The Book of Ruth

My remarks on Ruth. She excelled in maintaining her: 
R elationship with God, Naomi and the Israelites. 
U nderstanding her own status and God's precepts. 
T estimony of faithfulness and devotion.
H umility in faith and action.

(A Concise Introduction)

It begins with the phrase - "In the days when the Judges ruled" - a period when Israel had no kings and everyone did as they saw it fit ( Jud 17:6; 22:25). It was the period of Israel's Apostasy, Moral Degradation and Oppression.

It begins with FAMINE in BETHLEHEM - " the house of Bread ". It would be not wrong to say that Israel's disobedience has caused the famine. God had promised that he would send regular rain to his people, but warned them that they would face famine if they break the covenant and served other gods. ✒ Deut 11:10-17

This interpretation may be established by the fact that the famine had ravaged Israel but spared Moab , which was 25 miles away across the Jordan.

The book of Ruth is the movement from EMPTINESS to FULLNESS :
Naomi lamented her loss of family ( 1:21 ) but ended up celebrating the birth of a son ( 4:14 - 17)

The book of Ruth begins and ends in BETHLEHEM ( 1:1; 4:11 ) 
》 Going away from Bethlehem ( Famine to Funerals
》 Coming back to Bethlehem ( Marriage to Maternal blessing)

The book of Ruth is the movement from MOABITE Ancestry to MESSIANIC Ancestry:
~ Chapter 1 - RUTH the Foreigner in the city
~ Chapter 2 - RUTH the Gleaner in the field
~ Chapter 3 - RUTH the Kinswoman in the threshing floor
~ Chapter 4 - RUTH the Ancestor of the Messiah.

KINDNESS is one of the theme of the book of Ruth:
GOD'S KINDNESS to his people ( 1:6; 2:20 )
RUTH'S KINDNESS to Naomi ( 2:18 )
BOAZ'S KINDNESS to Ruth ( 2:13-16 )
BOAZ'S KINDNESS to Elimelech's family ( 2:20 )
NAOMI 'S KINDNESS to Ruth ( 3:1 )
GOD'S KINDNESS to Ruth ( 4:13 )

All these godly packages was enough to testify that Ruth was a woman of noble character 3:11b. 
How blessed are we to read "A wife of noble character who can find  She is worth far more than rubies." 
"Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all" written by Ruth's great grandson ( Prov 31:10,29 )

May the good Lord bless us as we study and meditate the book of Ruth. May we improve our relationship with God and with one another. 

Glory to God
 Mark Boje, ArP

The Book of Ruth Is About the Saving Grace of the Messiah.

Ruth, the Beautiful Moabitess Girl, Was Once a Pagan Idol Worshipper. She Found the True God Jehovah After She Came into Naomi's Family! It Wasn't Easy for Her.

She's the Great-Grandmother of King David, the Ancestor of Christ Jesus. Ruth's Husband, Boaz, Was the Son of Rahab, the Harlot.

In the First Chapter, Matthew Lists the Genealogy of Jesus Where Three Other Tainted Women's Names Are Also Mentioned (Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba). This Shows That Jesus the Messiah Represents All the Peoples of the Earth. If God Can Accept Gentiles Like Ruth and Incorporate Them Into His Plan of Salvation, Then There Is Hope for All. (Matthew 28:18-20). Real Salvation Is for All, Including You and Me!

The Book of Ruth Is a True Story of Three Simple People (Naomi, Ruth and Boaz), About Their Great Loss, Subsequent Personal Anxiety, Hope, Joys and Finally a Victorious Celebration of Fulfilment.

How Did David, the Man After God's Own Heart, Emerge From the Dark and Demoralized Period of the Judges? It's Because of the Providential Hand of God on Ruth's Family in Bethlehem. It All Began There, Sometimes Referred to as the Centre of the Globe! How God Prepares Us For Others, We Won't Know!

I Once Travelled Alone by Train to Hyderabad. On the Opposite Side Were a Father and a Little Baby Girl. A Little While Into the Journey, I Felt Bored and Began Reading the Bible, Very Unusual of Me to Read in a Public Place!

A Few Minutes Into the Reading, I Was Interrupted by that Person Sitting Opposite Me! He Said His Name Was Dr. Gowda. That He's Also a Christian! That Caught My Attention. I Said, "It's Good You're a Christian. I Am Mathew. How Do You Judge I'm a Christian? Just Because I Read the Bible, How Could You Judge I'm a Christian?

