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66 to 71 - part 2

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Blessed to be a Blessing to the Blessed People 

 Psalm Chapter 72
This psalm begins with a blessing for a king , attributed to Solomon , and ends with the prayers of David . It is possible that this song was used at Solomon's coronation , when David was still alive ? 1Kings 1:32-40

This psalm is considered as a royal psalm where a prayer is made with a request to God to provide the Perfect Davidic King :

The first qualities required for a king are Justice and Righteousness ( v 1-7 ) . They needed divine help to judge wisely , to make good laws that promoted righteousness and to entrust that the oppressed received justice ( v 2 ) . He will show particular care for the poor, weak, needy and afflicted ( v 6 , 12-14 )
 Jesus said, "The Spirit of the Lord is on me :
~ to preach good news to the poor
~ to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
~ to release the oppressed.."  Luke 4:18-19

 The prayer asks that the king have a long and righteous reign and that he be as much of a blessing to his people as the rain that enables the crops to grow ( v 5-7 )
 Isaiah prophesied that there will be an increase of Messianic government and peace . He will reign on David's throne .... with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever "  Is 9:7

 Next the prayer asks for the king to rule over an extensive territory from See to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth ( v 8 ) . This description apply to the entire earth  the Kingdom of God that Jesus will rule .

Next the prayer for tribute , gifts and service from distant nations that would come to acknowledge him as overlord ( v 9-11 )
 When Jesus was born , Magi @ Wise men from the east came and presented him the gifts of gold , incense and myrrh  Mat 2: 1, 11.

 The prayer asks not only that the king may be a blessing to his people but also that the people will love him , and bless him ( v 15-17 )
 This phrase "all nations will be blessed through him" recalls the promise to Abraham, and suggests that it will be fulfilled through the royal son of David - Messiah ✝

 The prayer concludes with praise for the Lord God , the true King of Israel ( v 18-19 ) 

 All the prayers will be answered when Jesus reigns ✝

 Beloved , let us learn a lesson from this series of prayer : to pray for our leaders to have a long , righteous and just reign so that they would be a blessing to the nation. 

 Mark Boje, ArP

Psalms: 72- 78

Simple thoughts for
deeper meditation .

Psalm: 77: 1, 12

" I cried out to God for help,
I cried out to God to hear me
When I was in distress, I
sought the Lord, at night I
stretched out untiring hands
and I would not be comforted ----- I will consider
all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds"

Asaph,Jeduthan(Ethan)and Heman were muscicians, who led temple worship.
( 1 Chronicles: 16:42 and
2 Chronicles: 5:12 )
⚡ This Psalm was written
by Asaph and tuned by
Jeduthan. Here Asaph tells
the disappointment of
feeling as if God has
abandoned him. Asaph prayed all night long, but he
would not be comforted.
He remembered God, groaned, meditated but his
spirit grew faint.
⚡ We can tell everything,
pour out our heart before God, and be honest about
our feeling. We can ask Him
anything. His answer may not come right away or in the form we want or expect,
but He won't criticize us for
⚡ Now, Asaph looked back
and remembered what God
has done in the past for His
people. When the Israelites were trapped between the
Red sea and Pharaoh's army,
God parted the Red Sea and
they walked through on dry
land. ( Exodus: 14: 10-22 )
Asaph wrote," I will remember the deeds of the
Lord, yes, I will remember
your miracles of long ago"
( vrs: 11& 12 )
⚡ When Asaph remembered and recounted the mighty works, God had
done for His people in the
past, and when he reflected
and meditated on God's
holiness ( vr.13 ) he was
assured of God's greatness,
goodness, and guidance.
( vrs. I4-20 )
In dealing with disappointment, we can either focus on our loss or on God Himself. Through this Psalm, the Lord invites us to look to Him and see the scope of His goodness,
His presence with us and His eternal love.
So this Psalm gives us
the following lessons:
⚡Look up and pray
⚡Look back and remember
what God has done in the
 Look forward and Look
Our extremities are God's

Dr. Thomas David.


Situation of David.

Waters have come upto my neck. 69:1.( Drowning situation in a flood of troubles.)

I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold. 69:2.( not able to escape from problems).

Reached deep waters and floods engulf me.69:2( dying situation).

I am worn out calling for help and throat parched by calling.69:3( miserable condition and no help coming).

People hate me without reason are innumerable. Without reason, people become my enemies and they seek to destroy me. 69:4.

* Forced to restore what I did not took. 69:4.

I endure shame for God's sake and shame covers my face. 69:7.

* My brothers treat me as a stranger and as a foreigner. 69:8.

