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Psalm 72 to 78

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Psalm 72

David wrote this Psalm for his son, King Solomon. The one major thing that he desired his son to have is, the ability to make just and fair decisions, vs 1. He desired that his son would defend and judge the oppressed equitably and deliver their children, so as to crush their oppressor, vs 2,4.
He desired that his son would be a King who rescues the needy when they cry out for help, and the oppressed who have no defender. He desired that His son would take pity on the poor and needy and save their lives from harm and violence because he valued their lives, vs 12-14. He reasons that as his son judges righteously, the Nation will be known for its justice and will have peace within its borders, vs 3. This in turn will result in the people fearing him as long as he reigns, vs 5, for his reign be as refreshing as the rain that descends on mown grass and the showers that drench the earth, vs 6. Further, the godly will flourish and his kingdom will expand as his enemies will be unable to overthrow him, vs 7-9. Kings from far and near will bow down to him, offering him gifts and bringing him their tribute, vs 10,11. He foresees that as his son reigns righteously he will enjoy, not only, a prolonged reign as king, but the prayers and blessings of the one whom he rules over as well, vs 15. He sees the mountain sides flourishing with an abundance of grain, and its fruit trees flourishing like the forests of Lebanon, and its crops being as abundant as the grass of the earth, vs 16! This will enhance the Kings fame and his dynasty will last as long as the sun remains in the sky, even as all Nations consider him to be favoured by God, and use his name to formulate blessings, vs 17! Finally, David acknowledges that all these amazing things can be accomplished only by the grace of the God of Israel, who alone is worthy of all praise and honour, vs 18, 19,20 because He is a God of justice, mercy and righteousness. Let all those whom God has given certain positions of office in the Church and world take heed to these principles if they want their reign to be a blessing and if they desire the Church and Nation to be fruitful and prosperous.

Psalm 73

Asaph is fully convinced that no matter how things seem at present, if we have kept our hearts and motives pure, God goodness will surely be experienced by us as time goes by in a very definite and lasting way, vs 1! However, from his experience, he was frustrated to see how wicked people did not seem to be punished instantly, but, on the contrary they seemed to prosper in a way that made him envy them and also want to be like them, vs 2, 3! They enjoyed good health, they did not seem to have the troubles that even normal human beings underwent, vs 4,5. They had it easy and got richer and richer, vs 12. They spoke as if they ruled in heaven, and had claim over the earth. So much so that it seemed as if they were the ones who controlled the food and water supply, 9,10. Their prosperity caused them to do wrong and think sinfully without shame or fear, vs 7. Arrogance was their adornment and violence, instead of humility, their clothing, vs 6,8. They reasoned that there is no God who would ever judge or punish them and by their thoughts, words and actions they made themselves out to be God, vs 11! This made the Psalmist feel that he had laboured in vain, trying to keep his hands and heart pure, vs 13, for all he seemed to receive in return was suffering all day long and punishment every morning, vs 14! This is how he honestly felt while he considered these perplexing thoughts outside of God's presence, vs 16. Later, he realises the great mistake he would have made had he vocalised these thoughts to other believers, perhaps causing them to stumble too, vs 15! It was only when he came into God's presence that he got a revelation of how things were going to end for wicked people, vs 17.
God opened his eyes to see them positioned in slippery places such that their end would come so suddenly and it would seem as if they never existed at all, vs 18-20! Yet, outside of God's presence, he was embittered in his spirit and deeply hurt, being ignorant of God's ways and lacking insight, just like a senseless animal, vs 21,22! But coming into God's presence, made all the difference! It made him realise that God was for him and with him continually, holding his right hand, guiding him with wisdom and understanding as he called on God's Name, and eventually preparing for him a position of honour, vs 23,24. What more could he ask for, vs 25! He realises that although his flesh and heart may grow weak, yet, God will always protect him and give him stability, vs 26 and eventually the wicked will perish and be destroyed, vs 27. Finally, he records the greatest revelation of all, which is, 'God is all he needs, and as he chooses to abide in God, he will surely live to declare the great things that God did, is doing and would do for him, vs 28'. Beloved, even as we fight the good fight of faith, let us walk in the light of His Word, so that every fiery dart of the enemy be extinguished and every lie exposed, as we emerge with the knowledge of the truth that comes from being in God's presence and knowing His Word for ourselves, we will find that, the truth will indeed truly set us free!

