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Noah's Ark, the Flood, Noah's drunkenness, the Tower of Babel

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Then the LORD said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you and all your family, because I have found you righteous in this generation.

The Covenant- God sees & remembers

After the flood, God promised that no future storm would ever destroy the humanity. God's covenant was sealed with the sign of the Rainbow. The Lord said, " Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant.."Gen 9:16

How are the rainbows formed?
Rainbows are caused by the sunlight filtering through the waters in the air , each drops becoming a prism to release the colors hidden in the white light of the sun .

In what way it speaks to us? 
Rainbows with various colors reminds us of God's gracious covenant and the many colored grace of God. We see rainbow all over the world. Nobody has to pay to see them. Likewise God's many colored grace is for the world. It is our duty to lead the world to see it spiritually

What is the significance of the rainbow?
~ Whenever people would see the rainbow, they would remember God's promise. But the rainbow is not only for us to see , for the Lord said , "I will see it" which means:

i) God does not forget his covenant with the mankind

ii) It assures us that we don't need to be afraid

iii ) It is one of the bridge that brings God and the people together.

~ Rainbow is a combination of two words 》 Rain + Bow 
> A bow is an instrument of war , targeting towards the enemy but God has transformed it into a picture of grace and faithfulness. 
> God could certainly turn the bow of judgement upon us because we have broken His Law , and we deserve judgement. 

> But He turned the bow towards heaven and taken the punishment for us by himself ( the sacrificial death of His Son Jesus Christ on the Cross )

Noah saw it after the storm 
Ezekiel saw it in the midst of the storm (1:2- 28) 
John saw it before the storm of judgement broke loose ( Rev 4:3)

My brothers and sisters. 
In the storms of life we have to look always for the rainbow of God's covenant promise. 
Like John we may see the rainbow before the storm 
Like Ezekiel we may see the rainbow in the midst of the storm 
Like Noah we have to wait until the storm is over . 
We will always see the rainbow of God's Promise , if we look by faith.

Glory to God
Mark Boje, ArP.

The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed,
The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.
( Augustine)

The Old Testament points forward to the coming of the promised Redeemer.
The New Testament Gospels reveal the promised Messiah, the Christ, in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. The Old Testament lays the foundation for the teachings and events found in the New Testament. The New Testament is only completely understood in the light of the events, characters, laws, sacrificial system, covenants, and promises of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places (Is45:3) this way the promises contained in the Old Testament are revealed in the New Testament.

The gospel of the kingdom of God is concealed in the days of Noah.
The days of Noah are compared to present time. (Luk17:26,27)

In the second day of this 240 days Bible reading program by the Story  of Noah's ark we should understand that the coming of the Lord is very near and prepare ourselves for His coming. The Lord is coming to take His bride unto Him (Rev 21:9)

The Holy Bible in our hands is amazing, wonderful, its a gift of God for us. We are privileged, blessed. 
Truly we can never run out of reasons to thank God for His goodness.  God is good all the time.What a wonderful Bible we have,we can experience Christ right from its beginning.

Stay blessed 
Ravi Bharat

Genesis 6,7,8


I was looking at Noah's Ark with a different perspective.Having settled down in a comfort zone at my new house what struck me was really a personal reflection and an examination into the life God has given me. 
So I looked into the details questioning myself at every step that Noah took to just built a temporary Ark for shelter.

1. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Gen6:8
To do any task we need His grace.
Do I really look for His grace before I take up an Assignment or before a Presentation or any decision❓

2. The Ark was according to God's detailed instructions
Is my house or home built according to God"s instruction? Does my family run according to God's instructions❓

3. Noah obeyed, He did according to all that God commanded him. 
How obedient am I to God's Word❓
4. Noah entered and came out of the Ark only after God told him.
Gen7:1...Come into the Ark
Gen8:16 Go out of the Ark
Is my coming in and going out in line with God❓
5. God saw that Noah was righteous in the wicked generation so he and his family was chosen to enter the Ark.
Have I been found righteous in His sight yet to be His chosen vessel❓ 

6. Noah had to give shelter to so many animals both clean and unclean besides his family
Is my House open to people's needs❓ whom can I give shelter❓

8.The animals who entered Noah's Ark were saved but who were outside could not escape death 
Are the people in my house saved ❓Has everyone come to the saving knowledge of Christ❓
9.God remembered Noah and every living thing and all the animals that were with him in the Ark
Gen 8:1
*If my home is built according to God's instructions and my family rests on His word then God will Remember me.

10 Noah and his family were safe and secure in the Ark even if 'The waters increased and lifted up the ark and it rose high above the earth' because it was God's plan and purpose
Is my family and home secure in the hands of God❓Do I surrender daily to His plans and purpose❓

11. And the Lord shut him in
When God sees that everything is done according to His will. He completes the work that He has started
Do I trust God to intervene and complete the work He has begun in me and in every member of my family❓

Conclusion :
But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15

With Prayers, 

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