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Dimapur ga lung bambo akhang maina khat Covid-19 mara mine

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Dimapur: Half Nagarjan npuiki private gari ram mai ra kham son mak jiu tad bam me Dimapur: Half Nagarjan npuiki private gari ram mai ra kham son mak jiu tad bam me

Nagaland ga raithubo thiuja Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) hospital gasu Dimapur ga lungbam Mn. Raja Jain khuga Covid-19 hai bam mine jiu jengtung 12th April 2020 bonai Guwahati gasu Assam gu Health Minister Mn. Himanta Biswa Sarma niu din pat mine.

Akhangmaina Raja Jain hai Kolkata gasu Air India Flight no 709, Seat no 5B jengtung 24th March 2020 bonai Dimapur ga wang ye. Paron na mali ja jengriu madai (14 days) quarantine kam khai ye. Sibo wanga jengtung 30th March 2020, District surveillance team na patu phone gasu maniu boga paleng wadi kasabo mak sai Covid-19 marabo symptom haye chiujiu din khaiye.

Sitiu bam bo wanga, jengtung 6th April bonai Mn. Jain hai tajai marui ye chiubam boga jengtung 8th April bonai patu hai Zion Hospital, Dimapur ga majang wangjiu chapiu kiga jengnia bam khai lujiu jengtung 11th April bonai Apollo Hospital, Guwahati lam tadsu lojiu Dimapur gasu lang khai mine jiu din khai.

Mn. Jain niu majang ntau wangbo Air India gasu tuhoi katang bora maitu di Covid-19 marabo symptom ngou lumak ye chiujiu dinbam khatdi sibo kalinbung (fly) gasu wang mai hinatu District Surveillance Unit/CMO Office Dimapur ga pikhailoh jiu din bam. District Surveillance Unit, Dimapur gu number sai: 7630877991/ 7630877983.

Hainapiu  niu lung bambo kining Marwaripatti khatdi Ghorapatty ra thainai maitudi mairiu tamira (sealed) thiukhai luja state police khatdi army mai khangsia niu pamung tad magui jiu bam mine. Haiga public mai mathiu tudi nting sisan luloh jiu din bam me.

Papou ra sisiak lumak ye tiudi aliu Zeme khatdi Liangmai jan di Mn. Jain niu ntou wangbo kalinbung ga jou bam me chiu mathiu khu din khai. Maihina wirabo, kasuibo majai jiu katin sibam khe.

WhatsApp gu message: From a Marwari friend...

Hello Friends,
In a recent news spreading of Raja Jain of dimapur being poisitive is very well known to me and somewhere also in extended Relative of mine(Son of My first cousin Jiyaji's Brother)

Bringing out shocking matter of his case is his travel was in first week of March to Hyderbad and then to Kolkata and he completed his 14days quaratinne on 6th april.

He didnt have any symptoms till the end of previously month and shockingly started developing symptoms which started gradually with very very mild fever and then gradually it increases leading to blood vomiting which made them reach to hospital and then shifted to Guwahati later.

Point to note in his case is his symptoms were NIL till the end of 14th day and post 14th day he started developing it and within 4days his health turned critical.

Recent News from sister is He is DEAD (they have not received official statement from hospital but over phone through some source)
Also revealed his father tested negative yesterday ,has tested positive Today and Everyone has been taken by the concerned authority(including my sister, jiyaji and her two Son)

Raja Was of 28 yrs and recently got engaged.

Request all to be In Home and avoid contact with person outside as much as possible, Even the infected themselves don't know about them being victim of it.

Stay at home ,take care and Please Avoid unnecessary contact with outside.

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