The book of Judges

Judges tells the grim story of what happens if we are not ruthless in putting to death the deeds of the flesh, and think small sins are fine.

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Judges 1 to 5

Faithfulness and talents of Deborah, Create a next generation, Spiritual decline of generations

5th December 2019


Judges 6 to 8

Gideon's faith, Obedience Leads To Empowerment

6th December 2019


Judges 9 to 13

Man capable, Sowing and Reaping

7th December 2019


Judges 14 to 17

Samson Weakness and Destruction, Marriage can be Holy Matrimony

8th December 2019


Judges 18 to 21

 Sin of unspeakable sexual immorality, Strife Destroys Peace

9th December 2019


 The Israelites could not/did not conquer all the people they were supposed to.Then when God warned them of the consequences, the people cried & sacrificed to the Lord, BUT, we don’t read that they acknowledged their wrong-doing and desired to be put right with God.

Outward sorrow, without true inner repentance does not lead to permanent change or permanent peace. The result was that Israel seemed to be on a giant Ferris wheel where they followed the cycle: 

Amnesia –forget God [Jdg 3:7] 
Bondage [Jdg 3:8] 
Cry for help [Jdg 3:9a] 
Delivered by God [Jdg 3:9b] 
Ease /Rest [Jdg 3:11]

The Moabite king, Eglon, came and took over Jericho [the city of palm trees]. The site of their first victory was overrun with enemies. [Jdg 3:13]

Because the Israelites did not worship Jehovah with whole-hearted devotion, they ended up toiling for 18 yrs serving/worshipping Eglon & co. [Eglon = calf-like]


In the wilderness Israel used their gold to make & worship the Golden Calf. Now, they were slaving to feed & fatten Eglon & co. [Jdg 3:17 & 29 tell us that Eglon & the Moabite army were fat.] Then God raised up Ehud. [Ehud = united] While the Israelites had divided hearts, Ehud’s heart was wholly for the Lord. He dealt with Eglon with a double-edged sword. [Jdg 3:19-23]

In this little episode we see the larger story of humanity. God created the earth and all that is in it for Man to enjoy, so that with hearts overflowing with love & joy we would serve Him. But, we foolishly worship the Baals of wealth, sex, power, health etc… thinking that through them we will gain a sense of well-being. These Baals promise much but only end up crushing us by their unceasing demands for ”minchah”/tribute.

At Christmas time we celebrate the fact that God heard the groaning of humanity and sent His own Son to be our Deliverer.

Jesus is the Truth, and from His mouth the Truth goes forth as a “double-edged sword” to cut through the lies of Pride, Selfishness, Rebellion that deceive us into worshipping the Baals. His Truth reveals the Baals that needs to be dethroned. The Holy Spirit empowers us to dethrone self & Baals AND enthrone Jesus as King.

And as Jesus takes over the government of our thoughts, emotions & deeds, we enjoy peace. God's promise to us: of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end. [Is 9:6-7] Why? Because in Christ we are made complete, so we can worship & serve God with undivided hearts.

As we celebrate the Holy Night of our Saviour’s birth, let us remember that Jesus came to rescue us from the "Ferris Wheel" of sin, bondage & sorrow. Let us take HIS hand, stop going round in circles, and instead walk with HIM on solid ground. Let us fall to our knees, enthrone Him as our King and praise Him with all that is within us…

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. [Rom 14:17]

Dear Saviour, I am tired of going round & round. You know the hidden depths of my heart. Lord, correct what needs to be corrected, cut away what needs to be cut away. I want to worship You alone, and walk with YOU alone, with an undivided heart for Your Glory. Amen.

Alice D.

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Book of Judges

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