* People insult me. 69:9.

* I weep and fast. 69:10.

* People make fun of me when I put on sackcloth. 69:11.

* People mock me and drunkards sing songs about me. 69:12.

* I am scorned, disgraced and ashamed. 69:19.

* Looked for sympathy and comfort but nobody to give. 69:20.

* I am in pain and distress. 69:29.

Prayer of David.

* Save me, O God. 69:1.

* I prayed to you, O Lord.. answer me with your sure salvation. 69:13,16.

* Rescue me from the mire.. deliver me from those who hate me. 69:14.

* Answer me quickly, for I am in trouble. 69:17.


Some of you maybe going through the situation of David. I have gone through most of it...Let us continue to pray and the God who delivered David from all his troubles and problems is able to help us.


Psalm 66

In this Psalm, David narrates how he got God to hear his cry while passing through the difficult times of his life.
In vs 16, he invites those who love God to listen to how he got his prayers answered. He cried out to God for help, but did so in faith, because his cry was coupled with praise as well, vs 17. Before that he saw to it that he cleansed his heart from all known sin, vs 18. So God heard him and did not reject his prayer not abandon His love for him, vs 19. In the midst of the trial, God did not permit his foot to slip in sin, although God did allow him to pass through water and fire, vs 9-12! However, this was permitted only so that he could come to a place of abundance, vs 12! Now his heart is filled with praise to God for He see God to be the One who does exploits, vs 1-8! Further, he makes it a point to fulfill the vows that he made before God when he was in trouble and does so by offering the best sacrifices with thanksgiving and praise, vs 13-15! As we follow this protocol, we too can be assured of similar results!

Psalm 67

In this Psalm, the Psalmist tells God that as he blesses, prospers, shows favour and delivers His people in every way, the Nations will realise how great God is and will give God the honour He deserves by celebrating and thanking and praising God too, vs 1-7. But since God is righteous, he can never do these good things for His people, if they are not walking uprightly, vs 4. So let us make sure to live godly lives in Christ Jesus, so as to ensure that the blessings, favour and deliverance of God comes upon us, thus giving cause for the people who see it to rejoice and turn towards the Lord too!

Psalm 68

This Psalm depicts the day of vindication that God, Himself, will bring to pass on behalf of His people who have been oppressed throughout the world, vs 1,2,14,19,20,21,33.
These include the fatherless, the widows, vs 5, those whose are lonely, because they have been deserted in their own homes, prisoners, vs 6, and a great company of women, vs 11,12, who go around prophesying God's Word and dividing the spoil. The righteous are glad and rejoice before God with exceeding joy, vs 3. God deserves to be greatly praised for the victories and deliverances that He is bringing about for His afflicted people who have waited patiently for His salvation, vs 4,19, 24-27, 32-35. When God leads His people into battle, there are earthquakes and downpours of rain that annihilate the wicked, vs 7,8, but good blessings, God's presence and abundant showers that are poured out on His people to refresh them, vs 9,10. As they lie down to rest, they are assured of peace and God's abundant provision, vs 13. The Lord fulfills His promise to rescue His people from Mount Bashan, vs 22, the towering mountain with many peaks, vs 15, and from the depths of the sea, as well, such that His people are victorious over the high and low places that held them captive, vs 23, and now Mount Bashan looks with envy at Mount Zion, Hebrews 12:22, where God has chosen to dwell permanently with His people, vs 16. From Mount Zion, the Lord with His countless chariots comes with holy splendor, and ascends back on high taking with Him the many captives that He has now liberated and also receives tribute from the sinful rebels that oppressed His people, vs 17,18, 29-31. And lastly, but in no way the least, God has decreed that His people will be powerful rulers, because of their humility and meekness, ruling the nations in royal robes, signifying the righteousness of Christ, 1 Corinthians 1:30, and the righteous deeds of the saints, vs 27,28, Revelation 19:7,8. May God grant that we be in this number, when the saints go marching in ... on those chariots of fire!