He Was Amused and a Bit Shaken! But I Assured Him That I Was Indeed a Christian! At That Moment I Asked Him to Define a Christian. Who Is a Real Christian? We Had a Lengthy Talk and Didn't Know How Time Went by. I Was Impressed by His New Faith in Christ.

My Point Here Is: He Was Once an Idol Worshiper, in His Words. Then There Was a Big Transformation in His Life! He's Highly Educated, a Medical Doctor, Married a Normal Telugu Christian Girl, Found Christ, and Is Now a Prolific Preacher in Bangalore!

A Person Born Into a Christian Family Need Not Necessarily Be a Christian. A Person Having a Christian Name Need Not Be a Real Christian. One Who Finds Christ and the Salvation Guaranteed Through His Redeeming Blood and Spirit Becomes a New Creation in God! We All Need a Redeemer, Like Boaz was to Ruth! If We Ask God His Spirit, Nothing is Impossible!

In All of Us, We Need to Imbibe in Us a New Ruth, Learn to Accept the One True God and Ruthlessly Throw Away All Our Existing Idols. That's the Day When God Says: in You, I Am Well Pleased! 

-Bob, Bangalore! 

Ruth's life is a very good example that encourages us to see how simply being faithful in the little that God places before us with gratitude for His provision and direction, no matter how bizzare things seem, can still yield marvelous results! What could have been more depressing that being a 'Moabite' on whom God had placed a curse, such that their descendants were not permitted to enter into the house of God for 10 generations, Deuteronomy 23:3! Yet, God who knows the hearts of all men caused Naomi's son to marry Ruth the Moabitess.

Although, Naomi's family was walking in disobedience and doing their own thing in order to make ends meet, as well as, marrying contrary to God's will, that did not stop God from blessing Ruth because of her sincere dedication to her in law's family and their God as well, Ruth 1:16,17. Even when her husband died, she did not complain or get sour against this foreign God whom she choose to embrace! Later on, when her sister in law left to return back to her parents and restart her life, Ruth chose to stay back with Naomi, although it seemed that she had only a hopeless future to look forward too! However, as she continues in faithfulness and integrity and keeps walking with a clear conscience before God and man, with no ulterior motivation, whatsoever, God turns things in her favour, far beyond what she could have asked for or imagined!

And since, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8, we can rest assured that no matter how depressing our circumstances may seem, (just like Naomi's and Ruth's was), true repentance on our part, Ruth 1:19-22, will result in untold blessing! Naomi chose not to blame her husband, or sons, or daughters in law or God for her fate. Although, she said that the Lord had opposed her, vs 21, she spoke this more as a matter of fact than out of complaint towards God. She realised that she deserved it and her returning back to God's people was nothing but a sign of repentance and humbling of self on her part before God. This heartfelt desire to set things right between herself and the God of her Fathers, enabled God to take the position of being to her the 'God of the widow', and He even moved her daughter in law's heart, (through whom God had planned to richly bless her) to stay on with her, no matter what her circumstances turned out to be!

Fast forwarding to the end of the story: Ruth ends up becoming part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, Himself! From an outcast, she becomes a prime part of God's household! All this made possible only because of humility and repentance before God and man.
So, beloved people of God, if you are stuck up in some kind of rut, and the heavens seem as brass above you, take courage, choose to walk the way of humility and repentance and it will be just a matter of time when you will have a story to be written about yourself too, and a testimony to share which will be as good as Ruths, if not better! For that's how great our God is towards all those who fear Him and choose to tremble at His Word.

Rowena Thomas

Wherever you go I will go
Wherever you live I will live
Your people will be my people
Your God will be my God
Ruth 1:16

Naomi knew Ruth and Orpah as foreigners, would socially be a great disadvantage in Israel,so she urged them to go back to their parents home, because she cared about them.But Ruth decision was

Do not ask me to leave you and turn back
Where you go,I will go
Where you live,I will live
Your people will be my people
Your God shall be my God
Where you die,I will die and there I will be buried


Let the lord punish me severely if I allow anything but death to separate us.

Ruth's decision to leave Moab and go with Naomi tells about her faith in Israel's God.she vowed to serve Naomi 's God and Naomi.Ruth's words indicate the depth of her loyalty.she knew that this was a life and death decision and Naomi knew Ruth was serious about her decision and permitted her to come with her.Because of Ruth's faithfulness,she was blessed to be a great grandmother of king David and a direct ancestor of Jesus.

Cynthia Sathiaraj

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