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The Lord commanded Moses to go to Pharaoh and to bring out the Israelites out of Egypt

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Moses Go Back To Egypt With A Mission

The Commission : The Lord commanded Moses to go to Pharaoh and to bring out the Israelites out of Egypt (Exodus 2:7-10).

The Complain 
Moses put forward his five excuses before the Lord: 
1) Who am I to go to Pharaoh? 
2) How to introduce your name  
3) If they do not believe/ listen to me? 
4) I am not eloquent 
5) Send someone else

The Provision 
> The Lord has appointed Aaron to be Moses' spokesperson (4:14-16) 
> The Lord gave his staff to Moses (4:17)

The Preparation 
~ Moses took permission from Jethro, his father-in-law (4:18)
~ He took his wife and two sons with him (4:20a) 
~ The Lord told Moses that all the men who wanted to kill him were dead (4: 19) 
~ The Lord gave him the words to speak to Pharaoh (4:22-23)
~ The Lord gave him the power to perform miracles. (4:21)
Moses did not forget to take the staff of God in his hand ✒ Exo 4:20b. 
Everything seems to be perfect for Moses to make a move to Egypt but there was one thing which was neglected by Moses. The Lord was very serious about it, and He was about to kill Moses (4:24-26)

✅ The Covenant of Circumcision was neglected (Genesis 17: 10-12). Zipporah - Moses' wife quickly took a flint knife and circumcise the boy and associates Moses with the act by touching his feet with the blood from the circumcision. And Zipporah called Moses, " Surely you are a BRIDEGROOM OF BLOOD to me." Her words reveals a word of relief and gratitude that her marriage, which was threatened with Moses' death penalty, is thus renewed. The Lord let Moses live (4:26). This incident reminded Moses that there is power of blood before he entered Egypt. 

Moses- the bridegroom of blood has to encounter Pharaoh over and over again with a number of plaque. 
The first and the last plaque which was performed by Moses has direct indication with blood 》 Water turning into blood and the sacrifice of the Passover lamb.

Jesus- the Bridegroom of the church had to shed his precious blood on the Calvary Cross  We are purchased with a price.. the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect (1Cor 6:20 ; 1Peter 1:18-19).

✒ In Him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins.." Eph 1:7. When the Bridegroom cometh will your robes be white  
Pure and white in the blood of the Lamb  
Will your soul be ready for the mansions bright? 
And be washed in the blood of the Lamb?

Glory to God
 Mark Boje, ArP

Not me, Lord- send someone else!

"Who am I..." (Exodus 3:11)cries Moses to the Lord when the Lord tells him that the great task of leading the Israelites out of Egypt is entrusted to him....

The Lord answers with:" I will be with you"....(Exodus 3:12)
A few verses on in Exodus 3:14 , He reveals exactly who He is...“ I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites : ‘ I am has sent me to you.’”

Moses is reluctant

Moses is a reluctant leader...we know his history, rescued miraculously by Pharoah's own daughter, nursed by his own mother till he is weaned and then returned to Pharoahs daughter, brought up in a life of privilege and honour in the palace till the age of 40 when he kills an Egyptian who is bothering an Israelite and subsequently fleeing for his life, abandoning the life of luxury he had known.
Now for the last 40 years, he seems to have led a placid, peaceful existence as a shepherd, tending his father-in-law's flock.
His world is about to get turned upside down. The reason for his life being spared 80 years earlier is going to be exposed. Yes indeed, there was a reason for the whole dramatic rescue of baby Moses. And he cannot escape it, reluctant and diffident as he is.

Am I reluctant?
Dear one, are you faced today with the voice of God leading you to new paths, different ways? It may not be as dramatic as a voice from a burning bush. However, the Lord is always speaking to us. Are we listening? He is always concerned about suffering people, be it the enslaved Israelites in the time of Moses, or the hordes of people today who are totally enslaved by the prince of this world, Satan. God is concerned about each soul headed to destruction. Are we?

Today, if we examine ourselves, are we safe and secure in a placid existence? Life is going on in a peaceful pattern. We don't want to rock the boat.

