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The Lord openly bestows His favor upon the afflicted

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Psalm 22: This is a Psalm that recounts the agonies that Jesus suffered for us as He hung on the Cross. He bore our sin and so the Father turned His face away from Him, vs 1,2. This less the first time that Jesus ever experienced such kind of treatment from His Father, and it was all for our sakes! Those that nailed Him and jeered at him and persecuted him, seemed like animals to Him, vs 7,8,12,13,16. His body suffered intense agony, vs 14,15,17. Yet, as he sees many generations to come being blessed as a result, vs 26-31, He is satisfied and for this He promises to praise His Father in the midst of the congregation, vs 22-25. As we realise the great price that Jesus paid for us, and the great exchange that took place on the Cross, let us leave no stone unturned to live in its reality to the fullest, and so bring honour and glory to the Name of our God!

Psalm 23: When we make the Lord Jesus our Shepherd, we shall enjoy rest and provision of food and water, both physically and spiritually too, vs 1,2. Our minds, wills and emotions (soul) will be restored, because we walk in righteousness, vs 3. In times of life threatening trials, we will be comforted by Him, as well as, pruned and purified and led by Him, vs 4. It is in those very situations that He will make us overcomers and anoint us with His Holy Spirit, such that we are blessed and become a blessing to others too, vs 5. Therefore, we can be confident of God's goodness and mercy following us in this world, and also leading us to dwell in God's house forevermore, vs 6.

Psalm 24: If we desire the Majestic God and King of the Universe who owns the earth and it's fullness thereof, vs 1,2, to be on our side and fight our battles, then we need to be those whose deeds are blameless and whose motives are pure, who do not lie, or make promises with no intention of keeping them, vs 4,5. It is such godly people who are rewarded by the Lord and vindicated by God who delivers them in due season, vs 6-10!

Psalm 25: Those who approach God in faith will not be humiliated, vs 1-3. But we need to come in humility too with our minds open to understand His ways, vs 4,5, and willing to confess and forsake the sins of our youth, vs 7,11. And the Lord who is both fair and kind will certainly forgive us, and will help us walk the right path because we are now determined to keep His covenant,, vs 8-10, 12-14. He will assuredly deliver us from all the power of the enemy, vs 15-22!

Psalm 26: Even as the Psalmist cries out to the Lord for vindication from his enemies, vs 1, he makes sure to be a man of integrity and keep his thoughts and motives pure, and keep away from deceitful and dishonest men, vs 2,4,5,6,9-11. Besides that, he gives the Lord thanks, and proclaims God's amazing deeds, and loves the temple where God lives, even the place where God's splendor is revealed,vs 7-8.12. To such a person God will definitely show His salvation!

Psalm 27: The Psalmist realises that as he pursues after one thing above all other things, which is to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life, and to gaze at the splendor of the LORD and contemplate in his temple, vs 5, then all his other needs will be taken care of, vs 1,2,5. However, in order to continually dwell in God's presence, he will need to be teachable concerning walking 'the level path' which pleases God, vs 11. It is only then that he can be confident of experiencing God's favour in the land of the living, vs 13, and triumph over his enemies, vs 6, even if they be an army, who come against him, vs 3! And yes, as he walks in this manner, even if his parents forsake him, vs 10, God will never abandon him! What a blessed life to live!

Psalm 28: In this Psalm, the Psalmist cries out to God for deliverance from his enemies. He see that to be the only way in which he can be delivered from death, vs 1-5. Being confident that God has heard his plea, He praises God for the same and his heart is filled with joy, vs 6-9.

Psalm 29: In this Psalm the Psalmist realises the power that God's voice has over all creation! So he exhorts the heavenly beings to acknowledge the Lord's majesty and power, vs 1,2. God's voice is so powerful and majestic, that it controls surging waters, vs 3,4, breaks and shatters even the cedars of Lebanon, vs 5 and makes the mountains of Lebanon and Sirion move away so easily as if they were oxen or calves, vs 6! His voice has the ability to strike with fire and even shake the wildernesses, vs 7,8, besides bending large trees and even stripping leaves from the forest, 9. If God's words are so powerful, just consider the outcome, if we begin to confess in faith what He has already declared in His Word, as our birthright in Christ!