Psalm 74

This is a Psalm of Asaph which seems more like a monologue, wherein he is reasoning with God concerning putting a stop to the enemies of Israel who had badly devastated the dwelling place of God, vs 3-8,10,11. He is anxious to know why God has seemingly abandoned his chosen possession, for such a long time vs 1,2! Knowing God to be all powerful, he urges God to take notice of how the haters of God, (a people who are proud and evil), are desecrating His habitation and blaspheming His Name vs 12-15, 16-18,20,23. He pleads with God to deliver his beloved people from such oppression, atleast, for the honour of His Name, and so give them reason to praise Him once again, vs 19,21,22. Asaph is burdened that the Lord's Name is being reproached and that God's people are being persecuted as well! As we see a similar trend today, do we have a similar burden? If so, let us not rest till God makes His Name a praise in all the earth, once again, and till His people, (on enduring the chastening hand of the Lord, because of their sin), rise up to become a people of power and praise, who will move through their land by His Spirit and glorify His precious Name. For with God nothing will be impossible, Luke 1:37!

Psalm 75

In this Psalm, the writer Asaph seems to have got a revelation with regard to what he was perplexed about in the previous Psalm!
He begins the Psalm with praise and thanksgiving being excited about the revelation he has received. What he has now understood, is that, for the sake of God's Name (character, honour and authority), God will do wondrous works for those who have persistently trusted in Him, and never gave up, no matter what they might have had to face as a result, vs 1! Yet, there is a right timing for each of His judgments to be revealed! He will neither hasten nor delay them, vs 2. It is He who holds the earth and all its inhabitants in His hand, and since He holds up its pillars, none can tamper with it apart from His permission, vs 3. Throughout the history of the earth, God keeps warnings the fools to stop being foolish and the wicked to stop their wickedness, which they invariably manifest either by their actions or their words, vs 4,5. For eventually God is going to judge all the earth in righteousness, and He will definitely honour those who honour Him, vs 6,7 and will also make all the sinners of the earth to drink, (even to the very last drop), from the cup of wrath that He holds in His hand, vs 8. So, being certain that all the power of the wicked will surely be cut off while the power of the righteous shall surely be exalted in due season, vs 10, the Psalmist has come to rest within himself, and confidently goes about his way singing praises unto the Lord's Name, even the God of Jacob, who assuredly makes all things beautiful in His time, vs 9. Let us also seek to enter into His rest, leaving all judgment of our persecutors into His hands and continue in well doing, for in due season, we shall reap if we don't grow weary, Galatians 6:9.

Psalm 76

In this Psalm, the writer Asaph tells us how the presence of God can come into our midst and what that presence can do for us. He says that it is in the atmosphere of 'praise' (Judah) that God's presence is made known. It is through his people (Israel, meaning, 'a prince of God' who has wrestled in prayer and obtained power with God and men) that God's Name is made great, vs 1. It is in an atmosphere of peace (Salem) that his earthly dwelling is established while His permanent dwelling is found in the heavenly Jerusalem or Zion, vs 2. It is in His presence that the arrows, shields and swords of the enemy are broken, and battles won, vs 3! For He is more glorious and excellent than all the 'mountains of prey' that could ever come against His people, vs 4. It is there that the stouthearted men of war, from the enemies camp, together with their chariots and horses are overthrown and put to death, vs 5,6! None can stand in the Lord's presence when He is angry. His judgments cause the earth to fear and become still, vs 7,8. God is soon going to rise in judgment in order to save all the meek of the earth, vs 9, 10. So, let us seek God in truth in our troubled times, with hearts full of prayer, peace and praise, for he is well able to deliver, and when we make vows to Him during those times, let us be quick to fulfill them once our deliverance comes, vs 11,12.

