Aliukulam chamai khangsia maira China or Wuhan city gara Covid-19 rapot hai maidi mara tamine maksai hamine chiujiu din bam me. Chiudi thainai tangboga paliu khudi haibo rapot tu manang jiu test hai kamsou makjiu taliu akhi bam khaye. Chamaidi marabou kasan patsou makhaye tiudi masong kumja maisaibo, maksai mara makebo rah amine.

Total cases China

The city of Wuhan, where the new coronavirus outbreak originated in China, conducted 222,675 nucleic acid tests on May 16, the local health authority said on Sunday, nearly doubling from a day earlier.

Wuhan kicked off a campaign on May 14 to look for asymptomatic carriers - people who are infected but show no outward sign of illness - after confirming last weekend its first cluster of COVID-19 infections since its release from a virtual lockdown on April 8.

The number of tests carried out on May 16 in the city of 11 million residents was more than the 186,400 tests conducted on May 14-15, and was also the highest since the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission started publishing the data on Feb. 21.

Wuhan is conducting the testing on a voluntary basis.

Residents who were previously tested do not need to participate in the campaign. Those who test positive now will be notified as soon as possible.

No confirmed cases with symptoms were identified May 14-16, though 28 new asymptomatic carriers were found, according to daily reports published by the Wuhan health authority.

India ga thiujiu lockdown hai may 31 katang leng kham lanjiu bam mine. Tiudi thaimen gara state-khat niu khat kak ga tad mariu makdou lakbo dung ra n-nien ting bus kumbora tadraleng suikhai mide tiudi train maksai katambo nchun-nien naimak jiu tadrabo dung ra kham bamkhaye. Nkiujiu tingkum 60 nrilam bammai khatdi tingkum kariu hanglam bammai tura kajiang nlien lam tad mariu makra dinbam mine.

(NDTV news)
New Delhi: The countrywide lockdown, which enters its fourth phase from tomorrow, is likely to see a lot of relaxations, especially in terms of public transport, sources indicate. With a limited number of passenger trains running since last week, it is the aviation sector and road transport, including metro services, which are expected to get some relaxation now.

The guidelines will be announced this evening for the phase, which is expected to last for two more weeks, until May 31.

While announcing the extensions last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said it would come in a "completely different form", with new rules.

"Corona will be with us for a long time but our lives cannot revolve around it. We will wear masks, we will follow doh gaj doori (six-foot distance), but we won't let it derail our targets," he stressed.

He had also asked states to submit their blueprints for the lockdown and its gradual removal --a move that set off speculation about a step forward in starting of economic activities.

Sources indicate that it is likely that the government will allow partial opening of malls and shopping centres, which could be on an odd-even basis.

Standalone shops have been operating for more than two weeks, a step forward compared to the shops selling essential commodities were allowed during the first phase of the lockdown.

It is also likely that metro travel will be allowed now, subject to strict rules of social distancing.

Construction activity is likely to fully resume in cities -- except in containment zones.

The phase 4 of lockdown comes as the country crossed the 90,000-mark in coronavirus cases, recording the biggest single-day jump of 4,987 new patients, bringing the total to 90,927. The figure includes 2,872 patients who died and more than 34,000 patients who recovered.

Four states - Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat - which have recorded the highest number of cases in India also reported the biggest surge in COVID-19 count in the last 24 hours.

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Manipur ga chamai khang mangiu (5) marasan mibo

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Manipur gadi Covid-19 tuhoi chamai khang mangiu mara lan bam mine. Jengnia nai (48 hours) gasu chamai khang mangiu (5) tu mara mibo confirmed thiu mide. Tuhoi marami maidung hai ndan lamsu thaiting niu Manipur ga wang maidung ye. Haimai tu dinjou jiu chamai khang 7 mara wang mine Manipur ga tiudi mara raibo khangnia sira wipad lan mine. Pahang ga masan jiu Sangai news paper ga khaibam me.

(Src: SangaiExpress)
IMPHAL, May 16: In an alarming turn of events, the State’s COVID-19 active cases have jumed to five in the last 48 hours, taking the total positive cases to seven.

Two individuals who went to Mumbai for medical treatment and returned by hired bus tested positive for COVID-19 today as a 22 year old girl from Churachandpur who returned from Chennai by train arranged by the State Government tested positive too.

Following the spike in the number of positive cases, the State Government has stopped issuing of pass to people who wish to return to the State.

The two individuals who tested positive today were among the 36 people who reached Imphal from Mumbai in hired bus and ambulance on May 13. After reaching Imphal, they were put in the quarantine centre of State Family Welfare Training Centre, Lamphelpat. Throat swab samples of the two individuals were tested at RIMS today and they were found to be positive, informed a source.

