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Special Correspondent

Friday, 05 June 2020 03:38

World Environment Day tatkei puni

DihCham News Service

Tamenglong, June 4: Manipur State tuang suna World Environment Day hei Rani Gaidinliu Park, Mantripukhri khatni Canchipur khou tatkei puni e.

Lockdown khatni baimei thinghmei mek ethei mi tingmik khou hei thingbuan lingmei khatni baimei mung kajat aju tatkei bam ni tuang the. State tuang mung hei ‘Biodiversity’ tumei theme bang khou tatkei khang e.

Chief Minister N Biren Singh khatni baimei minister nun rui kajaolou puni e.M buna, Forest, Environment & Climate Change khatni Sericulture tuang minister khang kadalou kanmei Tamei MLA Awangbou Newmai hei asei rui reimei suna katuang office guang ku kan the.

Kumma E-Day mung khou hei ni Function President suna tatkei puni e tuna sa e. Mi WED le kariang naimei khou Rainforest Club Tamenglong le Tamenglong Forest Division rui “Celebrate Biodiversity” tumei latdun bang khou Painting Competition ni leng bam e.

TAMENGLONG, Jun 4: With the rise of COVID-19 positive cases in the state, at least five positive cases of COVID- 19 were detected from among the returnees coming back to Tamenglong.

The first two positive cases came from Chennai on May 22 by train and they were detected at Jiribam railway station screening point. They were immediately shifted to Bishnupur district isolation ward.

Another two positive cases were found at a Community Quarantine Centre at Eklevya Model Residential School (EMRS) Tamenglong and they were immediately shifted to RIMS Imphal on Thursday. They came from Chennai and reached Tamenglong on May 24.

Their tests were conducted on May 26. However some of the results were reportedly declared after nine days on June 3. Due to late result, the 16 roommates now face the risk of becoming positive and they have been immediately shifted to quarantine centre at JNV Tamenglong by district task force.

The fifth COVID-19 positive is a girl coming from Delhi on May 27. She was staying at NIT Imphal quarantine centre and her test results were declared today afternoon.

According to the information available from COVID-19 control room, at least 792 samples were collected and 428 including two positive results were received. Many samples were reportedly kept pending at Imphal. Many more samples are yet to be collected, source said.

Chief medical officer Tamenglong Dr Chambo Gonmei told media person that the district administration is giving its best efforts for the safety of all returnees and the general public in particular.

He appealed to all the inmates of the quarantine centres to properly maintain the protocol lay down to prevent themselves from infection.

“They should maintain proper discipline; no mass gathering; keep social distancing, no enjoyment activities, etc.

They should rather assume and suspect that they are COVID-19 positive to become extra careful,” he said. They should not call their families and exchange anything while staying at the quarantine centre, he appealed.

They should be more concerned and alert and take bath frequently and also wear masks,” Chambo added. He also urged everyone not to discriminate against COVID-19 positive patients but give support and comfort them.

TAMENGLONG, May 25 (DNS): Nungba tuang Quarantine centre kaneih khou asei ADC Tamenglong Chairman Namsinrei Panmei rui jailouna ADC Tamenglong Vice Chairman, ADC CEO/ ADM Tamenglong, DFO Noney, Longmai ADC member khatni baimei daimei kajaona jaoruan tatlou kan the.

Covid-19 Volunteers Nungba Sub-division, ADC Member Nungba, ADC EM Rengpang, khatni Nungba Area Village Authority Association rui neilana riulou kan e.

Covid-19 Volunteers Nungba Sub-division guai tuang rianramei aju ni kaphian nchamlou kan e. Kumma, guanglou kanmei local MLA khatni ADC Chairman Team tei rui kage naimei siandui, sanitizers, mask, hand glove khatni Bleaching Powder nkhalou kan the.

TAMENGLONG, May 24: Deputy Commissioner Tamenglong District Armstrong Pame on Saturday issued an order inevitable to ensure that Tamenglong District continues to remain Covid-19 free.

In the order he said that in view of several stranded persons from the District likely to return back on flight with the resumption of flight service starting from 25th May 2020 and the State Home Department, Government of Manipur vide it’s office Memorandum notified for curfew passes, the District task Force on Covid-19, Tamenglong District have decided to ease means of travelling for all the incoming person desiring to arrive in the District via Air Ways and also to let them be accommodated by their colony/ward/village upon their arrival hassle free.

He directed that irrespective of all destinations within the district, all returnees shall report to the district headquarters as facilities for screening and other protocols cannot be arranged at other place.

In the order, he informed that returnee should give prior information about their arrival date to the District Task Force atleast two days in advance prior to their Travel.

“As notified by the above Office Memorandum of the State Home Department, their ticket will serve as a pass to enter the District and hence no separate pass is required from this office.

There shall be two vehicles arranged on daily basis which will take off from Imphal Airport after the last flight landed at Imphal Airport; Passengers shall be classified as incoming from Red Zone and those coming from Orange/Green Zone and shall be seated separately observing Social Distancing norms and other protocols”. He stated.

He also informed that all Passengers shall to pay fare of Rs.500 for the trip and on reaching the district headquarters passenger shall all be screened at the District Screening Centre.

All other Standard Protocols shall be followed like it is for all those entering the District irrespective of their places they come from and whichever mode of Journey adopted as long as they have come from Outside State, he stated.

“All these steps inevitable to ensure that this District continues to remain Covid free and all details of Flight may be submitted to Premchand, DIO : 9612379754 (for Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai) and Kihon Pamai, DM, NIC  : 9402967735 (all other cities).

On arrival at the Airport, they have report to the Concerned Officers Bantim Singh: 8414921880 (for Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai) and Nirmal Singh: 9436840494 (for all Other Cities)

A google spread sheet shall be soon circulated at the earliest to fill up the details of all incoming passengers”, he added.

Saturday, 23 May 2020 14:14

IWCF le ILCP rui relief ti kan the

TAMENGLONG, May 23: Indigenous Women and Children Foundation, Tamenglong (IWCF) khatni Inriangluang Luh Chujang Phuam, Tamenglong (ILCP) rui Covid-19 lockdown khou rui lungc kungc bammei kailaek 170 khang relief materials njanlou kan the.

Relief materials tipat kanmei tei Actionaid Association rui nkhaloumei bang tatkei kan tuang tuna sa e. Relief puat tei Tousem akhatni Tamenglong Sub-Divisions khou naimei nam 14 khatni kunbuk asaek khang tipat kan tuang tuna sa e. Relief puat khou tei napsaem 10 kgs, ntei 1 kg khatni Chana 2 kgs kajao e.

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