Psalm 77

In this Psalm, Asaph is honestly narrating a time in his life when he was deeply distressed! At such a time, He turned his heart to God, vs 1-4, the one to whom all of us need to turn to when we are grieved or distressed. He began seeking God diligently, and asked aloud whether God would ever cast someone out forever and cease to show mercy, grace and favour or fail to keep the promises He made, vs 6-9, just because of His anger? These thoughts troubled him, but He made up His mind to focus on the powerful acts that God wrought by His mighty right hand in days gone by, vs 10-12. He then realises that God is not only great, but holy as well, vs 13, and so, although He can do mighty works to save His people and awe the Nations, vs 14, yet, He will never do so at the cost of compromising His justice or holiness! But when His people begin walking in right standing with Him and the timing is right, then He will perform wondrous works of power in favour of His people, Jacob and Joseph, vs 15, even as He did in the days gone by, vs 16-18. Thus, Asaph understood that God is well able to make a way in the sea and a road in the midst of great waters even in his present situation, vs 19,20, provided they chose to call on His Name in faith and with a clear conscience.

Psalm 78 :

In this Psalm, Asaph recounts God's dealings with His people, Israel in the days of old, in the form of a parable. It was written in order to tell the future generations what they had learnt from their fathers, so that they could pass it on to their children as well, such that they could all know about the wondrous works that God did for His people and could praise Him for the same, as well as, acquire faith in their hearts to experience similar works of God in their generation, and so, set their hope in God and keep His commandments on remembering His mighty works. It also served them as a reminder not to be rebellious like their forefathers and Ephraim were, whose heart and spirit was not steadfast towards God, vs 1-11. For inspite of the great miracles that God performed for them in Egypt and in the wilderness as well, vs 12-16, they kept sinning against him and complained and grumbled against God at the slightest discomfort thus disbelieving Him and doubting His salvation, vs 17-19,22,30,32,33,36,37,40-43! As a result, God's wrath was kindled against them and He put many of them to death, vs 21,30,31. Yet every time they repented, God graciously forgave them, knowing that they are but dust, vs 34,35,38,39. Finally those that remained He brought into the promised land and gave His people a home in the land of Canaan, vs 54,55. However, once again they angered Him with their high places and idolatrous images, vs 56-59. So, He took away his tent from the Holy place in Shiloh, vs 60, and allowed His people to be taken captive by their enemies, vs 61-64.
It was only after they repented of their idolatry, did God look upon them with mercy and setting aside the tribe of Joseph, He chose the tribe of Judah for Himself, and the mountain of Zion, in which He had pleasure and made His holy place, vs 65- 69. He then chose David to be his servant and to shepherd His people Israel for He found Him to be a man after His own heart, vs 70-72. It was only upto this time that Asaph could write about, because he lived during that period. Now it is up to us to recount God's mighty works, that He did for His people, to our children and instill in them, both godly fear and a spirit of sincere faith, so that they become and do the utmost for God in their generation!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.

[Ps 72-78]

The men of Ephraim, well-equipped with bows and arrows,turned and ran on the day of battle. Ps 78:9

The Ephraimites turned back in the day of battle because they forgot they were in covenant relationship with God.
They forgot God’s miraculous deeds & His power ... with that they lost the anchor of their soul. [Ps 78:10-11, 42, 56]
 The fear of God is Israel’s Treasure. [Is 33:6]
The Ephraimites forgot their Treasure, and thus were defeated by fear…

✝In Gethsemane, Jesus wrestled with, and overcame fear. The victory of the Cross was established in Gethsemane, where Jesus withstood the pressure to give up.
✝ In Gethsemane, Jesus saw His Father’s ability to deliver as greater than satan’s ability to destroy… Thus He said, ”Not my will, but YOURS be done.”
✝ And with that decision to trust God, satan’s weapon of fear lost its power over Jesus.

THIS Christ – the One who triumphed at Gethsemane, the Cross & the Tomb – is the SAME Christ who dwells in us to strengthen us from within.

 He is IN US & we are IN HIM… we are a Jesus Sandwich…
[1 Cor 1:30, Col 1:27, Col 3:3, 1 Jn 4:4]
 Hallelujah! Let the weak say - I am strong in the strength of the Lord!