Incidentally, the COVID-19 positive individuals are mother and son. While the mother is 75 years old, the son is 48 years and they are residents of Moreh. After reaching the State, the girl from Churachand-pur was quarantined at St Stephen School, Saikot. The test result of her sample was available only this evening even though it was sent to JNIMS on May 14 and it turned out to be positive.

So far, the State has reported seven positive cases of COVID-19. Samples of all the people who travelled together with the mother-son duo from Mumbai to Imphal have been tested and all of them were found negative, according to a press release issued by COVID-19 Common Control Room spokesman Dr Khoirom Sasheekumar Mangang.

Notably, the third person to test positive for COVID-19 was also a returnee from Mumbai while the fourth case happened to be a nurse who returned from Kolkata.

Whereas the nurse from Kamjong district was quarantined at NIT Langol, the third positive man from Khurai Heikrumakhong was quarantined at a community quarantine centre of Khabeisoi.

While the man from Khurai Heikrumakhong and the nurse from Kamjong have been taken to JNIMS isolation ward, the mother-son duo from Moreh have been admitted in the isolation ward of RIMS.

Taking serious note of the sudden spike in COVID-19 positive cases in the State during the last 48 hours, the Chief Secretary issued an office memorandum today whereby all curfew passes issued earlier were cancelled. Nonetheless, a counter has been opened at the gate of Old Secretariat for issuing fresh curfew passes for Imphal West and Imphal East districts. The office memorandum said that all applications for curfew passes should be addressed to the Deputy Secretary (Home).

Applicants should give mobile numbers for the curfew passes would be gene- rated electronically and this time curfew passes would not be issued in bulk, it said. For districts other than Imphal West and Imphal East, the concerned DCs may issue curfew passes but movement should be confined within their respective districts.

If private individuals and organisations wish to donate relief items to the masses, the same may be handed over to the ‘food banks’ opened at DC offices. Meanwhile, Special Secretary (Home) issued a notice today whereby issuance of pass to people returning to the State by private or hired vehicles has been suspended temporarily. However, passes would be issued as usual if it is for medical purpose, it mentioned.

Following confirmation of the young woman from Kamjong and the mother-son duo from Moreh as COVID-19 positive who were quarantined at NIT Langol and State Family Welfare Training Centre, Lamphelpat, Imphal West DC Naorem Praveen has declared certain areas of Lamphelpat and Langol as containment areas.

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Kabonram nai Tamei kak npui chukhaibo

Thai nai aliuniu chakhuang thiu jiu bambo Munhu. Awangnow Newmai. M.L.A - 52 Tamei khatdi Munhu. Namsinrei Panmei. A. D. C. Chairman Tamenglong niu Kabonram nai Tamei kak aliu khuga chararen niu tadpat tadgut jiu chariu jiu bambo, tingsa kiusai tadsilak mirabo ga npuiky kasabo kamin kiubo bam kasia panai niu kangam bo phung pat lujiu npuiky chumadi khai jiu bam e, panai gu ngamkam ga Tingwang niu thoisan khaibo thiu misulo.

- Adin (LT)

Makimai wangpiu kilam Tang-khul Naga Long (TNL), Tangkhul Naga Wungnao Long (TNWL) khatdi Hong-man (Khongbal Tangkhul) chagannia thainai pikhai ye. Masong di aliu Liangmai namdung kakeng khaniu di teningga lungjiu bambo maikimai khatdi aliu tribal maidung leng keng jiu namlam suphung wang jiu njan khai mide.

IMPHAL, May 9: The Covid-19 pandemic has unwittingly strengthened the fraternal shared between hill people and plain people of Manipur, remarked titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba.

Representatives of Tang-khul Naga Long (TNL), Tangkhul Naga Wungnao Long (TNWL) and Hong-man (Khongbal Tangkhul) presented vegetables gathered from hill areas to the royal palace today.

Conveying his gratitude and acknowledgement to the Tangkhul bodies, the titular king remarked that the COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened the hill-valley relationship.
Just as the whole world has been suffering because of the COVID-19 pande-mic, people in both the hills and valley of Manipur have been suffering equally and the suffering has brought the hill people and plain people closer, Sanajaoba said.

Keeping aside all differences, hill people and plain people have been helping each other in this testing time, he noted.

There is nothing political in this hill-valley cooperation but entirely humanitarian. It is a spontaneous response to the grave situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, said the titular king.

He remarked that nothing is more gratifying than the oneness shown by hill people and plain people in such hard times.

