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Stewardship Of Marketplace Justice

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"Stewardship Of Marketplace Justice" Deuteronomy 25:13-16
In every aspect of business activity, God knows our hearts, and we must glorify Him by having attitudes of heart in which He delights. This is because God is interested in our Finances and Money matters, and He insists that our business practices reflect his standard of righteousness and justice. ⚖

In today's passage, the Lord detests dishonesty in trade, so his law prohibits using weights and measures that are different from the standard: light or small for selling; heavy or large for buying. In a strict sense the weights and measures of trade were to be kept equitably so people were not cheated.⚖

As a steward, if we want to glorify God in business
~ We should seek to avoid pride but to have hearts full of love and humility toward others and toward God.
~ We should have hearts of thanksgiving to God for his goodness in providing everything @ goods, products, manpower etc 
✅ If we work for someone else, we should work as if we were working ".. for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward "✒ Col 3:23-24 
✅ If others works for us, we need to think of them as equal in value as human beings made in God's image, and our heart's desire should be that the job bring them good and happiness.

Jesus made a strong point that our money and our hearts are inseparable? "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"✒ Matthew 6:21

The language used throughout the Scriptures to describe God's View of Economic Sin is strong: 
✒ The Lord abhors dishonest scales.. Prov 11:1 
✒ Shall I acquit a man with dishonest scales, with a bag of false weights? Therefore, I have began to destroy you, to ruin you because of your sins. Micah 6:11,13 
✒ You are to use accurate scales, an accurate Ephah and an accurate bath Ezekiel 45:10 
✒ For the Lord your God detests anyone.. who deals dishonestly Deut 25:16 
》 Honesty in business will lead to long life in the land, which in this era means a life in which God leads and provides all that we need. 
》 Being honesty in business is to avoid displeasing God and facing His wrath.

Beloved, we should be thankful to God for money and profit, but we should never love money or profit.

There are many Doctors who are Christians; Engineers who are Christians; Business men who are Christians; Officers who are Christians but there are very few Christian doctors, Christian Engineers, Christian Business men and Christian Officers. Be a good steward in your vocation and let the world see Christ in your working place ✝.

God, help us to have a realistic and proper views of business and of the economy in which we live. Help us to deal fairly in all our interactions with the world of business. 

Glory to God 
Mark Boje, ArP 

Tightfisted & Openhanded

Dt.15 v8 says, "do not be hard hearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother.Rather be openhanded and lend him whatever he needs."

In God's economy giving to the poor and needy is the wise, right and just investment which has a high returns on investment (ROI) since God will bless those who give generously to the needy without a grudging heart ( v 10).

Being tightfisted is a sign of hard heartedness and sign of selfishness indicating lack of love for a fellow human being. When we are tightfisted not to give to the needy and poor we also disqualify us to receive from God. Whereas when we are openhanded to give to the needy and poor we qualify ourselves to receive from God as Pr.11: 25 says "he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed"

Proverb.19:17 says "He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord."This could be an encouraging and a valid reason to be kind to the needy and poor. When we put a smile on a poor person's face by being generous we are touching the heart of God since God is always on the side of poor. There is yet another reason for us not to be tightfisted towards the poor and needy as given in Proverb 11.24, "one man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty."

Luke.6:38 says, " Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into yours lap.For the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

If we are tightfisted despite all the above encouraging words given in the Bible it only shows our wrong mindset that we are are the owners of our financial resources. Instead if we think of us as Stewards of our financial resources we will partner with God to put a smile on needy and poor people's face.

We are all blessed to be a blessing.


24:5 - God is most concerned about our holiness, but He is not unconcerned about our happiness, as this verse demonstrates. God wants us to have strong families and to experience His joy.

24:16 - We are all responsible to God for our own lives. We do not accrue the righteousness of our ancestors, nor must we pay for the sins of our forebears. God judges each person individually.

24:22 - God often reminded Israel that they had been slaves in Egypt. Why? To foster compassion in them for the downtrodden. Likewise, He reminds us that we once were estranged from Him so that we will be faithful to proclaim the Good News to those who are lost (Eph.2:12, 13, 17). We are to be a compassionate people—both to the poor and to those who are perishing.

25:4 - In the New Testaments, Paul uses this verse about cattle to make a point about materially honouring faithful servants of God and not hindering them from doing ministry (1 Cor.9:7-12; 1 Tim.5:17,18). He thus shows the value of mining Scripture and teaching its principles to others.

25:14. God is concerned about every aspect of our lives—not only our “religious “ duties, but our civic ones as well. The verse addresses how honest we are in buying and selling. Rather than attempting to gain an advantage over others by using fraudulent methods, we are to use equitable measures so that each transaction is fair. We are to live our lives for His glory(Cor.10:31).

26:7 - It is good to remember and to declare to others how the Lord has rescued us in times past. These remembrances strengthen our faith and give us the courage to endure in difficult times.

26:11 - Why is it so important to “rejoice in every good thing which the Lord your God has given to you”? Rejoicing in God is a powerful way to draw close to Him in a deeply personal relationship and to Glorify Him, which are the very reasons He created us.

