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T҉h҉e҉ ҉T҉e҉n҉ ҉P҉l҉a҉g҉u҉e҉s҉ ҉o҉f҉ ҉E҉g҉y҉p҉t҉҉

·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.· based on Exodus 7 to 13

As we read today's chapter, we come across the ten plagues of Egypt (chapter 7 to 13). We also see that an exodus from the evilness of Egypt's sins was necessary and start worshipping the one true God again. The Hebrews were treated very badly by the Egyptians. We need to value all human beings, irrespective of whether they are slaves or masters, black or brown or white, male or female or anyone... ⛓

Why are these chapters important? God's people were subject to brutal slavery in Egypt. It's time they get released now. In Egypt pharaohs were considered to be divine beings. Whereas the Israelites believed in only one God, the One True God. ⛓

Yesterday we read that Moses was called by God to lead His people out of Egypt. When Moses and Aaron goes to the pharaoh to ask for the release of God's people (saying, let my people go), we see a great display of God's supremacy through the ten plagues, sometimes selectively applied mostly on the Egyptians alone. Here we see a great battle of wills and power between God Almighty and a false god, Pharaoh and others. The Pharaoh would not release his Israelite slaves. So God created 10 plagues to force the Pharaoh to release the Hebrew slaves. ⚔

One way to understand these plagues is that they were direct attacks against the false gods of Egypt. God showed Himself as victorious. As we see in Ex. 9:16, it was to show you My power and in order to proclaim My name through all the earth. However, Israel is preserved through the plagues! Without God in action, how else could this happen?

When we see all these wonders, we can only acclaim and affirm in wonder, and praise and worship the Lord...
“Who is like You, O LORD, among the gods? Who is like You, glorious in holiness, Fearful in praises, doing wonders?
Exodus 15:11

What are the ten plagues of Egypt?

1) All Water becomes blood, being unable to even drink for a week, as the magicians of Egypt also turned the remaining good water into blood. All Nile River fish died, and the odour all over the land was unbearable.❣

2) Frogs everywhere, leaping over humans, in the bedrooms, homes, cooking area, even in their clothing and all possible places. When all the (dead) frogs were gathered and piled up, the land of Egypt stinks badly yet again. Only Moses (with God's help) could make the frogs go away.

3) Lice/ Gnats everywhere. Came from the dust, which is a reminder of man's limited lifespan or mortality and sin that leads to death.

4) Swarms of Flies everywhere, surrounding all things that has life. Goshen, where the Israelites lived, remains unaffected.

5) All livestock of the Egyptians get dreaded disease (and/or death), including cattle, camels, sheep, oxen, asses, horses... Cattle that belongs to the Israelites are unaffected and unharmed. The animals were needed for food, transportation, military supplies, farming...

6) Boils and sores with blains all over on man and animal. Terrible skin diseases even on the magicians of Egypt. The covenant people are once again protected.

7) Grievous Hail of unspeakable size and thunderstorm, mixed with fire destroyed crops (flax and barley), people and animals in the open field. Goshen was spared; wheat crops were also spared. May our homes too be like the protected land of Goshen, free from all evil, but be filled with the Spirit of the Lord. All people seeking true Christian refuge must find the love of God in our homes. ⛈☄

8) Voracious swarms of Locusts' infestation everywhere, destroys the leftover crops and trees not destroyed by the hailstorm. The locusts consumed everything, thus affecting food supply.

9) Suddenly, thick Darkness all over Egypt for 3 days. The Israelites had light in their houses. The Egyptians worshipped the sun and the pharaoh the most. Darkness was a representation of death, judgement and hopelessness. This darkness was a complete absence of light. ⚫⚫⚫

10) Death of All Egyptian First-borns, including non-humans. Pharaoh's son was killed as well. The children of Israel are given instructions to follow to be saved from physical and spiritual death. ⚰⚱⚰

The number ten is a significant number in the Bible. It represents a fullness of quantity. Ten harsh Egyptian Plagues means completely plagued. This symbolised to them the case is settled and God is triumphant. No question about that. God didn't want any to perish. Despite having given 10 chances, the Egyptians refused to budge.

Just as the Ten Commandments become symbolic of the fullness of the moral law of God, the ten plagues of Egypt represent the fullness of God's expression of justice and judgements upon those who refuse to repent. (ref. 2 Peter 3:9) The pharaoh was given 10 chances to change his mind, repent and turn to God, each time increasing the severity of the consequences of the plagues. He suffered for his own pride and disobedience. (ref. Proverb 16:18)

What are the purposes of inflicting the 10 plagues on the Egyptians?

1) To demonstrate God's self-revelation
But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display My power to you, and that My name might be proclaimed in all the earth. Exodus 9:16 BSB
Then the LORD said to Moses, "Pharaoh will not listen to you, so that My wonders will be multiplied in the land of Egypt." Exodus 11:9 NASB

2) To bring judgement on false gods of Egypt
"On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the LORD. Exodus 12:12 NIV

3) To Free the Israelites subject to slavery
'''...Let My people go..."

4) As a Lasting Testimony, and all people, esp. the Egyptian people might know the true God, AND everyone acknowledge God. And so that you may tell your son and grandson how severely I dealt with the Egyptians and performed miraculous signs among them, and you will know that I am the LORD."
Exodus 10:2 CSB

As we read along, we understand that it was God who initiated the release of the Israelites though Moses, who merely announced God's instructions. If God had not sent Moses, the pharaoh would not have been faced with the dilemma of whether to release the Israelites or not.

