Namraining 2010

Namraining (Tamei)
Tamei is located in the two village’s boundary. The name Tamei itself is taken out from these two village which was donated land for the Government of Manipur to constitute a Liangmai Town. The name “TA” from TAmah (Piulekluang) villages and “MEI” from LangMEI (Chiang). It is located on the top of a hill with an altitude of about 1330m above sea level. It is surrounded by two rivers namely Agaki and Ahangki river. This hill town has rich natural organic vegetable throughout the year.

  Namraining (Tamei) H/Q.


Kisha Khou: Kisha Khou is the magnificent cliff of mount for the trekking and the then bideant of Haipei Rani Gaidinliu during 1935-1940.Kisha Khou (Rani Gaidingliu Cave)



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