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Breakthrough comes from getting the message from God

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Sometimes when we get overwhelmed we forget how big our God is *When you weather the storm with God* You can always find the silver lining

If there is a messenger for him, A mediator, one among a thousand, To show man his uprightness, then He is gracious to him, and says, Deliver him from going down to the pit, I have found a ransom. His flesh shall be young like a child's, He shall return to the days of his youth. He shall pray to God, and He will delight in him, He shall see His face with joy. For He restores to man His righteousness. Job 33:23-26.

We serve a God who gives His children long life, strength and vigor and answers their prayers. The above scripture portion tells us that Job is telling that if there is a messenger or a mediator (he is speaking about Jesus) and show man his uprightness (God made us righteous through Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:21) then God will be gracious to him and stop him going down to the pit and his flesh shall become young and strength shall return to him and he shall pray to God and He will delight in him and restore him to His righteousness.

Long life, strength and vigor is a gift and blessing from God to His children, even though God had set a age limit of 120 years after the flood most of the old covenant saints crossed the age limit set by God, because of their faith in God. Abraham lived for 175 years, Isaac for 185, Jacob for 147, Job for 140 and Moses lived for 120 years. Abraham became the father of Isaac the promised child when he was 100 years old (unthinkable by worlds standards), Sarah became a mother when she was 90 years old (medical science cannot digest it), Moses climbed mountains when he was 120 years old, his eyes were so good that he didn't require spectacles and Job lived for 140 years he lost his ten sons, but once again he saw his children and grandchildren for four generations. They could achieve all these, because they put their faith, trust, hope and confidence in God and in His promises. When God performs signs and wonders for His children, the world has no other option left, but to simply pull their hairs, tear their clothes and open their mouths wide in astonishment and stand in awe of our God.

Many in the body of Christ never ask for long life and strength from God, when they get a little sick and weak they pray to God to take them away without doing anything for God on this earth. In heaven we are rewarded for the souls that we win for Christ on this earth and we are rewarded for the good works that we do for God on this earth. It is good to leave this earth after successfully completing the plan, purpose and vision that God has in store for our lives. It is good to ask and pray to God for a long life and strength on this earth, because we cannot do one thing in heaven, we cannot win souls in heaven, we have to do it while we are on this earth only.

God is not moved by our fears and tears, He moves, because of our faith in Him and in His promises. Jobs health, strength, skin and vigor was gone, from head to toe he was covered with boils, his wife thought that his story was over, so she said curse God and die, but God restored him back and gave him back his life, strength and vigor and once again he brought forth seven sons and three daughters, previously he had ten sons only, but this time God gave him three daughters (It is blessed to have daughters) so beautiful, none comparable to them in their land and Job lived a long life of 140 years saw his children, grandchildren for four generations and then left this earth. The young and old, sick and weak in strength please take hold of the above scripture promises and pray accordingly and see it manifest in your life. What God did for Job, He will do it for you, He is no respecter of a person, He is a respecter and rewarder of faith.

God carries His children from the womb to the tomb.
Who have been upheld by Me from birth, who have carried from the womb.

Even to your old age, I am He, And even to your grey hairs, I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear, Even I will carry, and will deliver you. Isaiah 46:3-4.

God's desire for His children.
You shall also know that your descendants shall be many, and your offspring like the grass of the earth.
You shall come to the grave at a full age. As a sheaf of grain ripens in its season. Job 5:25-26.

Heavenly Father thank You for preserving, protecting and providing for us from the womb, give us the grace to lead a long life with full of strength and to use it for the expansion of Your kingdom on this earth and bring glory and honor to Your name in Jesus name we ask and pray.

Amen and Amen
God loves you

Alfred Joseph, Hyderabad Telangana, India.
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The Breath of the Almighty

Job 33:4   The Spirit of God has made me and the breath of the Almighty has given me life.

Yes, in the beginning, the Spirit of the Lord, who made heavens and earth, made man from the dust of the ground, and breathe in to his nostrils, the breath of life and man became a living soul. Genesis 2:7. That means our breath, Spirit or soul belong to God. Therefore this Spirit, which is in us to be handed over to God, when we die. We should have this knowledge about our spirit.

  1. The spirit of man is the candle or light of the Lord, and it is given by the Lord. But it should be continuously burning to give light to us and for others. Therefore it needs oil or anointing of the Holy Spirit to burn and emit light. But if we are lukewarm, that is neither hot nor cold
    (not burning) He will spit us out from His mouth. Psalm 39:3 says when we meditate the word of God, our heart grew hot with in and the fire burns. 
  2. Proverb 16:2 says, God weighs our Spirits. So our Spirit should be blameless and should not lack anything. It should be with out guile. Psalm 32:2. Also we should have a contrite or broken spirit. Psalm 51:17. We should have an ornament of meekness and quiet spirit. 1 Peter 3:4. Also we should have the fruits of the spirit in us. They are love, joy, peace,long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. Galatians.5:22, 23.
  3. Also we should worship the Lord in truth and spirit. We should pray in spirit. We should strengthen and grow in our spirit. Also we should long for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and grow and rejoice in the spirit.
  4. Holy Spirit should live in our heart and He should counsel and guide us everyday. Let us also praise Him till our last breath.