“I have been working towards this end for the last 25 years. It seems the Almighty has blessed us this time with what our forefathers wished”, Sanajaoba said.

Noting that the vegetables brought by the Tang- khul bodies are priceless, the titular king conveyed heartfelt gratitude to TNL, TNWL and Hongman villagers.

He said that the vegetables brought today would be distributed to underprivileged people.

TNL executive member Hopeson Horam, TNWL vice-president Kashung Tennyson and Tangkhul Shanao Long, Hongman president Merina Muinao and their team were presented a stole each by the titular king.

In the meantime, the Sangaiprou Kabui Youth Organisation presented masks to Leishemba Sanajaoba.

Saturday, 09 May 2020 05:04

Mao Gate: Lack of man power dwarfs efforts

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Acute lack of manpower at Mao Gate is disturbingly likely to hinder the State's efforts to keep coronavirus at bay, said sources.

Already exhausted medical staff and police personnel monitoring and screening incoming buses and trucks 24x7 are now dealing with heavy traffic at Mao following the launch of evacuation missions to bring back stranded natives.

Stranded Manipuris from different States started flowing in after May 3 .

But only a handful of staff is stationed at the centre for screening the incoming natives, truckers carrying essential commodities day and night.

Only 15 medical staff are overseeing the screening, said the source.

Altogether, 225 stranded State natives from Guwahati, Assam had reportedly entered the State in 11 different buses till the time of filing this report.

All the outgoing vehicles from Manipur, bound for Dimapur are reportedly screened at Khuzama Check Point, Nagaland while State bound vehicles are screened at Mao.

Work overload and lack of parking space are major problems facing the medical staff and police personnel.

Additional COVID-19 trained medical staff and police personnel should be deployed to assist and reduce the stress all staff stationed are facing, said the source.

When the entry point, Mao is being treated as one of most important check points to keep coronavirus at bay, there should be adequate medical facilities and ambulance to effect the screening, added the source.

Meanwhile, many more buses have left for Guwahati to bring back the stranded State natives.

Source: The Sangai Express

Friday, 08 May 2020 05:02

Paki-ki lam zon tad bambo

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Manipur-Nagaland ron namak jiu kadimai pabam pakhiangnasi paki-ki, pabam bamlam jon tad bambo wang ga aliu Liangmai nahdung di param-ram, paki ki chamai keng kha tadmibo nitkat khatdi haibo nitkak-ki ga wang ja bam kam mide.

Manipur mainahdung

Source: The Sangai Express
As many States ramp up efforts to bring back stranded natives from cities across the country, 43 more have been brought back to Manipur today. Stranded in Guwahati due to the lockdown because of coronavirus outbreak, all 43 belong to Sagolband Assembly Constituency and they are being kept at the IIIT (Indian Institute of Information Technology Manipur) quarantine centre at Mantripukhri.

They had started their journey from Guwahati by bus at around 3.10 pm yesterday and reached Imphal at around 3 pm today.

They were screened for coronavirus symptoms at Mao, after which they were brought at the IIIT Mantripukhri quarantine centre.

It may be noted that the evacuation was organised by Sagolband Constituency Progressive Committee (SCPC) under the aegis of local MLA RK Imo Singh. Two buses were sent to evacuate the 43 after getting required permits.

Meanwhile, work is on to set up a quarantine centre at Johnstone Higher Secondary School, Imphal.

Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) staff are engaged with the task of setting up the centre.

It will be handed over to Government once completed, said sources.

On the other hand, 22 healthcare workers including nurses from Manipur who are working in Kolkata have reached Dimapur on their own.

Source in the Health Department said that they may reach Mao late night today or early Friday.

The 22 individuals are working in 5 different private hospitals in Kolkata.

As West Bengal is among the coronavirus hit States, they will be quarantined on arrival.

They will be tested for COVID-19 and quarantined at State TB Hospital, said the source.

On preparedness of the two largest hospitals in the State, RIMS has 15 COVID-19 dedicated ventilators while JNIMS has 7 . There is also 4 reserved ventilators.

All district hospitals are also equipped with ventilators.

Hill district hospitals have two ventilators each, said the source.

At present, the State has 1,65,504 triple layered masks, 6,435 N-95 masks, 20,870 hand gloves, 10,792 hand sanitisers, 81 non-contact thermometers, 6,217 PPEs, the source added.

Meanwhile, MLA Khurai Assembly Constituency, L Susindro flagged off one bus from North AOC today to bring back 20 stuck at Guwahati due to the lockdown.

Speaking to reporters on the sideline, L Susindro said that a was set up to reach out to stranded people from Khurai recently.

