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Why do The Wicked Prosper?

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Job was wondering why God allows the righteous to suffer for no reason Job 21:7. But now he wants to know the answer to another hard question that "We all ask":

"Why does God allow the wicked to prosper" ❓
This same question had bothered Asaph the temple musician, to make a note about the wicked people in Psalm 73:
~ They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong.
~ They are not plagued by human ills.
~ They are always carefree; they increase in wealth.
~ Pride is their necklace and they clothe themselves with violence.

We have seen sometimes the wicked live long; their children ( though free from the fear of God) are well settled ✒ v 8-9.
Their business flourishes and after a life of prosperity they die in peace ✒ v 10-13.

✅ Yes, we do have the same questions in our hearts and often we felt the same emotion like that of Job. We do see evil people flourish and righteous people suffer, which is difficult to reconcile. But we know that we live in a fallen world, and we do not have all the answers.

What does the scripture says❓
The word of God consoles us that We will reap what we sow ✒ 2Cor 9:6, and at the Judgement Day "God will give to each person according to what he has done" ✒ Rom 2:6.

Honest and Dishonest will be revealed ⚖
✅ But sometimes we make the mistakes of thinking delayed judgment is unfair ☺. We judge "fairness by the swiftness of REWARD or PUNISHMENT.

We do know that the God of the Bible is fair and merciful, allowing unrepentant people the GREATEST possible time to turn from their sins ✒ ( 2Peter 3:9)

May the good Lord bless us with heavenly wisdom to trust in His rich promises to give us the crown of life.

GLORY TO GOD,  Mark Boje, ArP

Job: 23:10"But He knows the way that I take, when He has tested me,I will come forth as gold"

When Job lost his children and his wealth in a single day, he sank into an angry depression and resisted any attempted explanations by his friends.

⚡ In today's passage, Job responds to the accusations brought by his friend Eliphaz, who sarcastically asks whether Job thinks God is judging him because of his reverence for Him. (Job:22:4) Eliphaz insists that job is suffering for a hidden scandal.

⚡ With assumptions, but no evidence he explains Job's troubles by accusing him being self centered rich man who has mistreated weak people for his own material gain.

⚡ And so, Job expresses his desire to be able to argue his case before God. ( ch:23) He held a hope that someday there would be an answer from God. Even in the darkness Job could say " God knows the way that I take, when he has tested me I will come forth as gold" He feels that the wrong assumptions of his friends have become part of the fire that is testing and refining him.

⚡ We may also experience sorrows for which there are no adequate explanations. Some are catastrophic events with far- reaching effects, while others are personal, private tragedies that alter our individual lives and families. We want to know why, but we seem to find more questions than answers. Yet even as we struggle with "why" God extends His unfailing love to us.

We are tried and purified when God uses difficulties to burn away our self- reliance, pride, and earthly knowledge. Pain and problems can produce the shining, rock-solid character that comes from trusting God when life is hard.

Dr. Thomas David

Pure Gold

God knows the path I take. I am being tested, but I will be proved to be pure as gold. [Job 23:10]

How could Job have such confidence that he will be proved to be as gold?:
Job says:
I have followed His footsteps closely.
I have stayed on His path and did not turn from it. I have not left His commands behind.
I have treasured His words in my heart. [Job 23:11-12]

But even more than confidence in his own righteousness, Job had confidence in the character of God:
⚜God is complete in integrity.
⚜He knows His plans for me.
⚜He will complete each one of them. [Job 23:13-14]

Therefore Job says: Only fools think that their thoughts & deeds are hidden from God. When I think how intimately God knows me, I tremble in His presence and stand in awe of Him.

Because I fear God more than the darkness which is seeking to smother me, I am not crushed. [Job 23:15-18, 24:1]

Job adds:
Man goes to extraordinary lengths to dig out gold & precious jewels. But is it worth it? Is that wisdom? [Job ch 28]
God has told Man, 'Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding.' [Jb 28:28]

Job does struggle with depression. He does feel despair that he cannot sense God’s presence or find satisfying answers. But through all of his wrestling, we see truths settling ever deeper in his heart.