Psalm 30: This Psalm seems to suggest that the Psalmist became self confident after receiving favour and blessings from God, vs 6,7, and as a result, God had to discipline him through some sickness, because of which he almost died, vs 1-3,9! However, when he humbled his pride and cried out to God for mercy, God forgave him and showed him favour once again, vs 2,5,7-11! For this the Psalmist is forever grateful to God and praises God for his mercy and deliverance, 4,12, and encourages us to do so too.

Psalm 31: This is a Psalm in which the Psalmist cries out to God in faith and waits patiently for his deliverance, vs 1-18. He has learnt that the Lord protects those who have integrity and who patiently wait for Him to act on their behalf, while God pays back in full the one who acts arrogantly by taking things in their own hand and doing what seems best in their own eyes instead of trembling at God's Word, vs 19-24. He says that the Lord deserves to be praised for His faithfulness, vs 21. Let us learn of His ways and as we walk humbly before Him, He will surely make all things beautiful in His time!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.

Cry of the Righteous Sufferer

Psalms 22 - No other Psalm is quoted more frequently in the New Testament. No other psalm fitted quite so aptly the circumstances of Jesus at His crucifixion. Matthew and John frequently alluded to this Psalm in their accounts of Christ's passion. The cry of the righteous sufferer Jesus can be seen in this Psalm.

The Psalmist describes himself as a worm despised by people. God had cared for him from his mother's womb. He describes his attackers as sword, dogs, lions and wild oxen. The Psalm contains a vision of a throng of worshipers who will join in the praise of God. The good news that the God of Israel hears prayers and saves His people will move others to turn from idols to the true God.

Psalms 23 - David describes the Lord as his Shepherd King, Provider, Protector, Comforter, and great Friend preparing a table in the presence of his enemies. His goodness and mercy follow him all his life and gives him assurance of eternal life.

Psalms 24 - The Psalmist proclaims the Lord as the Creator, Sustainer, and Possessor of the whole world. Only the guiltless and pure in heart can lift up his soul unto God. The Lord Almighty has triumphed over His enemies and enters the City of Rest" which is Jerusalem. In jubilant reception all should lift up their heads and worship Him.

Psalms 25 - A prayer of relief from distress and slander of enemies and for pardon and guidance. As a humble servant of God he is confident of God's covenant favour and faithfulness. Pardon is not enough. He prays for an unmarred, moral life. He concluded with a prayer for Israel.

Psalms 26 - David appealed to God to take account of his integrity, obedience, trust and genuine delight in the Lord. Clean hands and and a pure heart are needed for those who come to God. Importance to praising God is found through out the Psalms.

Psalms 27 - David's security is in the Lord who is his light and salvation and a strong hold in the day of trouble. The Lord will teach him and lead him in a straight path. He is confident of God's goodness and he would faithfully follow his God.

Psalms 28 - The Lord as the shepherd of His people delivers them from their enemies.The Lord was his strength and shield the God of mercy who heard his prayers. So he joyfully gave thanks to God.

Psalms 29 - This Psalm is a hymn of praise to the King of creation who has power and authority over all that He has created. This is our Lord who blesses His people with strength and peace.

Psalms 30 - A song of praise celebrating the Lord's deliverance from the threat of death. God answered his prayer. Dancing and joy replace waiting and sack cloth (a symbol of mourning). David vows to prolong his praise forever.

Psalms 31 - A prayer of deliverance when confronted by very powerful enemies that his friends abandoned him. David commits his life to his faithful trust worthy God. His faith and trust were unwavering. He encouraged his people to love and hope in the Lord who preserves his people.

A Great Lesson

David's faith and trust in God in the midst of extremely difficult situations is really wonderful. His attitude of continuous praises to God is a great lesson to us.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa, Chennai

One Thing 

The voice of the LORD hews out flames of fire. [Ps 29:7 NASB]

[Note: hews out = châtsêb = dig out. It is a word that is used most often in the Bible to describes chopping wood, digging stones from the quarry, carving an image, etc.]