The 20 individuals had registered themselves on the site and sought evacuation, he said.

As per the website, there is a total of 441 from the Constituency stranded in various cities, he said adding Rs 1,000 each will be deposited on their bank accounts to help them financially.

The 20 individuals to be evacuated will also be provided Rs 1,000 each, he said adding they will undergo all necessary quarantine measures as laid down by the Health Department and Government.

Chingkhei Ching Residential School will be converted into a quarantine centre for Khurai AC and all required facilities will be installed in the centre, he said.

Nagaland - Inter-district movement of stranded citizens start

Morung Express

The journey home for 2,434 citizens in Nagaland began on May 7, as the first batch of inter-district passengers headed to their home districts. 106 buses were employed into service to facilitate their travel.

The movement will continue till May 9.

Principal Secretary, Home, Abhijit Sinha informed that the entire exercise is being supervised by the Empowered Group headed by the Additional Chief Secretary and Finance Commissioner.

In Kohima, 1,109 stranded persons were transported in 38 buses to their respective districts. 12 buses went to Mon, 5 buses to Tobu (Tuensang), 8 buses to Tuensang, 3 buses to Mokokchung, 3 buses to Wokha and 7 buses to Dimapur.

From Kohima, 311 passengers were transported to Mon via Assam, 209 passengers to Tobu via Tuensang, 250 passengers to Longkhim HQ and Tuensang HQ, 90 passengers to Mokokchung, 76 passengers to Wokha and 173 passengers to Dimapur.

400 private vehicles in the State capital have been issued one way permits to enable the stranded persons to return to their respective districts.

Kohima Additional Deputy Commissioner, Lithrongla Tongpi Rutsa informed that a total of 6,688 persons in Kohima have submitted their names to go to their respective districts.

Alongside the requisitioned buses, 400 passes have been issued to those stranded persons to go to their respective districts in their own vehicles. This is subject to one way traffic permission.

Nagaland Housing & Mechanical Minister, Tongpang Ozükum, who is Minister in- charge of Task Force Kohima district on COVID-19 along with Kohima DC, Gregory Thejawelie and other officials also inspected the facilitation centre at Kohima Local Ground.

In Dimapur, a total of 1,311 people were able to ride back home. Fifty two buses, both state-run NST and private, were pressed into service to ferry the stranded citizens.

The take off point was at the Badminton Stadium, which also acts as the facilitation centre in the district.

Out of the 1,311 persons who managed to get their tickets back home, Mon district recorded the highest number with 310 people evenly distributed in 10 buses.

The government is bearing all the journey expenses of these stranded people.

The exercise will continue for another two days. However, some have expressed apprehension that given the large number of stranded locals in Dimapur waiting to go back to their home districts, the 3-day exercise might not be enough.

Meanwhile 5 buses were pressed into action in Mokokchung. Of this, 3 buses went to Mon, one to Dimapur and one to Tuensang.

A report from the DIPR, Mokokchung informed that pastors of Mokokchung Town Baptist Church (MTBA) reached the NST station and prayed for the passengers for their safe journey. The pastors along with the church workers also handed over lunch packages to all the passengers.

In Kiphire, 44 persons headed to Kohima and Dimapur in four buses. Deputy Commissioner, Sarita Yadav along with her subordinate officers and the SP were present during the departure.

Dimapur ga hai charamai/ khoumai dung kengjiu lung bamboye tiudi tadmibo hiu March 24 gasu lockdown thiu kamigasu chamai wajiukha paki-ki lam malan wang lumak jiu bamdia miye. Ndanai April 2 bonai gasu Assam state haira npuiki lepat mine seniu chamaidung paki-ki lam malan wangra jengniu ‘Fitness Certificate’ haisi District Surveillance Unit (for COVID-19) khugasu chamai 500 kasan khoi khang mide.

Tiudi border state Nagaland haira lockdown lepad makhaye seniu Deputy Commissioner hinase pagu-gu district ga pijiu Assam lamsu maksai kakibo state lamsu ngutbo suimakra matanjiu kambam me.

Donation drive carried out by three women for those at the quarantine centres in Dimapur which received a pouring in of help from many people.

In the middle of these challenging times of a widespread disease and a nationwide lockdown with many left alone (and helpless) and looking (for) relief, three women and a Church in Dimapur stepped up to provide extremely important things for the homeless and stranded at the isolation (to protect from spreading disease) centers in Dimapur.

