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The Census of the Israelite Community

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The Book of Numbers presents an account of the 38 year period of Israel wandering in the desert from Mt.Sinai to the plain of Moab on the border of Caanan.

The Book of Numbers tells us of the murmurings and rebellion of God's people and of their subsequent judgement.

Those whom God had redeemed from slavery in Egypt with whom He had made a covenant did not respond with faith, gratitude and obedience but with unbelief, ingratitude and acts of rebellion.

So they forfeited their part in the Promised land and lived their lives in the desert. Only their children enjoyed the fulfillment of the promise.

Moses and Aaron were asked to take census of Israel men of 20 years or more to serve in the army. The total was 603,550.

The Levites were not counted. They had to be in charge of the Tabernacle and every thing that belongs to it.

The Israelites had to camp around the tent meeting each man under his standard with the banner of his family.

 The Kohathites 
When the Israelites had to move, Aaron and his sons covered up the holy furnishings and holy articles. The Kohathites had to carry the things that were in the Tent of Meeting. Kohathites were branch of the Levites.They were 2750 in number.

The Gershonites 
They had to carry the curtains of the Tabernacle. Their duties were under the directions of Ithamar son of Aaron. They were 2630 in number.

The Merarites 
They had to carry the frames, cross bars, posts, bases, tent pegs and ropes. They were 3200 in number. All the men were from 30 to 50 years of age.

At the Lord's command, through Moses the people were counted. The Levite clans were counted separately. Each one was assigned his work and told what to carry.

✒ Our Duty ✒
God has assigned for each one some duty to do for the expansion of His kingdom. We have to do our duty whole heartedly as unto the Lord without murmuring.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa

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