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How To React When Criticized

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David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning him. But David Found Strength In The Lord His God

Then David said to Abiathar the priest.... "Bring me the Ephod." And Abiathar brought it to him, and David inquired of the Lord, "Shall I pursue the raiding party?" 1 Samuel 30:6-8

In I Samuel 30 we read of a heart breaking incident that happened in David’s life.
He and his men were sent back by Achish, king of Gath from accompanying his army.

When David and his men arrived at Ziklag, to their dismay they found that the Amalekites had completely raided their place and taken as captives their wives and children.

*Seeing this, David’s men accused and criticized him.

*They even thought of stoning him.

But, see how he responded!

Even though he was hurt he did not retaliate.

Instead he turned to the Lord for His help.

He knew that things looked bad for him and for his men, but he believed that the Lord was in control of all the matters of life.

And God did not forsake David. He helped David to defeat the Amalaekites.

And He gave back to David everything that he had lost!

Dear friends, when we are criticized for doing a job let us not have a bitter spirit against our offenders.

Far too often we try to take matters into our own hands. We want to handle our critics on our own.

But our best action is to take it to the Lord and to ask Him if their criticism is valid. If it is, then let us set right things with all humility. If it is not, then we need to leave our critics in God’s hands. He knows how to handle the matter for He is all wise and just in His ways.

Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do right.” (Romans 12:17)

Manjula Premraj, Chennai

David found strength in the Lord his God 1 Sam 30:6
Philistine army was mobilized to fight against Saul and David was sent back to Ziklag,his home in land of Philistines.When he arrived home David found that the Amalekites had attacked and destroyed Ziklag,probably in retribution for David's earlier raids (1 Sam 27:8-9) and had carried everything and their families away as plunder.The situation was so bad that all men began to weep and they began to talk of stoning David.

But David found strength in the Lord.He called for a Ephod and asked God for direction.Lord told him to pursue after the Amalekites and assured him he would recover everything David found and defeated the Amalekites.

Saul turned to mediums with disastrous results but David found strength and success in the Lord his God.

Lord,help us not to despair when we face trials but turn to You in prayer and worship

Cynthia Sathiaraj, Chennai

1 Samuel 30:6,And David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because all the people were bitter in soul, each for his sons and daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.”

David and his band of 600 warriors had been living in a town called Ziklag in Philistine territory. This chapter explains David’s darkest day. As King David returned with his men to base camp – they found it empty. The Amalekites had come and taken everything- women, children and tons and tons of King David’s stuff.

Their homes burned to the ground and their wives and families were taken.
David got distressed over the destruction; but on top of that, his own people threatened to kill him.

King David ran to the Lord, “But David strengthened (encouraged) himself in the Lord his God.”

We may find ourselves in a similar situation today.

The enemy had come in and taken everything away, our finances, our health, our job, our loved ones, and even our children.

Everyone is turning against us, and satan may be tempting us to think that ……..

“we are of no good.”
▪“God has left us!”
▪“we may as well end it now!”
▪“we are a failure.”
▪“Stop pretending to love God.”

Satan’s purpose is to drive us to distress, despair, depression and suicide.

At this challenging situations, we can do 2 things:
We can either continue in self-pity or
we can run to the Lord.

In James 4:8, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.”

When one strengthens himself in the Lord,
………. his faith becomes strong,
……….. his confidence in how God will take care of him increases.
Confidence enables us to move forward and to take the right step.
Believe and trust that he will carry us through our own “battles.”

Jooley Mathew 

The greatness of prophet Samuel

The Lord called Samuel in his childhood to become a prophet. After Eli's death Samuel became a great prophet and a judge to the Israel, restored the law and commands of the Lord and a regular religious worship in the land.

Samuel was a miraculous child
when Hannah was childless, Lord heard her longtime prayers and her solemn promise, that is if God blesses her with a son, she will dedicate him to the Lord, he answered her prayers, so she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. It was a significant pregnancy like Issac, Jacob, Samson, John the Baptist, and The Jesus. There was a great plan for the life of Samuel.

⛪✝Samuel was a Nazarite
Like the mighty Samson, Samuel was dedicated to the Lord as a child and his dedication was for his whole life and that he never have his hair cut.

Samuel was a great prophet
Samuel starts his ministry by helping to the chief priest at the most holy place. As he grew up, God continued to reveal himself through Samuel. His prophetic ministry was significant. Why because it begins at a time, when words and visions are rare and infrequent. but after Samuel Israel's history comes alive with prophetic revelation.

An example of intercession
He had a habit of praying for the Israel people. As a prophet not only he gave prophecy about their future, but also when the problem arises he enquired the Lord and explained the same to them as an intercessor(what lord had said to him).

Samuel was the last Judge
Samuel ruled the Israel people as a Judge for many years. He learnt them Laws of the Lord and if they turned from the Lord, he warned them and set them right.