We have many advantages that Job did not have –
we have Christ IN US, & we are IN CHRIST.
?He strengthens us from within.
He is our armour, and stands between us & the enemy at ALL times.
We have the Holy Spirit who witnesses to us of God’s love. He teaches us to pray, and enables us to hear the still, small voice of God speaking to us.
We have the COMPLETE written Word of God – all of His promises, His Wisdom, His instructions at our fingertips at all times.
We have a huge cloud of witnesses – the lives of all the believers who have gone before us. Their lives testify to the faithfulness of God in fulfilling His promises. [Rf also Romans 8:31-39, Heb chs 11-12]

Job had none of our resources – he had to walk in the dark, by complete faith not sight. He triumphed because God upheld Job with cushions of Grace & whispered inspiration through the Holy Spirit. [Rf 2 Ch 16:9]. Job did not get answers about why such calamity befell him. He had started out fearful of calamities, but he walked through the fires of adversity and found that only God was WORTH fearing, because God held life & death in His hands… [Rf Job 10:12, 12:22,28:28]

God’s uses crisis times to uproot false premises, and plant truths that make for a stable foundation.
Cushions of Grace – watch out for them…
Whispers of hope & life from the Holy Spirit – may our ears be tuned to them.

Abba Father, You know all of our life-stories – what each one of us is struggling with today. Open our eyes to recognise Your cushions of Grace. May our ears hear Your whispers of Truth spoken in love, birthing hope. Help us to yield to the renovation work You are doing in our thought-life… May each of us come forth as gold with solid foundations of Living Truth. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Alice D.

Job 23:3  If only I knew where to find Him...
Throughout Job's suffering,his greatest longing was the presence of God.He longs to appear before God to begin communion with Him.He wanted to produce his arguments and evidences for his sincerity towards Him.Job desired to find God as a judge sitting on His throne and wants to get justice from Him.

He rarely mentioned the loss of his property,his deep sorrow about the loss of his children.He longed only for God's presence.In all his misery, he wanted to find God and to have communion with Him.

When people are at a loss to find where He is and how to find Him,their afflictions are made heavier.They need His grace to help them in time of need.The yearning for God should characterize all true believers.God's word in Ps 42:1,2 says As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You..O God My soul thirsts for God, for the living God

Lord, We long for Your presence to be strengthened in us,our love for You to be deepened.We know there is fullness of joy only in Your presence.We hunger and thirst for You and Your presence.In Jesus name Amen

Cynthia Sathiaraj, Chennai

I am the Instruction

⏳ Zophar’s Sermon on the Wicked Man
Job, you upset me. Now I'm impatient to answer.
What you have said is an insult, but I know how to reply to you.
The wicked vomit up the wealth they stole; God takes it back, even out of their stomachs.

⚡ Their greed is never satisfied.
Heaven reveals their sin, and the earth gives testimony against them.

⏳ Job’s Discourse on the Wicked
When I think of what has happened to me, I am stunned, and I tremble and shake.
Why does God let evil people live, let them grow old and prosper?

⚡ They think there is no need to serve God nor any advantage in praying to him.
They claim they succeed by their own strength, but their way of thinking I can't accept.

Can anyone teach God, who judges even those in high places?

⏳ Eliphaz Accuses Job of Wickedness
⚡ Does your doing right benefit God, or does your being good help him at all?
Accept the teaching he gives; keep his words in your heart.
Let Almighty God be your gold, and let him be silver, piled high for you.
When you pray, he will answer you, and you will keep the vows you made.

⏳ Job Proclaims God’s Righteous Judgments
⚡ I am honest; I could reason with God; he would declare me innocent once and for all. Yet God knows every step I take; if he tests me, he will find me pure.
I always do what God commands; I follow his will, not my own desires.
⚡ Why doesn't God set a time for judging, a day of justice for those who serve him?

⏳ Bildad: How Can Man Be Righteous?
Can anyone count the angels who serve him? Is there any place where God's light does not shine?
⚡ Can anyone be righteous or pure in God's sight?

⏳ Job Maintains His Integrity
⚡ I swear by the living Almighty God, who refuses me justice and makes my life
bitter... as long as God gives me breath, my lips will never say anything evil, my tongue will never tell a lie.
I will never give up my claim to be right; my conscience is clear.
Let me teach you how great is God's power, and explain what Almighty God has planned.

Be fair with Innocent
AS I AM.....



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