The picture in this verse is of God speaking to hard rocky places, and His words being etched by fire into the rocks… of the rocks themselves bursting into flame…
Moses heard the voice of God, and it was if the fire from the burning bush ignited one in his heart – a fire that never wavered, never went out as long as he lived.
Moses was a man who sought the Presence of the Lord. He wanted to KNOW God… and God responded… He spoke with Moses face to face just as a man speaks with his friend. [Rf Ex 33:11a, Ex 33:7-23]

David had that same desire: One thing have I asked of the LORD, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to inquire in His temple. [Ps 27:4]

In John 17:3 Jesus gave the definition of eternal life: And this is life eternal, that they might know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. [Jn 17:3]

Know = ginosko = personally, intimately & experientially know someone/something.
We have grades of relationships – acquaintances, friends, best friends, and spouses/family members…
Each grade is defined by how much time we spend with them, the conversations we have with them etc. Of course, we know our family members best…

We were created by God, and redeemed by Christ so that through the Holy Spirit we might be part of God’s family and get to know Him deeply as Father, Friend & Lover of the Soul. This is Eternal Life.

Moses knew God as a friend, BUT, he was still only a servant of God. [Rf Heb 3:5-6]
IN CHRIST, we have been given the gift of getting to know God even more intimately than Moses – because we come to Him as His CHILDREN – as family…

Abba Father, What a precious gift we have been given – Your very self – to know You deeply as a friend… and even deeper – as Your beloved child. Let the fire of YOUR love for me, set my heart on fire for You. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Alice D.

Lift up your heads, O you gates, everlasting doors 

Psalm 24:5-10
1. We are the dwelling place or tabernacle of God. Revelation 21:3. But there are many doors or gates, even everlasting doors in us which prevent our Mighty Lord, King of glory to enter in our heart or life. That is why, Jesus said that, he is knocking at our door. If we open the door or lift the door, He will enter. Revelation 3:20. Shall we open? Iift? In the days of old testament, the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle, and then the temple. But today, the glory of the Lord will fill us, we, the children O God. What a great blessing we received through Christ ! Let us lift all doors and invite and receive our King of glory in us, in our heart right now.

2. What are these doors or everlasting doors? They are the characters or sins which will prevent the entry of this Mighty king in our life. Everlasting doors are the sins which are with us for long time, well settled in our life. To lift up these doors we should be saved from these sins. We should confess all our sins, repent and should receive Salvation, so that the Holy God, Mighty King enter in our life. If we have any everlasting doors, or habits which we struggle to get rid of it, let us ask the help of our precious Holy Spirit to help us. He will help us to lift these heavy, old, rusted and rooted everlasting doors. Let us open all the secret areas of our heart for our King of glory today.

3. Who is this King of glory? He is strong and mighty. The Lord mighty in battle. He is the Lord of Hosts. He is the King of glory, Holy God. When we live a holy life according to the word of God, He lives in us, His presence fill our heart and life. His glory is great in our salvation. Psalm 21:5. Also when we praise Him His glory fill us and He dwells in us. Psalm 22:3. Also we should glorify God with our words and good deeds. When He lives In us, He fights for us. He is strong and mighty in battle to get victory over our enemy, the satan.

4.This is the generation of Jacob, and now the generation of Christ, and they will seek Him, and seek His face. (through prayer, meditation of the word of God and waiting in His presence) 24:6. Today we are this generation.

5. Yes, those who lifted their doors like this, will receive the blessing from the Lord, righteousness and salvation from the Lord. 24:5.

Yes, today let us lift up all doors, especially everlasting doors so that God will dwell in us, and His glory will fill us. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.

Psalm 30:3 0 lord, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave, thou hast kept me alive,that I should not go down to the pit

The great things the lord has done to me because of His grace and mercy has to be told by me.Many years back, on my way to office, I fell in a pit accidentally. The pit was nearly 10 ft deep. It was dug for laying drainage piles.The pit was filled with rain water.As soon as I slipped,I screamed JESUS.That powerful name saved me.one passer_ by saw my hand and pulled me out of the pit.I escaped death because of God's mercy and His care. He has kept me alive.

I testified to the people gathered around me,that my God has sent me help and saved me.I am always grateful to Him for keeping me alive. I remember His goodness and His power.

The more imminent our dangers have been,the more eminent the deliverances by our God have been. To God be the glory.

Lord I thank You, for preserving my life when I was in danger..Help us to grow spiritually by learning Your word diligently.we submit our lives to You. Take control of us and use us for Your glory In Jesus Name Amen

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