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The World's True Nobility

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1 Samuel 20 How often those who trusted the word of God, though in themselves utterly helpless, have withstood the power of the whole world:

Enoch, pure in heart, holy in life, holding fast his faith in the triumph of righteousness against a corrupt and scoffing generation

Noah and his household against the men of his time, men of the greatest physical and mental strength and the most debased in morals.

The children of Israel at the Red Sea, a helpless, terrified multitude of slaves, against the mightiest army of the mightiest nation on the globe.

David, a shepherd lad, having God's promise of the throne, against Saul, the established monarch, bent on holding fast his power.

Shadrach and his companions in the fire, and Nebuchadnezzar on the throne.

Daniel among the lions, his enemies in the high places of the kingdom.

Jesus on the cross, and the Jewish priests and rulers forcing even the Roman governor to work their will,

Paul in chains led to a criminal's death, Nero the despot of a world empire.

Such examples are not found in the Bible only. They abound in every record of human progress.

The Vaudois and the Huguenots, Wycliffe and Huss, Jerome and Luther, Tyndale and Knox, Zinzendorf and Wesley, with multitudes of others, have witnessed to the power of God's word against human power and policy in support of evil.

These are the world's true nobility. This is its royal line. In this line the youth of today are called to take their places. Faith is needed in the smaller no less than in the greater affairs of life. In all our daily interests and occupations the sustaining strength of God becomes real to us through an abiding trust.

God Always Requires Truthfulness 1 Samuel 21:1, 2
Here David manifested a want of faith in God, and his sin resulted in causing the death of the high priest. Had the facts been plainly stated, Ahimelech would have known what course to pursue to preserve his life. God requires that truthfulness shall mark His people, even in the greatest peril.

The Spirit's Sweet Influence 1 Samuel 21:10
This experience was serving to teach David wisdom; for it led him to realise his weakness and the necessity of constant dependence upon God. Oh, how precious is the sweet influence of the Spirit of God as it comes to depressed or despairing souls, encouraging the fainthearted, strengthening the feeble, and imparting courage and help to the tried servants of the Lord.

David's Lack of Faith1 Samuel 22:12-16
The first error of David was his distrust of God at Nob, and his second mistake was his deception before Achish. David had displayed noble traits of character, and his moral worth had won him favor with the people. But as he had been hunted and persecuted, perplexity and distress had nearly hidden his heavenly Father from his sight.

Every failure on the part of the children of God is due to their lack of faith.

Refusing God's Guidance1 Samuel 22:18-19
This is what Saul could do under the control of Satan.
When God had said the iniquity of the Amalekites was full, and had commanded him to destroy them utterly, he thought himself too compassionate to execute the divine sentence, but now, without a command from God, under the guidance of Satan, he could slay the priests of the Lord.

Such is the perversity of the human heart that has refused the guidance of God.

Aaron Munhuweyi

From the Valley of Elah to the Cave of Adullam

David faced Goliath on the historic Valley of Elah. This valley is a huge, fertile region of Israel. If we imagine the Israelites and the Philistines camped on either side of this immense valley, I am amazed that a single giant held Israel at bay twice a day for 40 days (1 Sam 17:16).

Most of the giants I know are clumsy; so why was Israel terrified of Goliath of Gath? Truly, this was psychological warfare at it's best.

David, a man after God's own heart, a shepherd who never let earthly fear subdue him, fought the giant as he knew the Lord fought with him. In the Valley of Elah, David knew victory.

Soon, However, we see David hiding with 400 discontented, distressed and debt ridden men along with his family in the Cave of Adullam, which is found near the Valley of Elah.

From victory on the battle field, David soon hid in the Cave of Adullam. Adullam means refuge or hiding place.

In this cave of refuge, David poured out his fear and his trust in his true Refuge, God, writing one of his most beautiful psalms (Ps 142).

Standing on the Valley of Elah, charging at the enemy and bringing down a giant with God leading the charge is wonderful. But sometimes, we have to spend time in the Cave of Adullam as well.