Psalm 69

This Psalm of David is a prophetic Psalm. While he was narrating his own experience throughout the Psalm, from vs 21, we realise that he was also prophesying about what Jesus would experience on the cross, except for the part in vs 5, where he says that God is aware of his sins, (because Jesus did not sin even once, Hebrews 4:15), as well as, and those parts from vs 22-28; wherein he asks God to severely punish those who caused him so much harm, because Jesus did not seek the death or downfall of His adversaries, but rather asked His Father to forgive them for they didn't know what they were doing, Luke 23:34!
The Psalm reveals that David is in a very, very distressing situation, vs 1,2. So distressing, that he feels as if he is on the verge of drowning; his throat is sore from shouting for help and his eyes are tired from looking for his God, vs 3! This is because those that hate him, lie about him and seek to destroy him without a cause are more numerous than the hair on his head vs 4! He suffers humiliation and disgrace for the Lord's sake and even his own brothers treat him like a stranger or foreigner, and all this because zeal for God's house consumed him, vs 7-9! He is so harrassed by his enemies to the point that even his tears, fastings and humbling himself in sackcloth only attracts their ridicule and insults instead of their sympathy, vs 10,11. The elders of the city gossip about him, while even drunkards mock at him, vs 12! While in such a terrible predicament, his only hope is the Lord, to whom he cries out with all his heart, vs 5, 6, 13-21,29; asking God to show him His loyal love and mercy and to deliver him from his distressing situation! Once again, just as he has done many times before, He begins to praise and thank God in faith, knowing that praise pleases God more than sacrificing an ox or a bull, vs 30,31,34 and as he does so, he gets a revelation that God will not only deliver him, but also use his example and deliverance to encourage others who are oppressed, vs 32, 33, as well as to bring blessing and deliverance to his descendants and God's people in Zion too, vs 35,36!
What an amazing outcome for David, as well as, all those of us who learn the secret of humbling oneself under the mighty hand of God and praising God while under His disciplining hand, and also continuing to walk in obedience and love, towards both God and man! For just as we are told in this Psalm, the outcome is going to be great blessing to many, just as it was in the case of David and, of course, our Lord Jesus Christ, Himself too!

Psalm 70

When God's help seems to be delayed, David wrote this Psalm to get God's attention. In this Psalm David is requesting God to rescue him, as well as, to hasten with the answer to his prayer, vs 1,5.
His urgent need for an answer stems from the fact that people are seeking his life, so he requests God to cause them to turn back in embarassment and shame, vs 2,3. On the other hand, he also asks God to give reason to all those who seek Him in their trouble and who love to experience God's deliverance, so that they can continually praise God with rejoice with gladness because of God's timely help and deliverance, vs 5.
This Psalm gives us an understanding of the close relationship that David shared with God. Although his mindset may have been worldly at times, when it came to advising God on how God needed to deal with his enemies or the time frame within which God needed to work things out for him, (just like Peter's mindset was, when he forbade Christ from dying on the Cross), David was able to pour out his heart to God as if God was his close friend! I am sure God delighted in such a friendship! David was a man after God's own heart, and though he sometimes flawed in his outward actions, yet, he was quick to set his heart right before God and we too will do well to do the same, so as to enable us walk with God in close friendship, John 15:14; get our prayers answered, John 15:16, and share in all the secrets that God wants us to know at any given point of time, John 15:15.
May God give us grace to do so.

Psalm 71

David spent almost 13 years of his life wandering in the wilderness! This Psalm is a pretty good picture of his feelings during that time. He chooses to take shelter in the Lord, vs 1, and asks God to be his vindicator, vs 2, protector, vs 3, and the one who would rescue him from the power of the wicked oppressor, vs 4. He learnt to trust in God right from his youth and to lean on the Lord right from his birth, vs 5,6. This gave him confidence, and he praised God in remembrance of the same. However, people around him were horrified to see the life of wandering that he led, vs7! Yet, because he had known God to be his secure shelter, he could praise God constantly and speak of God's splendor all day long, vs 8! This is really amazing! Even as his enemies gossiped about him and plotted his demise, saying that God had abandoned him, he believed that he would live up to a ripe old age and requested God not to reject him then, 9-12. While asking God to deal with his accusers, he makes up his mind to continually wait on God and praise Him, vs 13-16,19,24. This is what he had learnt to do right from His youth and so, inspite of his circumstances, he is still able to declare God's amazing deeds, vs 17! He desires to live upto a ripe old so that he could teach the next generation about God's strength and power, vs 18. He is confident that though God has allowed him to pass through much trouble and distress, God is surely going to revive him again and bring him up from the depths of the earth, as well as comfort him and raise him up to a position of great honour, vs 20,21! He is so sure of the outcome, that he decides to praise and thank God for his faithfulness, not only after, but even before his deliverance, vs 22,23! This is truly an amazing understanding of God and His ways that was given to a man who has no reason to hope while going through such a prolonged period of testing! Today, the outcome of his life is open for all of us to see! Let us learn from his experiences and example to trust in God too, and vocalise the same, in faith and with thanksgiving, being assured, that as we stay faithful to God in the midst of our trials, we too will not be put to shame!

Rowena Thomas

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