Paul prayed for the Holy Spirit to give us revelation understanding of: who God is
who we are in Christ
the greatness of His power at work within us
the love of Christ for us. [Eph 1:16-19, Eph 3:14-21]

 Ask. You SHALL receive.
[Mt 7:7, Mt 21:22, Jn 16:24, Jer 33:3]
 So if we ask the Holy Spirit to give us understanding of these things… HE DOES teach us. We don’t need any other teacher.
[1 Cor 2:13, 1 Jn 2:27]
 In times of fear and temptation the Holy Spirit reminds us of God’s unchanging love for us. giving us the confidence & trust to lean on JESUS and not ourselves.
 Our treasure is Jesus. His love enables us to see God as awe-inspiring & faith-worthy.
? His love for us gives us non-skid, non-wobble “shoes”.
 With our feet shod in HIS Gospel, armoured in love & light, we stand in the day of battle and defeat the enemy by the Word of Truth.
[Further reading: 2 Cor 10:2-6, Eph 6:10-18, 1 Th 5:8-10]

Dear Saviour, help me to keep my eyes on You. Help me to remember at all times that You are in me, standing with me where no one else can. I may not always sense Your presence, BUT, You ARE with me. You NEVER let go of me. You NEVER turn back on the day of battle. Because YOU stand, I too can stand in YOUR love, strength & wisdom. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Alice D.

Characteristics of The wicked -God's Judgement
Psalms Chapter 73

✴Wicked ware Pride like a necklace and violence like a robe.

✳Their tongues are like sharp swords, their teeth are like spears and arrows.

☀They are quick to spread their shameless lies

✴They make plans to opress the others.

✳They criticise the deeds of Lord and reject him.

☀They mock at the people and speak of evil things

✴Their heart pour out evil and their minds are busy with The wicked schemes.

‌Though they are wicked, everything go well for them. They don't suffer pain, they are strong and healthy. They don't have troubles as the other have.

But they must remember The Almighty who sits on the throne and judge the people. He will judge with fairness

He set a time for judgement. He will rebuke the wicked. All the wicket will drink the cup of anger, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath.They will be tormented with the burning sulphur in the presence of holy angels and of the Lamb.( revolution 14:10 ).

when they saw the prosperity of wicked,
righteous may loose their confidence and faith, They may feel jealousy by seeing wickeds Proud. But after sometime wicked prosperity will turns into downfall.

Wicked men are everywhere and everyone praises them (12:7).

✝Remember, Lord has chosen the righteous for his own. He remember those who suffer and he does not forget their cry, he will punish those who wrong them. He protects them and gives victory over the wicked. Righteous men prosperity remains forever, they inherit all the good things in this world. They will be with the Lord forever and ever.

Sharmila Boorgula✒

DAY 114. Psalms 72 to 78

Psalm 73:-
This psalm is written Asaph.
Psalm 73, talks about his *relationship with God; also honestly expressing his doubts and questions.

He is surrounded by confusing,troubling circumstances of life.

‼‼ He could not understand why those who disobey God, continue to prosper;So he became jealous of the success of them.

When the attention changed from God to the surroundings, his feet got stumbled and he lose his faith and confidence in God.
This Psalm shows the way we, as Christians, are likely to think!
 Sometimes we may look at others and think that………...
……………...‼‼ "Life seems to be so easy for others; they don't seem to struggle every day like I do, but I struggle every single day* ?
Looking in the wrong direction can cause us to stumble.
‼‼We may sometimes feel the same and ask;
‼‼ "What's the use of being a Christian? ‼‼ There's no advantage to it. We read the Bible, go to church, and try to obey the Lord and seek fellowship with him, but what happens? Everything goes wrong. Nothing good happens at all."

 Have we ever felt like that?

In verses 15- 28, he is trying to find the solution for his problem.
He thought  “ NOT TO TALK LIKE THIS WITH ANYONE”; “If I had said, "I will speak thus," “ I would have been untrue to the generation of thy children”.
He decided to GO TO THE SANCTUARY; “until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I perceived their end”.
He started CORRECTING his mistakes and RE-EVALUATED himself; “ When my soul was embittered, when I was pricked in heart,I was stupid and ignorant, I was like a beast toward thee”.
He felt the UPHOLDING hands of God, His GUIDANCE and His GLORY; “Nevertheless I am continually with thee; thou dost hold my right hand.Thou dost guide me with thy counsel, and afterward thou wilt receive me to glory.”.
Finally he UNDERSTAND the destiny of the wicked; “For lo, those who are far from thee shall perish; thou dost put an end to those who are false to thee.But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all thy works”.

Here he concludes, he says; “But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge”.

