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DETOURS may be the main thing

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David saw himself as GOD’s servant. A servant does not act independent of his master. A servant waits for instruction from his master on when to do what. Shepherd, court-singer, warrior, exile… David sought to serve God in all these seasons of his life.

We go through different seasons in our lives. Often, it seems God has called us to do something, but it seems that the road we are on is taking us further away from that destination. David was called to be king, but became a fugitive running for his life.

But we can see that God’s hand was upon David in this time… and that God did HIS greatest work in these years which look like wasted years in our eyes. So many of David’s psalms which have blessed countless millions were written while he was on the run. He used this time to grow closer to God, understand Him better, and worship Him whole-heartedly. God used this time to grow David in faith & various skills.

David was surrounded by the local malcontents in the caves of Adullam. He could so easily have absorbed their ‘goonda’ behavior. Instead from his various psalms we can see that he taught his men who God is, how to trust God, wait for God, and walk in His ways. For eg: Ps 34, 37.  We often encounter Saul-type bosses who are insecure and feel threatened by the success of their subordinates. Such bosses breed discontentment in the workplace. We can either be part of the crib & slander gang, or we can learn from David, and be the agent of change in the workplace. We may not change the boss, but the words we speak & the attitudes we have, can change the way others perceive/handle situations.

David stayed with Achish of Gath, but he remained loyal to the Lord, and took up task of clearing Canaan which had been pending since the days of Joshua. [1 Sm 27:8-9] If David had been part of Saul’s army, he would have had to follow Saul’s choice of campaigns. Now, in Gath, David was free to submit to God, follow God, and do the work GOD wanted him to do. Being in Gath actually made it easier for him to access Canaanite villages.

 Are there any long-pending “enemy territories” where I need to see God’s kingdom come?  What are the things God wants to do in me & through me in this season of my life?

⚜ One thing we can be absolutely sure is that God will support us 100% of the way if we depend on Him and seek Him with 100% of our hearts.

Father God, help me not to take shortcuts or grow impatient to see things happen. Help me to use my time wisely and well to deal with long-pending “enemy territories” I need to overcome. Help me to seek you with 100% of my heart. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Alice D.

1 Samuel: 25: 32 "David said to Abigail, Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, who has sent you today to meet me"

David and 400 of his men went out to take revenge on Nabal, who had harshly refused to lend them help. David would have murdered him if he had not encountered Abigail, Nabal's wife. She had packed up enough food to feed an army and traveled out to meet David hoping to prevent the disaster. She respectfully reminded David that guilt would haunt if he followed through with vengeful plan. David realized she was right and blessed her for her good  advice.

David's anger was legitimate- he had protected Nabal's shepherds in the wilderness, and had been repaid evil for good. However his anger was leading him into sin. David's first decision was to murder Nabal, even though he knew God did not approve of
murder and revenge.

Like David, we are also faced with tough situations that can make us angry..But always remember that God does not like this
habit. God asked unto Cain, " Why are you angry?"  (Genesis 4: 6) God asked Jonah also the same question. " Do you do well to be angry?" (Jonah: 4:9) Both of them could not give a satisfactory answer to God. We cannot also give any answer to Him, if God asks the same question to us. The Bible says, " Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger and clamor and slander be put
away from you, along with all malice"  (James I: 19, 20).

When we are angry, wait until the anger dissipates, before making a decision or taking action.

Anger is a normal response to some situations but it's how you respond to them that makes you who are.

All actions have consequences, especially if you act out of anger.

Choose to do good, rather than acting on your angry emotion.

Jesus warned," everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment."  (Mathew 5: 22)
Be careful, as the word DANGER carrys ANGER in it.

Dr. Thomas David


As K.Saul pursues David relentlessly in order to kill him, David seeks help from different sources during this time. First he goes to Prophet Samuel, 1 Samuel 19:18, then to Jonathan, 1 Samuel 20, next to Ahimelech the priest, 1 Samuel 21:1, next to K.Achish of Gath, 1 Samuel 21:10, after that he goes to a strong place at Adullam; where his brothers and all his father's people, go down to him there, 1 Samuel 22, next he goes to Mizpeh in the land of Moab, to seek a place for his father and mother to live, 1 Samuel 22:3, next Keliah, then Ziph, 1 Samuel 23, and so on...

At one of these places he tells the priest lies, at another he feigns madness, however, he is unable to get lasting deliverance from any of these people or at any of these places. Even after he tells lies to Ahimelech the priest, that he had been sent by the king on a secret mission, and gets bread and Goliath's sword as a result, yet the priest and his father's family, (except for his son Abiathar) suffers as a result, being put to death by Doeg the Edomite as per King Saul's orders, 1 Samuel 22:11-21.

However, when Abiather flees from Saul and tells David about what took place, David acknowledges his responsibility for the same and willingly agrees to be a wall of protection to Abiathar from King Saul, vs 22,23. What was God expecting David to do throughout this entire fiery trial? He was expecting David to look unto him alone to be his provider and protector. All that David needed to do was to trust in the Lord and refuse to disobey God's Word, so that God could be a shield unto him, and be his glory and the lifter of his head. Though David failed here in some points, because he resorted to lying on may occasions, yet God was merciful to him because he was quick to take responsibility for his wrong doings.

Further, another good thing that came about, as a result of this severe trial that went on for years, was that David wrote numerous Psalms during this time, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and which became part of the Scriptures in the years that followed. David also learnt dependence on God and how to walk in obedience to the Lord, which were much needed lessons to learn, before he sat on the throne as king of Judah and Israel. God made him king so that David could serve God's purpose in His generation, Acts 13:22,36, and in order to ensure that David would fulfill God's plan and not do what seemed best to him, like King Saul did, God permitted David to go through water and fire, and cause men to rise over his head, as it were, but not with an aim to crush David, but rather to cleanse David from his sin, and with an aim to bring him to a place of abundance, Psalm 66:10-12.

As David understood this and submitted to God's dealings, God indeed did bring him to a place of blessing and abundance. It will be the same for us too, as we realise God's ways of dealing with us and choose to walk in obedience and humility, throughout this period of testing, and refrain from taking the law in our own hands by doing what seems best to us. May God give us grace to do so.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.

David Spares Saul's Life

They said to him, This is your chance! The LORD has told you that he would put your enemy in your power and you could do to him whatever you wanted to. David crept over and cut off a piece of Saul's robe without Saul's knowing it.

But then David's conscience began to hurt,

May the LORD keep me from doing any harm to my master, whom the LORD chose as king! I must not harm him in the least, because he is the king chosen by the LORD!

Then David went out after him and called to him, *Your Majesty! Saul turned around, and David bowed down to the ground in respect*

Some of my men told me to kill you, but I felt sorry for you and said that I would not harm you in the least, because you are the one whom the LORD chose to be king.

May the LORD judge which one of us is wrong! May he punish you for your action against me, for I will not harm you in the least.

You know the old saying, 'Evil is done only by evil people.' And so I will not harm you.

The LORD will judge, and he will decide which one of us is wrong. May he look into the matter, defend me, and save me from you.*

When David had finished speaking, Saul said, * Is that really you, David my son? And he started crying.*

Today you have shown how good you are to me, because you did not kill me, even though the LORD put me in your power.

The LORD bless you for what you have done to me today!

Now I am sure that you will be king of Israel and that the kingdom will continue under your rule.

⏳ Death of Samuel
⏳ David and Abigail
⏳ David Spares Saul a Second Time
⏳ David Allied with the Philistines

"All glory and honour belongs to God alone"


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