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Esau's birthright, Isaac's blessing: Jacob worked for an unrighteous boss who kept changing the terms

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And it came to pass, that when Isaac was old, and his eyes were dim, so that he could not see, he called Esau his eldest son, and said unto him, My son: and he said unto him, Behold, here am I.


⚜ So Jacob served 7 years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her. (Gen 29:20) 

❣ When love is the motivation of our heart, then whatever we do, not matter how difficult it is, becomes easy to bear. On the other hand, whatever we do resentfully and as a duty, becomes a heavy burden and difficult to bear. 
Our example is Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame... (Heb 12:2) 

Jesus left the comfort of His Father’s home, His Glory, and chose to humble Himself and be as one of us. He willingly endured the humiliation, the false charges, the torture because through it, He was paying the Bride-Price which would give Him the right to take us home with Him, to spend eternity growing deeper in love with Him. 
He gave Himself for us, not as a duty, not as an obligation, but because He loved us and desired to be united to us.

 Jacob worked for an unrighteous boss who kept changing the terms of the contract. Laban tried to cheat Jacob out his wages too. He promised one thing, then quickly separated the speckled animals & sent them away in the care of his sons. Gen 30:34-36 
We’ve all been in situations where we have been exploited by bosses/ team leaders who were only interested in their personal agendas, profit & growth. 
In Gen 31:4-12 we read how God saw all the injustices that were done to Jacob, and how He came and instructed Jacob on what he should do. 
?In Gen 30:32-43 we read how Jacob followed God’s leading. 
We know that there is no power in placing streaked rods before cattle as Jacob did in Gen 30:37-38. By placing those rods, Jacob, in faith was symbolically declaring the promise God made to him
God personally intervened to bless Jacob, so that Jacob’s flocks prospered & grew. 
God sees the injustices we face. When we take them to Him in prayer, He gives us the grace to endure, and the wisdom to do the right things, so that we grow despite the opposition.

 Leah worked hard to earn the favour & affection of an unrighteous husband who only saw her as a baby-making machine. 
Some of us can relate to the frustration of working hard to gain the approval & affection of spouses, parents, friends… etc… Very often it seems that whatever we do is not enough… 
Leah was proud of her achievement and called her son – Reuben = behold a son. She was sure that presenting Jacob with a son would melt his heart, but it didn’t gain her Jacob’s affections. 
However, God saw her… He loved her in her loneliness & rejection… He blessed and supported her. 
We see that in the midst of her disappointment, Leah began to turn to the Lord rather than Jacob for validation. Gen 29:32-35 
Then in Gen 49:31 we read that Jacob asked to be buried with Leah… Over the years, Leah’s gentle, humble, tranquil character had won Jacob’s affections. [Rf 1 Pt 3:4] 
Leah’s life is proof that God sees, God does not forget, God lifts up… therefore let us not grow weary of loving others and serving them with love. [Rf Gal 6:9, 2 Th 3:13, Heb 6:10]

Verse to think about: The eyes of the Lord are on the upright, and His ears are open to their cry. Ps 34:15

Lord Jesus, thank You for setting Your eyes on us as You endured the Cross. Thank You for not growing weary of loving us. Thank You El Roi for seeing us, understanding us, never letting go of us, and lifting us up at the right time. Help us to keep our eyes fixed on You the way You fix Your eyes on us. We know that You will make all things beautiful in Your time. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Alice D.

Blessed to be a Blessing to the Blessed People ‍‍‍

Genesis 28 : 16-22 
In order to escape Esau's anger , Jacob probably did not take anything from his father's home , except his father's blessing with him ( Gen 32:10) . The possibility of abundant blessings must have seemed very remote to him at that stage of his life as he made his lonely way across the wilderness , remote from the home comforts he had enjoyed so much. Yet the irony of his journey reveals that God was with Jacob.

The patriarch Jacob experiences God's presence in a dream , and not knowing what else to do , he sets up a stone and pours oil over the top of it . In the patriarchal period people , who had been touched by the goodness of God , wanted to worship God by taking something that belonged to them and giving it to God in the only way they knew how.

Psalmist says, "Worship the Lord in the splendour of his holiness" 29:2 So worshipping the Lord is a mandatory for the children of God . Our giving to the Lord is also a worship. We may spend a lifetime trying to find better ways of fulfilling God's expectations. Our principal concern in giving should not be where to give , or how to give, or how much to give. First let us focus on why to give. If we give with hearts full of devotion for God who loves us , then the questions of where , how and how much will work themselves out in time .

Beloved, when we give cheerfully as an act of worship, the very act of giving moves us to lose interest in ourselves and to devote ourselves to God.

 Lord, search our hearts .. Show us any attitudes , thoughts , emotions or motives that need to change so that we may worship you in truth and in love

Glory to God
 Mark Boje, ArP

‍ Parental Favouritism ‍

Parental Favouritism bears poisonous fruit. Isaac loved Esau and Rebekah loved Jacob. Children in a family should be treated with equality because favouritism is harmful.

Results of favouritism

Just for some lentil stew Esau sold his BIRTH RIGHT to Jacob. By deception Jacob gained the Birth right.

Rebekah proved to be just as deceitful as Jacob. Rebekah and her favorite son Jacob took advantage of Isaac's love for a certain kind of food.

Eavesdropping, Rebekah found out that Esau was going to get his father's blessings. So she first prepared the favorite food for Isaac so that her favorite son may get the blessings.

Favouritism made Jacob lie to his father that he was his first son and that God gave him success in his hunting very soon.

Deceitfully Rebekah put Esau's clothes for Jacob because Isaac knew the smell of Esau clothes. She covered the hands and neck of Jacob with goat's skin because Esau was a hairy man.

In an attempt to obtain the covenant blessings Isaac was betrayed with a kiss by Jacob.This solemnly reminds us of how Jesus our Lord was betrayed with a kiss.

Favouritism by his mother made Jacob to deceive his father whose eye sight was very poor and receive the blessing which actually belonged to Esau.

 Favouritism of his mother only made Jacob flee for his life because Esau held a grudge against him and wanted to kill him for stealing his BIRTH RIGHT and BLESSINGS deceitfully.

Thus parents should be very careful to avoid favouritism and treat their God given children with equality. Dear Parents Beware Of Favouritism.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa

Genesis 27:13:- “His mother said to him, “My son, let the curse fall on me. Just do what I say; go and get them for me.”

Here we read a very sad story of Isaac, Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob.

In the beginning of this chapter we see, Isaac's plan to bless Esau.

In verses 5 through 13 we see Rebekah's plans to see that Jacob is blessed. 
In verses 14 through 25, we see Jacob carrying out Rebekah's plan. 
And then in verses 26 through 29 we see that Jacob becomes the covenant line.

When Rebekah overheard her husband, Isaac, promise to bless Esau, Rebekah told Jacob to be the son of blessing.

No one in this household trusts one another. 
There's an integrity problem here.

Rebekah took matters into her own hands, instead of taking it to Him in prayer.

She didn’t go the way of faith., instead, she trusted in herself, and she leaned on her own understanding, or strategy or agenda.

When we’re not trusting God and instead operating in our own wisdom and strength, We’ll typically feel anxious and rushed.

When our hearts are anxious, it typically leads to haste and bad decisions.

Be careful of making decisions with an anxious heart—anxiety and haste are often signs of NOT being right with God.

Also, when our desires are unfulfilled, anxiety leads to discouragement.

Take a few moments to examine the attitudes and motivations that lie behind our actions and our desires. 
Jooley Mathew

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