 Are we worried about our future?
We don't know…‼‼ “ What will be the stresses and demands that come to us in our lives?
 What sorrows and difficulties await us in the days that are before us?
But we know one thing, Our God has a plan for our life, definite goal or purpose. He will guide us and lead us to his glory.
Jooley Mathew



PSALMS 72-78

 Glory and Universality of the Messiah’s Reign

 Teach the king to judge with your righteousness, O God; share with him your own justice,

 He has pity on the weak and poor; he saves the lives of those in need.

 Praise the LORD, the God of Israel! He alone does these wonderful things.

 Praise his glorious name forever! May his glory fill the whole world. Amen! Amen!

 God is indeed good to Israel, to those who have pure hearts.

 their hearts pour out evil, and their minds are busy with wicked schemes.

 Why have you refused to help us? Why do you keep your hands behind you?

 don't forget your persecuted people!

 Remember the covenant you made with us.

 I have set a time for judgment ,* says God, *and I will judge with fairness.

 He will break the power of the wicked, but the power of the righteous will be increased.

 But you, LORD, are feared by all. No one can stand in your presence when you are angry.

 You made your judgment known from heaven; the world was afraid and kept silent,

 when you rose up to pronounce judgment, to save all the oppressed on earth.

 I cry aloud to God; I cry aloud, and he hears me.

 He also caused the east wind to blow, and by his power he stirred up the south wind;

 But God was merciful to his people.


 Be fair with Innocent

 AS I AM .....





Psalm77:1 I cried out to God for help ,I cried out to God to hear me ,when I was in distress ,I sought the lord

This psalm portrays a person in great trouble who cried out to God and sought the lord for help.The psalmist with his grief and fears prayed ,prayed more in agony,and he sought the lord earnestly because he was afflicted.His trouble did not end in despair for God heard him.God showed him favor and grace.

I remember God 's mercy towards us and would like to testify how He helped us. My family and I were travelling in a bus along with other believers after visiting a mission field in Northern India.Early morning,the driver hit a tree which was on the side of the road,Our Bus fell by the side of the road.It was total darkness as lights were cut off.We all cried to the lord in our distress and fear.We were all troubled but after some time two people managed to come out of the bus and pulled us out of the bus one by one.God kept all of us safe except for one person who had a small injury.All our goods were safe .God heard our cries as written in Ps 50:15
*Call upon me in the day of trouble ,I will deliver thee,and thou shall glorify me

Cynthia Sathiaraj


Psalm 73 is ascribed to Asaph, a song leader in David's court. Asaph is pouring out his misery. He is discontented because the world is influencing him and he is envious of what other people seem to have. They didn't walk with God and yet they seem so blessed. So Asaph is wondering, Is it worth it to walk with God?

In the middle of the Psalm , he looks at God, gets his eyes off the world and himself and he focuses upward. As he is focusing on God, his thinking changes.

It may look like these other people who despises God have it all but they don't. They really have nothing and what they seems to have won't last. Even though by worldly standards, Asaph - a believer doesn't have a lot, he realizes he is the one with everything because he has God.


1.Wicked people are prosperous. 73:3.

2. They have no struggle. 73:4.

3. Their bodies are healthy and strong. 73:4

4. They are free from burdens. 73:5.

5. They are very proud people. 73:6.

6. They clothe themselves with violence. 73:6.

7. Their heart is callous.73:7( insensitive and cruel disregard for others.)

8. Their mind know no limits in evil conceits (excessive pride in oneself) 73:7.

9. They scoff and speak with malice.(the desire to harm someone) 73:8.

10. They are arrogant, they threaten to oppress others. 73:8.

11. Their mouth lay claim to heaven. 73:9.

12. Their tongue take possession of the earth. 73:9.

13. They say- "How can God know?" , Does the most high have knowledge?

14. They are always carefree.73:12.

15. Their wealth increase.73:12.


1. God placed the wicked on slippery ground. 73:18.

2.God cast the wicked to ruin. 73:18.

3. Wicked are suddenly destroyed. 73:19.

4. Wicked are completely swept away by terror. 73:19.

5. As a dream, God will despise them as fantasies. 73:20.

6. Wicked will perish. 73:27.

7. God will destroy them. 73:27.


1.Righteous person keeps his heart pure.73:1,13.

