world.

The Israelites understood that God is always faithful to His word, even when they were unfaithful to the Lord

We never can know for sure when God might speak.
When closed doors might open.
When our prayers might be answered.

Our task is to stay faithful. All the time, every day..

Jooley Mathew 


Unfaithfulness leads to captivity

1Chronicles 9:1 ......But Judah was carried away captive to Babylon because of their unfaithfulness⛓

As I was reading today's portion I received a message from a student from my Bible Study group to help out her classmate who has become a slave to a sin of which he is not able to overcome. The person being a non-christian I was wondering how to direct him to some of our christian counsellors or pastors,then I came across this verse.

It is clearly written that Judah fell into captivity because of their unfaithfulness.

They were unfaithful to God so they fell into captivity⛓

Similarly as individuals we become unfaithful in many ways:
1.Unfaithful to God?
2.Unfaithful to parents?
3.Unfaithful to spouses?
4.Unfaithful to authorities?
5.Unfaithful in reading the word of God?
6.Unfaithful in praying?

Thus we are led into the captivity of sin or become slave to sins.

When we see the meaning of Captivity it means:
Bondage,imprisonment,slavery,restraint ,custody....⛓

Unfaithfulness leads to captivity of sin or a slave to sin,bondage of sin.⛓
*John 8:34 says, Jesus said,"very truly I tell you ,everyone who sins is a slave to sin".

When we are slaves of sin we do not do things which are pleasing to God.
Romans 6:20 For when you were slaves of sin you were free in regard to righteousness.

Slave of sin leads to: Rom. 6:16,19,20
weakness of flesh or giving in to lusts
end is death

In order to be free from this captivity we have to obey God from our heart and be faithful to Him Rom 6:17

But God be thanked that though you were slaves of sin,yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered.

And when we are set free from sin we are no longer slaves of sin but slaves of righteousness Rom6:19
Slaves of God Rom 6:22
Bearing fruits to holiness
leading to everlasting life?

A forwarded message said this: The 3C's in life Choice, Chance, Change
You must make a Choice to take a Chance,if you want a Change in your life.

Yes, God has given us a free will to make our own choices .
A choice to be Free from Sin or to be in Captivity of Sin?

Choice is all yours.

With Prayers, Suneeta.

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