The book of Nehemiah

The book of Nehemiah

The book of Nehemiah has three primary purposes. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon would later invade Judah, destroying Jerusalem and the Temple in 586 BC. In the book of Nehemiah, “BUILD” is an important concept. Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem to rebuild the city and its walls. 

240 Days Bible Reading Table for Nehemiah:




Reading Date


Nehemiah 1 to 3

Gates of Jerusalem and their spiritual meaning, Improper Marriages -sin against God 

21st January 2020


Nehemiah 4 to 7

When faced with taunts, ridicule, threats, We did not acquire any land (Property), Staying focused, A letter from Nehemiah 

22nd January 2020


Nehemiah 8 to 11

The great law of God, God's people must have the willingness, creator of wisdom and justice 

23rd January 2020


Nehemiah 12 and 13

Spiritual Zeal; The Joy of Hearing, Doing and Giving, Why is the House of God Neglected, Watch your life and doctrine closely 

24th January 2020

Nehemiah was in constant touch with God in Prayer

The secret of Nehemiah's success was in his constant fellowship with God.
He habitually turned to God for wisdom, guidance and strength.
In all the 13 chapters of Nehemiah we find that Nehemiah prays at least 11 times! 
When Hanani gave him an unhappy report about Jerusalem Nehemiah mourned and fasted and prayed. (Nehemiah. 1:4)

Though Nehemiah had not seen Jerusalem, he had heard of it through his ancestors and he was very jealous for it.

Four months passed before God opened the way for him to present his matter to the king. During those silent months Nehemiah must have doubtlessly prayed to God and sought His counsel. One day as he was serving wine to the king, the apt moment came for Nehemiah. The king saw that his face was sad and enquired him the reason.

Nehemiah immediately turned to seek the counsel from above. He offered immediately an arrow shot prayerNehemiah, did not answer the king's question until he had prayed. (2:4). When the king accepted to send him to Jerusalem, we see that Nehemiah put forth his petition to him presenting his needs accurately accurately.

In his petition he asked for a letter from the Trans - Euphrates governors for his protection. He asked for a letter from the keeper of the king 's forest for provision of timber the timber was for the temple

For the city
For his residence.
Surely it was the Lord who gave Nehemiah instructions to ask all these to the king when he prayed during his quiet time.

Nehemiah walked with God and talked with God. His heart was in touch with continously.

Dear friends, when our heart is in touch with God it will always turn to Him even for smallest matters. Let us, like Nehemiah live in touch with God so that we can at any moment and in any circumstance call on Him for His guidance and His help.

Manjula Premraj, Chennai

Nehemiah 1:3;The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire”.

Look at the description of Jerusalem. The people were in trouble and were feeling a great sense of shame and disappointment. The walls of the city were broken down. The gates had been burned with fire and were no longer usable.

The city of Jerusalem had been without a wall for 142 years.

♦Nehemiah was a Jew, who had been born in the land of Israel's captivity, but had risen to the trusted position of cup-bearer to the king, himself, of the great Persian empire.
♦Nehemiah’s heart was broken.
♦He wept, mourned, fasted, and prayed over the condition God’s people had allowed their nation to be in.

Jerusalem was the center for worship to the one God in Heaven, and the main place of worship was forsaken. 

If Jerusalem was in chaos, it meant that worship to the true God was not being performed by His people.

If we take Jerusalem as a symbol of our own lives, ….
If we examine the walls and the gates of our life, we may find much in ruins.

There maybe places where the walls are broken down;
…….Maybe we don't have ability to resist our enemies;
……. Maybe we are fallen into some sinful activities;

Perhaps our gates have been destroyed by wrong habits.

How do we handle this situation❓

Are we ready and willing to allow God to expose our brokenness❓ 

Jooley Mathew 

Different Approach but Same Goal

We often say that God looks for people, not methods and programmes. We justify our choice by choosing to highlight only certain Bible characters. We look at David rather than Moses (@ vice versa), and at Peter rather than Paul (@ vice versa). Let us look at EZRA and NEHEMIAH, and to ponder upon the APPROACH taken by them to accomplish the common GOAL to stand firm with THEIR CREDENTIALS and to deal with the SIN that cropped up within the community. Remember there was 13 years gap between these two great characters' leadership.

->Nehemiah approached the king and asked for letters to the governors of Trans-Euphrates to ensure that he could travel safely and a letter to Asaph for timber for construction. ✒ Neh 2:7-8.
->Whereas Ezra chose not to ask for help nor any letters from the king (Ezra 8:22).
->Ezra' s faith in God was so strong that he believed that God would provide him safe travel and other needs (8:21,23 ".. I proclaimed a fast. . So we fasted... and God answered our prayer ")
Who is correct ❓

Intermarriage were taking place not only among the laity but among the Priests and Levites (Ezra 9:1-2 & Neh 13:23-24)
* Ezra tore his clothes and pulled out his hair from head and beard (9:3)
Whereas Nehemiah reacted by pronouncing curses on them, bear them and pulled out their hairs (Neh 13:23-25)
Who is correct ❓

Ezra's approach for visiting Jerusalem and to deal with the sin of Intermarriage was a humble approach. But after 13 years the approach taken by Nehemiah for the same goal was different.

Both Ezra and Nehemiah were correct with their Approach during their time.

Today, there are numbers of Denominations having different doctrines, ordination, worship pattern, baptism and partaking of Holy Communion. Many a times we are divided under these platforms. Let us not forget that we all are called with ONE Hope -- ONE Lord, ONE Faith, ONE Baptism; ONE God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all (Eph 4:4-6)
No matter our approach with reference to the World Evangelization may be different but let Christ be the Centre

Paul writes, ".... and if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you.." ✒ Philp 3:15

GLORY TO GOD, Mark Boje, ArP

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