Yet perhaps the Lord is speaking to us about someone who is in captivity? He wants to use us to bring freedom to souls in bondage. Are we hiding away, cowering in fear, ready with excuses like Moses... I am not a good speaker, I cannot share the gospel, that's just not me, I will come across as a fanatic, this person or that one is too hardhearted .. or they will mock me, ridicule me ... not me, Lord ... send someone else!

The answer to our fear and reluctance is there in God's words to Moses:
I will be with you

Yes! The Great I Am is with we don't need to fear. He will give us the boldness and the necessary words and fluency. He will direct our paths. Are we ready to put aside our reluctance? Are we willing to be used by God , in whatever way He chooses? Is our pride or our fear more important than following His will? (As always, I speak to myself here.Help me, Lord!)

Lord: You have blessed me with such a great freedom in Christ. Help me truly love others that I may desire the same rescue from captivity for others, as You have done in my life. Holy Spirit, please lead me in this. I need Your direction and guidance.

Binu Jacob

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” Exodus.3: 11 

In Chapter 3, we see Moses keeps the flock of his father in law.
We all know the story of Moses. 

◾ He was raised in the Egyptian court. 
◾He received the best education and according to tradition 
◾He became a great military leader and was in line to become the next Pharaoh.

BUT… something happened that changed the course of his life.

Moses’ pride has changed into fear.
Here We see a broken man. 
He sees himself as being completely inadequate.

Brokenness is the first step of usefulness in God’s kingdom. This brokenness resulted in humility toward God.
In verse 11, he says, "God, who am I?"
What a change took place in his thinking?.

From a proud, arrogant man, Moses had become a very humble man who God used mightily.

Which stage of life are we in? 
Are we in the stage of pride, 
or….. brokenness, 
or….. humility that leads to usefulness?

God looks for people who are humble to use for some of His greatest work.
If we will learn to be humble like Moses, God will lift us up and honor us by helping us accomplish things we could never do on our own.

Jooley Mathew

Training grounds

Like Joseph, transplanted far away from his loving father and comfortable lifestyle to slavery in Egypt, Moses too has to leave the comforts and privileges of his life and become a simple shepherd in Midian. .

DLMoody encapsulated it so well when he observed:
"Moses spent
Forty years thinking he was somebody
Forty years learning he was nobody,
Forty years learning what God can do with a nobody

Yes, sometimes we're transplanted, sometimes we remain where we are for our training periods. Some of us may be being trained by a difficult boss, or a spouse, child, in-laws,the confines of a hospital bed... Whatever, we do have our training periods too. Most of the time we're just bewildered wondering aloud why our lives are like this. Rethink. Perhaps it's our training grounds. No need to wait to be carried off as a slave.

Moses responses to GOD'S call are both irritating and consoling. I get irritated with him for making excuses to God. Not just once but many times. (Ch 3: 11, 13 ▪Ch 4: 1,10,13)
It's so comforting and consoling, because I'm so guilty of the same fault. (So you know how often I have to kick myself) The hope Moses' story holds out is such a balm to those of us who are always making excuses. Just don't wait for the last straw. Surrender sooner than later.

Thank you Lord for putting up with us nobodies (or still 'somebodies' ) and our irritating responses to your overtures. Thank you for your incredible patience. May we not try you to snapping point. May we too be equally patient with and tolerant of others whom we may be judgemental of or who we brush aside impatiently.


Exodus 4:17:20
Moses clung tightly to the shepherd's staff as he left for Egypt to face the greatest challenge of his life. The staff was his assurance of God's presence and power. When feeling uncertain, some people need something to stabilize and reassure them. For assurance when facing great trials, God has given promises from his Word and examples from great heroes of faith. Any Christian may cling tightly to these. 

Exodus 4:10-13
Moses pleaded with God to let him out of his mission. After all, he was not a good speaker and would probably embrace both himself and God.But God looked at Moses problem quite differently. All Moses needed was some help, and who better than God could help him say and do the right things. God made his mouth and would give him the words to say. It is easy fr us to focus on our weakness, but if God asks us to do something then he will help us get the job done. If the job involves some of our weak areas, then we can trust thst he will provide words, strength, courage, and ability where needed. 

Exodus 4:14
God finally agreed to let Aron speak for Moses. Moses' feelings of inadequacy were so strong that he could not trust even God's ability to help him. Moses had to deal with his deep sense of inadequacy many times. When we face difficulties or frightening situations, we must be willing to let God help us.


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