What is Levi✝icus all about, meaning?

Leviticus means "about the Levites". The Levites were God's priests, and the book of Leviticus contains many rules for worshiping God, making sacrifices, and handling everyday problems concerning cleanliness.

240 Days Bible Reading Table for Leviticus:




Reading Date


Leviticus 1 to 5

Offering, laws of the sacrifices, strange god, strange fire

8th November 2019


Leviticus 6 to 10

Sacrifices, ordination of the priests, Concecration of tabernacle

9th November 2019


Leviticus 11 to 14

Alien fire, dietary laws, Childbirth, skin disease, clothing

10th November 2019


Leviticus 15 to 19

Unclean houses, centralized offerings, sexual practices

11th November 2019


Leviticus 20 to 24

Holiness, penalties for transgressions, Rules for priests, holy days, lights and bread, a blasphemer

12th November 2019


Leviticus 25 to 27

Sabbatical year, debt servitude limited, Blessings and curses, payment of vows

13th November 2019



The Book of Leviticus opens by describing several types of recurring offerings the people could offer at the tabernacle. Each of these sacrifices was to be offered in a certain way and had a specific purpose.

There are five offerings in Leviticus, they are: 
▪The Burnt Offering; (Chapter 1)
▪The Grain Offering; (Cha;2 )
▪The Fellowship Offering; ( Chap:3)
▪The Sin Offering; (Chap 4) and 
▪The Guilt Offering!( Chap 5)

Leviticus 1:1-9
The Burnt Offering! 
Its …..
▪animal sacrifce
▪ entire animal was burnt before the LORD.

* It was a total sacrifice.* 
Its a person’s full dedication to God, pictured by the sacrifice being completely burned.

The Grain Offering!
Its ….
▪ voluntary sacrifice, 
▪Involves grains…The fine flour was mixed with oil and frankincense and
▪burned completely.

This offering pictured a person’s gratitude for God’s provision and his or her desire to live with generosity in response.

Leviticus 3:1-5
 The Fellowship Offering! Or the Peace Offering.

Its ……...
▪Animal sacrifice.
▪Part of the animal was not consumed in flames. 
This offering pictured a person’s gratitude for God’s provision and his or her desire to live with generosity in response.

The sin offering (Lev. 4) and the guilt offering (Lev. 5)
Its …..
▪ not voluntary;
▪ both were to be made as a result of sin and reaffirmed the need for forgiveness.

The sin offering was made after unintentional sin or uncleanliness.

The guilt offering was made after intentional acts against others.

But, as Micah observes, such sacrifices are not enough. The sacrifice of “thousands of rams, with ten thousand rivers of olive oil” will not please God.

Micah sees such rituals as meaningless if people’s hearts are not in tune with God.*

Then Micah spells out how to show sincere obedience: 
…… LOVE MERCY, and

A sacrifice is only acceptable to God if it is accompanied by obedience in love.

Christ did what Micah instructed: 
…. He acted justly, loved mercy, and walked humbly with God

God knows man’s incapability to maintain perfection by means of the law.
His compassion and great love for mankind allowed for a new covenant.
His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ,is the everlasting covenant.
Jesus Christ Offered the One Perfect Sacrifice for Sinners.
His sacrifice for us is “once for all.” No other sacrifice is necessary.
Jesus paid the highest price for you and me because He loves us more than we could ever imagine. He took the pain of the cross to give us new life.

Can we submit or surrender ourselves to God, so that we dont have our own interests and desires.

Are we ready to sacrifice our time for serving God❓
Are we ready to sacrifice our energy for serving God❓
Are we ready to sacrifice our talents for serving God❓

Jooley Mathew

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