After Samuels death his spirit gave prophecy
When the Philistines were attacked Israel Saul was terrified. God does not answered to his prayers anymore, either by dreams or by prophets. So he consulted the spirit of Samuel through a fortune teller and a medium. Then the spirit of Samuel told the prophecy about the future of Israel and about Saul and his son's death in the battlefield.

✝Samuel dedicated his total life to serve the Lord as a priest and to serve the people of Israel as prophet, Judge and as a ruler. Each of us must appreciate his service.

Sharmila Boorgula✒

David Was Greatly Distressed/ David Encouraged Himself In The Lord

1 Samuel 30:6 When David and his followers came to Ziklag, they found out that Amalekites invaded Ziklag and their wives and children were taken as captives. They lifted up their voice and wept until they have no more power to weep. Usually men will not cry loudly. So we can understand how much they were distressed.

1. Yes, David was distressed greatly. Today we too may be weeping and greatly distressed like David. Let us find out what we should do at this situation.
1. We should call upon the Lord. (should pray ). Psalm 18:6, 81:7.
2. We should pour our complaint before him. Psalm 142:2.
3. They came to God. Isaiah 26:16 That means they searched, read, and meditated the word of God.
4. We should believe Jesus, who was not distressed even though He was troubled on every side. 2 Corinthians 4: 8 - 10.

2. David encouraged himself in the Lord . We should believe the Lord and His promises and should encourage ourselves. Today God has provided His precious written words, promises,and a comforter, the Holy Spirit, to live in us as a companion and to comfort us and to encourage us. But often we forget this and go after prophets and false preachers and are deceived. Because of this, our spiritual life is not growing and families are divided.Let us not be deceived by these people and be wise. Let us establish personal relationship with our father, let us know Him more, and love Him more and encourage ourselves in the Lord.

3. In this distressed situation, David is asking God's counsel. He never asked the opinion of the priest or any human being. God told him to go for war. He went and recovered everything and recovered all. Yes, let us follow God' advise,so that we will also recover all.

Let us also remember when we are in distress, He is our refuge, our defense and He will enlarge us. Isaiah 63: 9 says, in all our affliction, He is also afflicted.That means in our distress, He is also distressed. In other words, He is with us and in us. With this faith, let us encourage ourselves and continue our race. Let us pray for a moment, so that our people who are under captivity will be delivered. May God bless each one who read this. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr.Padmini Selvyn.

The end of the 1st book of Samuel tells of a very trying and crucial time in David's life.
While Saul ends the last few days of his life seeking counsel from a medium, 1 Samuel 28, (although they were banned by him, in Israel, at that point of time) because God refuses to speak to him, as a result of his continued disobedience and unwillingness to repent, David gets ready to fight against the Israelites, together with K.Achish of Gath. However, the other rulers of the Philistines don't take this lightly, knowing that David being an Israelite himself, could easily turn against them at any point during the battle. So, they firmly request K.Achish to send David back, 1 Samuel 29.

On returning to Ziklag, David finds that it had been set on fire by the Amalekites and that all their people in Ziklag, were carried away by the Amalekites as prisoners, 1 Samuel 30! It was a time of great grief and David's men spoke of stoning David, but David, after strengthening himself in the Lord, seeks God for counsel as to whether he should go after the Amalekites in order to retrieve all that they had stolen. As the Lord tells him to go, He is able to recover everything, in addition to a lot of plunder as well! He gladly distributes this among his own men well, as well as, gives gifts to many towns in Israel where he and his men had been living.

Eventually, Israel loses the battle and K.Saul being badly injured, ends his life by committing suicide, 1 Samuel 31:4! We can learn a lot on studying these incidents. To begin with, we see that continued wilful disobedience and hypocrisy, as seen in K.Saul's life, leads to a very bad ending! Inspite of the many opportunities that God gave him to repent, during his 40-year long reign, he simply refused to radically repent before God and man!

On the other hand, though David did make mistakes, yet he refused to take his own vengeance against K.Saul even though he got 2 opportunities to do so! God, therefore, delivers him from being part of the battle in which K.Saul and his sons were killed in, and makes sure to keep him well occupied in pursuing the Amalekites, such that he doesn't change his mind and return to fight against Israel. So, what seemed like a terrible tragedy, God works out for David's good, because David sought to obey God in that situation. Soon afterwards, David is crowned King of Judah!

Think how much regret he would have had, had he failed the test on any of these counts! So, we need to learn to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us through the people and situations that come our way, instead of rushing ahead to do our own will and missing our on God's amazing plan for our lives, while remembering that the enemy fights hardest when he is on the verge of defeat, and when we are on the verge of receiving great breakthroughs for the Lord's glory, even as we continue in humility and obedience!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.

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