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When things get worse strengthen yourself in the Lord

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Five Philistine kings were refused David and his men to go with them to the war against Israelites. The David and his men arrived back after King Achish ordered them to go back the town ziklag.

In the meantime, people of Amalekites had attacked the ziklag, all the women and children had been carried away. And they burnt the city.

After David and his men arrived to ziklag, they found what had happened and were started crying, did not stopped until they were completely exhausted.

David was in great trouble 
David's men were very bitter about losing their women and children, turned against David and they were threatening to stone him death.

David lost his two wives and moreover it was an unexpected twist for him. So that he was greatly distressed.

✝ At this point the Lord strengthened David and gave him a great courage. David took all the pain and stood for him and for his men. Then he ordered to the priest?Abiathar to bring the aphod. After he brought it to David, he enquired the Lord that if he go after the raiders, is there any possibility to catch them?

✝ As an answer the Lord replied to him with an assurance that if he go after them, he will catch them and will rescue the captives.

✝ David went with his men and rescued his wives and their families, then he recovered everything that amalekites had taken away.

✝ When things were getting more worse, David's own men started talking about stonning him. At this time, God strengthened David, so he consulted the Lord before acting with ephod in his hands (in the old testament days Lord spoke to the people through the ephod of the priest).

✝ In such a critical condition David believed that the Lord will speak with him through ephod, will rescue them from their miserable situation. What a precious relationship with the Lord?

Do you have such a relationship with the Lord? In Your misararable situation are you approaching towards the Lord or to the people?

David looked towards the Lord when his own people turned against him. God's strengthened him, then he escaped from the situation and as a faithful leaders he recovered everything what all the their enemies were taken away.

Sharmila Boorgula

As David comes to a point of surrender and trust in the Lord, no matter what seems to be happening around him, and as he wishes no evil towards those who have done him harm, God begins to move on his behalf.

To begin with, on hearing of Saul's and Jonathan's death, he grieves openly, 2 Samuel 1. Then, at God's leading, he and his men and their families move to Hebron, 2 Samuel 2, where the men of Judah anoint him as king over Judah. He blesses the people of Jabesh Gilead and promises them reward for showing kindness and burying King Saul, 2 Samuel 2. In the course of time, as civil war breaks out between Judah and Israel, Abner the commander of the Israeli army is forced to kill Ashael the brother of Joab ( the commander of Judah's army) because he refuses to turn away from pursuing Abner, 2 Samuel 2.

This doesn't go down too well with Joab, who retains anger in his heart towards Abner, though he doesn't take any immediate action. When Ishbosheth, King of Israel accuses Abner of unfaithfulness in relation to one of his father's concubines, it makes Abner so angry, such that he promises to transfer the Kingdom of Israel over to David so as to establish David's throne over Israel and Judah, 2 Samuel 3:10. And as he goes about meeting up with David to accomplish this, Joab gets to know about Abner's visit and murders Abner. David is grieved over such evil done by Joab, but speaks of his inability to do anything about it and so asks God to deal with Joab appropriately for his misdeeds, 2 Samuel 3:28-39. Subsequently, when certain men from Benjamin kill Ishbosheth and bring his head to David, David judged them for having killed an innocent man, and orders a his soldiers to put them to death, 2 Samuel 4:8-12.

Thus, David won over the hearts of Israel, and their tribes came to Hebron to appoint him as king over Israel too, 2 Samuel 5:1-3. On capturing the fortress of Zion, David's power grew steadily, for the Lord was with him, 2 Samuel 5:7-10. King Hiram sends him messengers and materials and builds a palace for David, vs 11 David realises that the Lord elevated him for the sake of His people Israel, vs 12. With the Lord's help and guidance he won great victories over the Philistines, vs 17-25. David's attempt to bring the ark into the City of David from the house of Abinadab on a cart, instead of making the priests to carry it, proved fatal and cost Uzziah his life, because he attempted to touch and steady the ark, when the cart carrying it toppled, 2 Samuel 6:1-8.

It was then kept at Obed Edom's house for the time being till the time David decided that it could be brought into the City of David in the right manner with the priests carrying it, vs 12-17. When David danced before the Lord with all his might, and his wife Michal despised him in thought and word, she was left childless to the day of her death, vs 16,20-23.

These incidents, show us clearly that the outcome of our lives will eventually depend on the choices that we make in our current situations. Irrespective of how people treat us, or of how bad our circumstances are, if we determine to continue in well doing, to both friend and foe, genuinely from our hearts, and loving righteousness and hating the iniquity that we see in ourselves, first of all, we will definitely rise up to inherit all that God has planned for us in Christ Jesus. David's situations and the way in which people treated him was far from perfect, but as he diligently sought to set his way right in relation to the same, he came out triumphant and entered into the marvelous plan that God had in store for him.

Infact, God used other people's foolishness and sin to work in David's favour, even as David left the vengeance of his enemies in God's hands!

We too can follow his example and enter into the best plan that God has for us, provided we walk in humility and faith in God, no matter what life throws at us!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.

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