Maybe we need rest or maybe it's a test or a consequence of our stupidity. Whatever the reason, if we pour out our fears to God, our hope, we will be able to offer comfort to others who are suffer like us (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

If David had grumbled to men, he would have been alone in that cave. He cried to God, his Refuge, who brought him out of the cave and gave us all a comforting psalm to fall back on today!!!

Let us pray that we learn to praise Him in the Valley of Elah and in the Cave of Adullam. Stay blessed.


A fugitive leader with the D-Team-depressed, debtors, discontented, distressed... 1Samauel 22: 1-2.

David was on the run like a fugitive, the most wanted man on Saul's hit list, and he used the cave of Adullam as his operational base. He had a group of depressed people as his elite team. It is bad enough to have one depressed person to discourage anyone but David had 400 of them. An unlikely army but they went on to be the best commandos of Israel. They were known as David's Mighty Warriors a a few of them became his special task force.

David's operational base was the Cave of Adullam, and in Hebrew it means "refuge".David's men increased from 400 to 600.

Why did these men join David and why did David accommodate them?

These men wanted freedom from depression and oppression. Their lives were in bondage. They were distressed, in debt and discontent. They were under King Saul who lost his vision. Saul's life's mission was to capture David and kill him.

The country's economy was used to mobilize the army to capture one man who was anointed to be the King. A typical example of misplaced priorities and wastage of human and military resources and finance. This is what happens when we choose leaders who have no vision and the citizens end up disgusted, broke and with low morale. Chasing one man at the expense of the whole country.

The men looked to David for leadership. They wanted to fight for the same cause as David. They recognized his anointing and hooked up with his vision. They wanted to be somebody and not a useless nobody. They did give up or commit suicide, they valued their lives and wanted to make a difference.

The cave became their training ground, they also got protection in the cave. It is here that God was going to turn the "Are nots" and the "Have nots" into an Army.

God was going to turn the Misfits into Warriors. Each Man Had a Choice to Make. It was a choice to lay down the past. Unless we let go of our past, we can't take hold of our future. The past has to under the Blood. We got to move on from the Natural Release into the Glory Releam.

The men had a choice to make they could keep on running from the enemy for the rest of their lives or they could take their stand in the Cave of Adullam with David and 400 men just like themselves, and move forward with their lives.

Some of us are battling many issues that are sinful and instead of giving them up we keep on battling a losing fight. The battle is the Mind. We win or lose in our Minds first. When we hold on to our sin, we prolong our bondages. We got to take a stand for Jesus and be in His Army, where He will train us to be a force to reckon with. Run to God for total deliverance. Let God make you soldier and weld you into His army, Hallelujah?

No turning back. Get away to the Cave of Adullam with God’s people for fellowship in the victory camp. Choose life! Deuteronomy 30:19. Remember the ones in debt joined David who had nothing but God as his provider. They had to trust God completely for their provision and he gave plenty through the spoils of war later on. God was teaching David on how to lead a Nation through his leadership to the 400 men. Not only Adullam was the training ground for the men but also for David. Training for Reigning began in the Cave of Adullam

_ Child of God, When we find ourselves trapped in a cave, remember that it is the training ground for the *King in You. We are kings and priests for the Lord. Caves will bring out the royalty in us. ?We are destined to rule and reign in life. We are the Royals in Christ Jesus. Shrug off the D-Team attire and put on your Robe of Righteousness and bring people out of their distress.

They came to David to find a future and a hope and cause worth fighting for. They had destiny together.The discontent were so satisfied. The debtors became wealthy, the distressed had a worship leader to lift their spirits. The went in the cave as losers and came out winners.

Every Church is an Adullam’s Cave! People who need help and direction should be coming to the Church. We should accommodate people in distress, in debt and discontented. It’s time to use our time and talent in the Cave of Adullam,where God’s people are, even if it isn’t perfect, let God build an army right in the midst of Adullam, to bring Glory to His name... Amen.

anniekoshy@God's Thirstydeer 

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