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Kabonram nai Tamei kak npui chukhaibo

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Tamei-Kabonram npuiki chubo Tamei-Kabonram npuiki chubo

Thai nai aliuniu chakhuang thiu jiu bambo Munhu. Awangnow Newmai. M.L.A - 52 Tamei khatdi Munhu. Namsinrei Panmei. A. D. C. Chairman Tamenglong niu Kabonram nai Tamei kak aliu khuga chararen niu tadpat tadgut jiu chariu jiu bambo, tingsa kiusai tadsilak mirabo ga npuiky kasabo kamin kiubo bam kasia panai niu kangam bo phung pat lujiu npuiky chumadi khai jiu bam e, panai gu ngamkam ga Tingwang niu thoisan khaibo thiu misulo.

- Adin (LT)

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