If you believe God has blessed you greatly, remember it's only because of God's mercy. Even now Egypt criticises and rails against the Jews. In spite of the story of the Exodus, most of today's Egyptians do not turn to the God of Moses and Aaron, just as the hardened Pharaoh did not. Nor do most of the current people of the world!

If any among us are still in doubt, it's time to turn to God completely. It's time to bid a real exodus to the evils in our lives, including viewing things that don't nourish us on the TV and mobile phones, but are used to get pleasure of the mind. There is no half-time God or part-time God for us. If we are fully in God, it's time to say goodbye to all those things that do not please Him.

If we refuse to do that after becoming Christians, it's time to stop going to Church just to show-off to others that we are still a Christian. The plagues of Egypt are just a lesson and a sample to demonstrate to us what lies ahead for us. Are we with the God of the Bible, or are we with the gods of this world? The holiness and purity of God has no place for any kind of evilness in our lives. Time wasted cannot be regained. Let's invest our time and our whole being in the Lord, for what else is more beneficial and edifying to us?

The ten plagues were ten chances God gave the Egyptians to reform, transform and accept God. The remaining time we get in this world is time we get as second chance to change for the better. There's still a lot more to change. It took God only one night to get the Israelites out of Egypt, but it took Him forty years to get Egypt out of them. Likewise, with us, God saves us instantly, but it takes Him a long time to get the world out of us — and some of us are still in the process of getting the worldly stuff out of us. We need a true Exodus, now!

When we depart from all the worldly attractions, the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross has more meaning. Be truly delivered through His blood, just as the Israelites were redeemed with the Passover Lamb's blood. Many plagues didn't come with any warning. The Second Coming of Christ would also be without any warning. Be prepared for a sudden surprise. Be washed in the blood of the Lamb. Be saved. For all of us are marked by His blood and chosen to be godly.

Lo, the Crown of Thorns that lead to the Crown of Victory!

♪♪ Christ our Redeemer died on the Cross, ♪♪ 
♪♪ Died for the sinner, paid all his due; ♪♪ 
♪♪ Sprinkle your soul with the blood of the Lamb, ♪♪ 
♪♪ And I will pass, will pass over you. ♪♪

♪♪ When I see the blood, ♪♪ (3)
♪♪ I will pass, I will pass over you. ♪♪ 

Be delivered from the chains of this world. Be honest. Let our weekend be a time to think, examine and analyse where we stand now, a time to evaluate our true selves and reflect on the truths of the Scriptures. God didn't spare the pharaoh. Neither does He spare a bishop who is wrong. But He did save the thief on the Cross. There's hope still, if we turn to Him truly, with all our hearts, all our minds and all our soul and strength! In Him we are redeemed!

Remain blessed in the Lord. Peace. Have a goodnight!
- Bob, Bangalore.

Courtesy & Reference:
Many of the points here on the ten plagues are referred from the Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine — Volume 1, Edition 2.


Reflections... *Food from my Kitchen Table

Take a Break with Jesus

240 Days Bible Reading Friday, 1.11.19.✒

Tomorrow Not Today...One more croaking night with the frogs...Exodus 8:10.

God, can arm the smallest creatures against us whenever He choses. This was how He humbled Pharaoh and the whole of Egypt so that they should neither eat, nor drink, nor sleep in quiet but wherever they were, they should be troubled by the frogs.

One frog in the house is enough to make me restless, imagine the whole house filled with them, in the pots and pans, cupboards and ovens, tables and chairs, beds and wardrobes and the floor carpeted with frogs!

What is interesting to note is that, Pharoah was ready to put up with them for one more night. Tolerance to the reeking smell and teeming frogs showed that he was willing to live with the frogs than to be obliged either to God or Moses.Those who are defiant to God and prayer, will be made to see their need of both.

It is only natural that every human being will want an instant relieve from the suffering of any plague, but not Pharaoh. He must have thought it utterly impossible to remove such a plague in an instant and therefore desired Moses to do it tomorrow. Probably he thought that he could accomplish the task of getting rid of the frogs by whatever means with the help of his magician who also could bring the frogs out of the waters, Exodus 8:7.

The great point intended by all the plagues brought on Egypt was, that not only Pharaoh, but all the earth might know that the God of Israel, the Creator of heaven and earth, could do everything and anything He wanted.

He wanted everyone to know that All things were in His hands,that all the powers of nature, in whatever shape or being, were His established laws of nature, which He could, with infinite ease, suspend or alter in any form or manner He chose.

 Child of God, Remember, there is none like  Jehovah our God There is none Who has such a command as He has over all creatures, nor is there any so ready to forgive those that humble themselves before Him.

Are there any frogs we are keeping for one more night? Sin is like those frogs. How many times have we refused God and prayers?

What is reeking, stinking and piled up in our lives? Exodus 8: 14. What frogs are we tolerating in our lives that are we still holding on to, in spite of the numerous tomorrows?

 Come to Jesus Just As You Are, He is the only one who can give us a Frog Free Night to Live in a Frog Free Zone through the Blood of the Lamb... Amen

anniekoshy@God's Thirstydeer 

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