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Nagaland maina ndanlam bamjiu chariu maileng kabuibo nkhara- Rio

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Rio announces special package for people stranded outside Nagaland Rio announces special package for people stranded outside Nagaland

Nagaland kadigasu ndanlam lung bammai chariu mai dungtu phui khaira tiujiu Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio niu din pad mine. Ndan lamsu mara bammai leng Rk. 20,000/ - (Sang makai), Rk. 4,000/- (sang madai) changam tam-tam jiu kambam maileng khatdi Rk. 3,000/- (Sangsum) ariak namaidung leng.

Khatdi government service kambam mai haibo rariat Covid-19 mara maitu taliu gasu paliu di mara nangjiu saithiu niu dou misai paliu leng Rk. 10 lac (lac kariu) hai state government lamsu pikhai niu tiujiu state government spokesperson and minister for Planning & Coordination, Land Revenue & Parliamentary Affairs Neiba Kronu niu din madu pad mine.

Haisi Nagaland State gu website iamstranded.nagaland.gov.in gasu joukum mai pageng bam mai apply thiulu buiye.

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