27:2,3 - God did not want His people to forget His Law once they crossed over the Jordan River and received the Land Of Promise, so he commanded them to put it in full public view. As the “special people” of God (Deut.26:18), the Israelites were to be set apart—holy as the Lord they served so that all the world could know and worship Him. How do you remind yourself of God’s Word?

27:15 - Our faith is never a solitary business, but it is meant to grow in community.

28:3 - God left no doubt about the kinds of blessings in store for those who obey Him. No matter where we live, what we do, or where we go, if we obey God’s commandments, we can be assured of His Blessing.

28:7 - God spoke these words to people about to face great dangers from their enemies. Yet He assured them—And us today—that no enemy can stand against Him. He passionately defends those who belong to Him.
Clara Radhakrishna


When Israel finally took possession of their land, and the first of their harvest was ready, they were to take it to the Tabernacle, and present it to the priest and declare, “I give witness today before the Lord, that I have come into the land which the Lord promised our fathers."

By offering the fruit, the Israelite was in a way ‘signing a receipt’ that he had received his inheritance just as the Lord had promised. [Dt 26:3] Each time we present our offering we are acknowledging receipt of God’s Grace. We are witnessing & testifying that to the faithful, promise-keeping nature of God.

As the offering was presented he had to declare: My father was a wandering [lost, perishing] Aramean [exalted/lifted up]… we went into Egypt [double straits] … The Egyptians were cruel to us. [Rf Dt 26:5-6] ➡ Pride & Self-will led us away from God and into the place of divided loyalties & double-mindedness, trying to worship God & Mammon. Result: Hard work, emotional & relational pain, loss of peace…

The Lord brought us out of Egypt with a strong hand and an out-stretched arm:[Rf Dt 26:8] Have you watched firemen bring someone out of a traumatic situation? They hold the survivor’s arm firmly, to keep them from collapsing. They stretch-out the other arm around the survivor’s shoulder both to comfort & guide. ➡ God brought us out of slavery to sin, holding onto us to keep us from falling. His out-stretched arm is around us to comfort & guide us.

Canaan means lowland, humility. God promises to set them on high if they humble themselves to remember HE is the Source of all blessing & fruitfulness & obey Him in love. [Rf Dt 26:9 &19, Dt 8:11-9:6]

As the Israelite presented his firstfruits/tithes, he was symbolically stating, ”I was proud & lifted up, trying to be the god of my own life. As a result, I became double-minded, trying to serve God & self. I ended up in slavery to sin. But God rescued me from the torment of sin to walk humbly with Him in loving faith-filled obedience, I experience the blessing & fullness I worked so hard for but did not achieve.” [Rf Rom 6:15-23, Jm 1:6-8, Ps 75:6-7, Mic 6:8]

When they presented the tithes, they were to declare that they HAD taken care of the Levites, the foreigners (the economic/war refugees of their day), the widowed & orphaned. [Rf Dt 26:13]  What if we had to declare it each time we presented our gifts to the Lord…?

They were to finish by praying: “… bless Your people ISRAEL & the ground you have given us”. [Rf Dt 26:15] … not a word about ‘bless me & my family & loved ones’… do we pray for the Church/ Nation/ land to be blessed as we present our offerings?

Presenting tithes seems to have been the time to think about the community… a time to overcome the self-seeking, self-absorbed Adamic nature, and re-commit to whole-hearted submission to God…

Father God, You have blessed us so richly, so that we might be a blessing to those around us. Forgive us for hoarding blessings. Forgive us for being so self-centered & selfish. Set our hearts free to walk humbly with You & be generous as YOU are generous. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Alice D.

Building Altars in Promised Land Deuteronomy 27:4-7

V4:when you have crossed over the Jordan, you shall set up these stones....
V5:And you shall build an altar of stones...

We all know the story of Israelites journey in wilderness and now that they have reached River Jordan, Moses instructs his people to build altar of stones after crossing the River as they would enter the Promised Land. We need to evaluate the journey of Israelites after entering into Promised Land.

Journey Before entering the Promised Land 
No hidden was filled with God's Promises, Blessings and Miracles 
Journey Before is a Promise from God

Journey after entering the Promised Land
We need to evaluate 
Journey after is Response

In the book of Joshua, we read Joshua building Altars to God all over the places after achieving a milestone, because it reminded him that God was faithful and he kept his promises to the people of Israel. It was a reminder in the midst of the Promised Land not to forget God who gave the Promised Land.

In the midst of enjoying your promised land (All prayers, blessings, favours received from may be Good Job, Good Life Partner, Good Health etc), are you pausing, giving thanks to the Lord, rejoicing and building altars 
- This will remind us how God has provided the Promised Land for us.

We asked...and God Provided
We cried...and God heard
We shed tears...and God saw
Build Altars in the midst of your promise land.

Let's not be like the people of Israel...
They started becoming obsessed with the things around them in the Promised Land and forgot what God Provided for them. Let's be faithful and grateful to God.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the promised lands which you have provided and filled our lives with. Every thing we prayed for in the name of Jesus Christ, we received from you. We cherish our promise land and are grateful to you. Give us the grace to build the Altars, altars of remembrance that will always remind us in the midst of our promise land that our God is faithful to us.

Glory to God!!!
Laila D'Souza

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