Following a discussion, Asha Sanchu from Miqlat Ministry; Gugu Haralu, Social (person who uses action and strong words to support or oppose something) and Member of Peace Channel and Ela Sani from Wastefuls' Home visited the isolation (to protect from spreading disease) centers in Dimapur where the homeless and stranded were looking (for) relief during the lockdown. There, they interacted with the people and collected the list of needs and decided to conduct donations drives for them.

Donation Drive @ Dimapur, Nagaland

"The people in the centers are homeless people, poor people (who ask for money); some of them are from neighbouring states who are small time businesspeople, shop owners, workers, left alone (and helpless) travellers. There were also children and women, including (having a baby developing inside the body) women. We wanted to see what can be done, so we started identifying the needs of the people in the isolation (to protect from spreading disease) centers," says Gugu Haralu, who in turn shared these needs with her local church Kuda Baptist Church, Dimapur.

The response was immediate. A day was assigned for the Church members to come and donate any of the needs listed. These included clothes, toys, soap, tooth brush, toothpaste, food etc. Apart from these, the members were asked to donate anything they wanted from their homes in their own ability (to hold or do something). The (thing that's given/work that's done) of the Church members was huge with the Church donating clothes, inner wears, shoes, toys, sanitary extremely important things, sweets, snacks, food items including cash.

"We didn't expect much but our car was full and we were so blessed. We sorted out the clothes and distributed the same day. With the cash donated, we bought the extremely important items such as sugar, milk, tea etc. To get the support of the church, it just broadened the possibility of blessings pouring in not just for us but for those who receive and give. It was such a joy to see the faces of these people," says Haralu.

Appreciating the support and (thing that's given/work that's done) of the Church, Ela Sani said, "It was a (making a person realize that he or she is not the greatest thing in the world) experience to be part of the team for this effort to begin (doing something) in this very hard time."

"All efforts made by every church member towards this combined support is an example of bringing out our kind side and sharing hope and love to our neighbors, our fellow brothers and sisters in need," added Ela.

With the help of the District management of Dimapur, EAC Chumoukedima, Vivekananda welfare foundation team of volunteers, Childline Dimapur and the emotional support from Nagaland NGOs Forum (NNF), the three were able to distribute the items to the centers.

The three women hope the act will encourage others to also add/give and extend support to those in need during the lockdown. For Gugu Haralu, the effort to begin (doing something) is an example of how "total (of everything or everyone) role starting from an individual can keep the candle of people/(the kindness of people) burning".

Manipur gu health minister L Jayentakumar danai press conference bambo wanga state government niu centre khu nkha khaira kengbosi suisai chiu malum bamboo lad dinne. State government niu centre khu kalingbung (fly) thinra kheng khaimide haisi thinlujiu Manipur mainah state katam-tam lam lungbam mai maksai wang silakjiu kabam maitu phuwang ra chiujiu dinne.

Manipur maina chamai 30,000 - 50,000 kumbo ndanlamsu wang silulakjiu kabam maitu phungwang ra.

Centre lamsu jengriu madai (2 weeks) lockdown hai khaisan lanmi ne Haisi Karamhiu (May) 4 gasu jengriu madai tadkiu lanraboi chiujiu Ministry of Home Affairs lamsu Disaster Management Act, 2005 hangga order patlan mine.

Tadkiu lanra bo khai reli kasanbo di joujiu din pad mine tiubora pabam kasia gara chamai mara makengbo, saimakeng bobam kumbo gara tad-pat ngutbo kham bing mine tiudi kasia gara tad makdou lakbo tad sui raleng tiujiu Red, Orange khatdi Green tiujiu pajan sum kukhai bamme.

Air/fly, Train, Bus/transport hinasi state khat gasu khat tad mariubo suilak ye. School maksai college tam-tambo chamai machongbo bam hina si lepadbo suilak khaye masong wan kumjiu. Chiudi tenmak doulak jingbo hinasi tadkiu kasuibo jai ga changam sulin mira chiujiu bam mine.

India ga chamai kengbo songa sai matambo (The 'mystery' of low Covid-19 death rates)

Country dung rongga India haidi chamai kakengbo kadi khatle chiudi chahiu chahiu nia (2) doukha khang mide chiudi chamai 35,364 pasan mara khaijiu chamai 1,152 pasan kumbo roina saibo si India hai lockdown kam mawi bijiu mah maksai detiu jiu haisi kham ngamlu loh chiubo mai country kasia ra paliu song habam me. Deloh sai India haisi kalek lungsamai maksai nai-khat khat wan leng roina phiu jiu lungmai di keng bamme tiudi haikumbo charariat katanbo wangbo wanga kham ngambambo sidi India maigu kam kasibo khatle jiu kasia country niu din bammine.

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