The 1st Books of Kings

The 1st Books of Kings

The book of kings begins with David's fourth son, Adonijah making an attempt to usurp the throne without David's knowledge. However, he fails to succeed because of a timely move made by Nathan the prophet, 1 Kings 1:11-14!

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Reading Date


1 Kings 1 to 5

David, man after God's heart, Son of David builds the Temple, Of cauliflowers and kings 

24th December 2019


1 Kings 6 to 8

Conditional & Unconditional Promises of God, Bring Jesus from the city of David, Perfect Heart with the Lord, Solomon & God’s Temple 

25th December 2019


1 Kings 9 to 11

Solomon, Queen of Sheba, Wrong Choices And Small Compromises In Life 

26th December 2019


1 Kings 12 to 15

A costly Mistake, Divided, Made Complete In Christ, Revolt Against Rehoboam, Right In The Eyes Of The Lord, Solomon’s Prayer 

27th December 2019


1 Kings 16 to 19

Man Repents, God Relents- Lessons from King Ahab, Ahab's Terrible Apostasy, Why Elijah feared Jezebel, Elisha

28th December 2019


1 Kings 20 to 22

Elijah’s Mount Carmel Victory, Stand for the Truth, Friend or Foe, God's Expectatìons - Implicit Obedience, Itching ears 

27th December 2019


It didn't seem that Adonijah learnt anything from the example of Absalom's sad ending! This was perhaps, because his father David, never corrected him about anything, vs 6! It is also interesting to note that both Joab, and Abiather the priest, supported him in this endeavour of his! Perhaps, they felt that, apart from the son of Abigail, Nabal's widow, it was Adonijah who should have rightly succeeded his father David. However, for some reason, David felt that Solomon was more eligibIle than Adonijah! Perhaps, if Adonijah would have spoken to David directly about the same, then that would have been the right way of doing things.

It is always better to confront authority directly about the things that we feel that they are not doing right, concerning ourselves or others, instead of backbiting about them. If we can't confront them directly then it becomes wrong to 'character assasinate' them before others in their absence. However, if we still feel that they are wrong and yet refuse to listen, then it would be right for us to take along some mature witnesses before whom we can prove our point, and if they still don't listen, even though the witnesses agree with us, then we could bring the matter before the whole Church. This is the right way of doing things according to Mathew 18:15-17. The very fact that Adonijah did things subtly and Joab and Abiather joined him even after knowing this, proved that there wasn't something right about their approach in this matter. On the other hand, Prophet Nathan and Bathsheba, the Queen, went about ensuring that Solomon became King, through the right source, and they prevailed as a result! Leaders may not always be right, but they must be approached as Esther and Mordecai did, and backed by prayer, God's Word, and godly character, in order to get the best results!

Before David died, 1 Kings 2 tells us of the advice that he gave to his son Solomon concerning how Solomon should deal with certain people. It is sad to see David encouraging Solomon to deal rashly with Shimei, the son of Gera, even though David showed such large heartedness towards him, before Abishai, 2 Samuel 16, and also openly forgiving Shimei, when Shimei personally came before the king, bowing down before him and confessing his sin, and pleading for forgiveness for cursing the king when the king was fleeing away from Absalom, 2 Samuel 19:19,20!

1 Kings 2 :10, records this to be the last thing that David did before his death! Yes, we need to check our hearts to see whether we verbally forgive others just for honour, while keeping grudges against them in our hearts! Mark 11:25,26 reminds us that before we pray, we need to forgive others, while Mathew 18:35 confirms that this should be done from our hearts.

For if we don't, this could be the cause of unbelief or lack of faith towards God when praying, Mark 11:22-23; and why we are tormented, and lack peace of mind, Mathew 18:34, many times in our lives! May we seek God for grace to settle issues with authorities in the right manner, as well as, forgive our fellowmen from our hearts, so that Satan may not take advantage of us, and we can have faith for getting answers to our prayers, as well as, have peace of mind at all times!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.



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