When Jesus Christ was dying on the cross, He handed over his spirit, in the hands of His father. Yes, we too should be ready to handover our spirit in our father's hand. Let us make use of our time and opportunity so that our spirit will be prepared to meet our Lord. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn 

Job 33:19-28 "Spare him from going down to the pit. I have found a ransom for him."  (Job 33:24)

Here Elihu tells the beautiful story of redemption

In Job 33: 19 to 30 we have the gospel in a nutshell
A sinner is chastened for his sin.
He is in his bed of pain.
He suffers a great deal.
His sickness becomes too severe and he is drawn near to the grave.
The messengers of death are about to take his life (verse 22).

But one angel out of the thousand stands out and comes to the dying man as a Mediator. He does two things to the dying sinner.

He tells him what is right for him (verse. 23)
He intercedes with God to be gracious to him saying," Spare him from going down to pit. I have found a ransom for him."

When the sinner repents he is restored to new life. The interceding Angel whom Elihu refers here is our Lord Jesus, the Mediator who gave His life as a ransom for sinners. (1 Timothy 2:5)

Elihu sees the Angel not only as the Mediator between God and man but also as the One who Provides the ransom for the sinners. Elihu tells here the result of what happens when a sinner is delivered.

First his flesh is renewed like a child's. (25)
Now he will boldly pray to God and finds favor with Him. (26)
He sees God's face and shouts with joy. (26)
He is restored by God to his righteous state. (26)
He then testifies of God before men.. of how He saved his soul from the pit. (27)

Dear friends, Isn't it amazing that Elihu had the revelation of the gospel through the Spirit of God even centuries before it was fulfilled through our Lord Jesus.! Let us thank God for His His infinite grace that has redeemed us from the pit.

Manjula Premraj, Chennai

I am the Author of Life

⏳ Elihu Contradicts Job
Now this is what I heard you say:
I am not guilty; I have done nothing wrong. I am innocent and free from sin.
Although God speaks again and again, no one pays attention to what he says.
God speaks to make them stop their sinning and to save them from becoming proud.

⚡ In mercy the angel will say, Release them! They are not to go down to the world of the dead. Here is the ransom to set them free. When they pray, God will answer; they will worship God with joy; God will set things right for them again.
God does all this again and again; each one saves a person's life, and gives him the joy of living.

⏳ Elihu Proclaims God’s Justice
Job claims that he is innocent, that God refuses to give him justice.
He rewards people for what they do and treats them as they deserve.
Almighty God does not do evil; he is never unjust to anyone.
He watches every step we take.

⚡ There is no darkness dark enough to hide a sinner from God.
⚡ They forced the poor to cry out to God, and he heard their calls for help.

⏳ Elihu Condemns Self-Righteousness
Job, you say you can't see God; but wait patiently---your case is before him. He makes them listen to his warning to turn away from evil. Be careful not to turn to evil; your suffering was sent to keep you from it. Remember how great is God's power; he is the greatest teacher of all.
No one can tell God what to do or accuse him of doing evil.
Listen, all of you, to the voice of God, to the thunder that comes from his mouth.

Pause a moment, Job, and listen; consider the wonderful things God does. God's power is so great that we cannot come near him; he is righteous and just in his dealings with us.
The Lord Reveals His Omnipotence to Job
Then out of the storm the LORD spoke to Job.
Who are you to question my wisdom with your ignorant, empty words? Were you there when I made the world? If you know so much, tell me about it.
Who decided how large it would be? Who stretched the measuring line over it? Do you know all the answers?
What holds up the pillars that support the earth? Who laid the cornerstone of the world?

Be fair with Innocent
AS I AM....



 Elihu's Counsel's

Elihu speaks directly to Job. Elihu's method is to quote Job and show him where and how he is wrong. Job's perception of God as his enemy is wrong. He is offended by God'd claim to purity. He says that chastening of human beings is in reality an act of love. Job in his frustration had cause to charge God with wrong doing. Elihu is zealous for God's glory as the sovereign sustained of man. He is concerned to correct Job's attitude about God's attitude. Job is challenged to ponder God's power over the elements. God is majestic, awesome and exalted in power. He is great in His justice and righteousness. Elihu prepares Job for the appearance of God in the storm as the Sovereign sustainer of man.

The Lord Speaks 
The format of God's response is to ask questions to each of which Job must prove ignorance. God does not address Job's sufferings or problems. He does not humiliate or condemn him. By implication Job is vindicated and later his vindication is affirmed. The divine discourses bring Job to complete faith in God's goodness. The creation of God's animals and birds testify to God's sovereignty, power and loving care. Job duly chastened is unwilling to speak another word of complaint.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa, Chennai

Second part of the article
Elihu testifies Yahweh's sovereignty
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