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Kamin phebo khatdi Relief & NFSA chaban njanbo

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JCB impui chubambo Tamei nai Machengluang kak ga JCB impui chubambo Tamei nai Machengluang kak ga

Tamei nai Machengluang  kakga kamin phebo

Tamei nai Machengluang kakga npui kamin kiubambo bam hina thainai aliu mathiu niu chakhuang thiu jiu bambo Munhu. Awangbow. M. L. A khatdi Munhu. Namsinrei Panmei chairman niu JCB majang lujiu phe masan mide.

Haibo kakki kamin kiusan lan mimak sai npui jeng niura wadi sabo, taddou kalakbo ra hamine. Haisi Tamei gu Chaimain Adin Abonmai niu Liangmai Today WhatsApp group joujiu thonkiubo cham pikhaibo news ye.

Distribution of Relief & NFSA Rice at Old Lemta, Tamei Block

Distribution of Relief & NFSA Rice at Old Lemta, Tamei Block

The public of the Lemta village expressed their profound gratitude to our Hon'ble MLA, SDO-Tamei for distributing rice to the villagers at this most crucial moment due to National Lockdown. The villagers also acknowledge the generosity of our Hon'ble MLA, SDO-Tamei for giving an expenditure of the Shatikman hired to reached the village.

May the good Lord continue to bless them in their ministry as they continue to serve mankind. Thank you

Village Authority
Old Lemta Village
Tamei Block

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