2. Righteous person leads an innocent life.73:13.


1.Righteous is always with God.(Never alone)73:23.

2. God hold him by his right hand.73:23.

3. God guides a righteous person. 73:24.

4. God will take him into glory. 73:24.

5. A righteous person has God in heaven and earth. 73:25.

6. God is the strength of a righteous person.73:26.

7.God is his portion forever. 73:26.

8. God is the refuge of a righteous person.73:28.

9. God is near to a righteous person. 73:28.

10. A righteous person tell about God's deeds.73:28.

Are we allowing our eyes to see the prosperity of the wicked?Are we getting discouraged by seeing their prosperity?

Are we seeing beyond temporal and seeing the eternal?

Let us rejoice in the Lord and thank God for all what God is doing in our life.


? In A Nutshell ?

 Good to Remember 

Before printing and writing technology came into existence, a trained memory was of utmost importance to keep in memory important teachings and issues. Earlier people used to remember phone numbers. But that has become a thing of the past after the invention of smart phones.

 Human beings have the ridiculous habit of not remembering what they ought to and remembering what they ought not to. The Israelites suffered from the problem of not remembering the good things God had done in their life. Aren’t we also not like them to forget everything good God has done and is doing for us? The Psalmist wrote:

 They did not remember His power: The day when He redeemed them from the enemy (Ps 78:42). But God remembered that they were but flesh, A breath that passes away and does not come again (Ps 78:39).

 Remembering the good things God had done in the past stirs our faith in Him as we walk through dark paths. The Psalmist nearly gave up. He thought that God was done with him and forsaken him forever. Suddenly he remembered all the past miracles and said:

 But I will remember the years of the right hand of the Most High." I will remember the works of the LORD; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old (Ps 77:10, 11).

The Psalmist remembered, recalled, recollected all the wonderful miracles God had done in their life. And his trust in the Lord strengthened. When faith dwindles remember God’s past miracles, thank Him and slowly and steadily our faith soars to new levels.

 Make every effort not to remember the bad things people had done in our lives. Because it leads to depression and desperation. Pray that God will give us the discretion what to remember and what not to remember.

So, Takeaways for the Day are:

 REMEMBER all the wonderous works God has done in our lives

 REMEMBER NOT the evil deeds done by others in our lives

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar 
Everyday Bible Devotion


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    Psalm 88 This is a Psalm of the sons of Korah written by Heman the Ezrahite. This whole Psalm is a lamentation unto the Lord,…
  • 88 to 93 - cont. - Blank
  • Psalm 94 to 104
    Bible in 240 days 13-2-2020 Psalms 94-104 => Journey through Psalms <= Psalm 94 - This Psalm is an appeal to the Lord as judge…
  • 94 to 104 - Cont
    Grace - Psalm 103:10 " He has not dealt with us according to our sins [as we deserve], Nor rewarded us [with punishment] according to…
  • Psalm 105 to 109
    Psalm 105 In this Psalm the Psalmist encourages us to give thanks to the Lord for His wondrous works done for those who seek Him,…
  • 105 to 109 - Cont
    Day 118.Psa. 105-109. Psalm 106 :- 2:- “Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord or fully declare his praise?” Psalm 106 is a…
  • Psalm 110 to 119:56
    Psalms: 110- 119: 56 Simple thoughts fordeeper meditation . Psalm: 118: 1 " Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love enduresforever…
  • 110 to 119:56 - Cont
    Psalm 109 David, the writer of this Psalm, explicitly journals the great distresses that he faced on account of his enemies who repaid him evil…
  • Psalm 119:57 to 127
    HELP! [Ps 119- 127 Focus:Ps 121] Do you have days when you look at your to-do list… and it looks so long that just looking…
  • Psalm 128 to 140
    ZION [Ps 128- 140 Focus: Ps 132:13] For the LORD has CHOSEN Zion; He has DESIRED it for His dwelling place [Ps 132:13] Zion =…
  • Psalms 141 to 150
    PRAISE WARRIOR [Ps 141-150] The Book of Psalms ends with triumphant hymns of praise which proclaim the majesty, authority, wisdom & power of God… When…
  • 41-50 cont-
    Praise the Lord From the Heavens!PSALM 148 Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD from the heavens; Praise Him in the heights!Psalm 148:1 ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·Praise Him, all…

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